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  1. X and Kyland know that she is their true competition. She played hard and worked hard to keep the Cookout together and strong. But she wasn't going to play completely by their rules and that ruffled their little feathers, even though if X really threw all the comps he said he did, he was the one who was playing the game just for himself. Azah, Big D and Hannah were unable to win and were of little help to their alliance but they always tried to win but they will not get votes from the jury. I will be sad to see Tiff go to jury.
  2. In the past, when there was a third nom, if they were able to get off the block no one was put in their place. This was a nom that X took as a punishment, no one else.
  3. Glad she won HOH. She has been playing hard and I'd like to see her get to the end. Hope the high roller twist doesn't mess it up. She doesn't have any big threats that she can gun for with her only true choices being SB and Allyssa. Wonder if she will have to strain her relationship with Claire and put her up as a pawn.
  4. Sad to see Derek X leave the house. Claire doesn't seem to contribute much to the game, she just kind of floats along. But she really is the better HG to keep in the house. At this point, most of the HGs could probably win sitting next to her and she makes for a good pawn or sacrifice if needed since odds are she won't win comps.
  5. It has been this way since the early BB seasons. There are people who refuse to see the blatant racism that happened constantly in the BB house. BB often tried to ignore it. Then they would "warn" HGs about their behavior. They posted disclaimers about how it was the opinion and actions of the HGs and CBS didn't condone such things. But until now, they still put just 2 or 3 minorities in the house with 12+ white people and those minorities had no options but to try to cling onto the outer edges of a few of the white alliances. And now that the black HGs finally can have a true alliance and finally have a real chance of one or maybe two of them getting to those final two chairs, some of the white fans are crying out about how unfair it all is.
  6. If a HG throws a comp to someone that they are mostly sure that they are safe with, is usually done to help their own game in some way. It's not always good to win HOH, guaranteeing to piss off at least two people and if the other person will be keeping you off the block, you have an easy week. Same goes for VETO. Better to not have it if you don't really need it because then you have the pressure of using or not using it. Of course, in BB, tides can suddenly change and no one can be 100% sure they are safe as some HGs have learned in the past.
  7. I really disliked the twists voted on by viewers that pretty much took away the HOH 's power. As much as we may like or dislike HGs, having the power to completely crash their HOH shouldn't be in the hands of the viewers. Yes, they did a good job with the cast this season. Now, a little more age diversity would be nice. Spreading the ages out from 20's to 50's or 60's would be cool.
  8. I don't like the new twist. In the past, they used this kind of twist and because there often was huge divides in the house and some not so nice HGs, viewers would show the HGs how they were being viewed by the outside world with the vote. One that I remember well was Janelle in her first season. She won this type of vote a few times and the Friendship alliance were always just stunned that viewers liked her so much and didn't like them at all. But now, all these HGs are pretty much friendly with each other and there is no harsh drama and as far as I cane tell, no ones game is way better than any other's game. So it's just a popularity contest based on personality. I just think that someone like Britini, who doesn't seem to be popular with the viewers, will feel pretty bad if she is always at the bottom of the high rollers vote. I know, this is BB. HGs have to expect that the viewers might not become fans but I will feel a bit sad for the ones on the bottom, especially if they stay on the bottom the whole course of the twist. Edited: It seems like viewers do care that Britini has had some bad weeks in the house and are voting to show her some love. Last poll I have seen, she was in second place. That's pretty nice.
  9. Yes, she was playing a good game but she pushed too hard and some people were really unhappy about it. I still like her and I hope she can do some damage control.
  10. I hadn't heard that about her father. It is very sad for her but it is really just another reason for her to go. The other's may sympathize with her loss but still have to play their game to win. I tried watching the feeds the first night and it was really bad how often they cut the feeds. The people in the chat rooms on the side were having meltdowns, pasting REFUND over and over. I have only watched a few minutes on and off since then but it does seem to be a bigger issue than usual this season.
  11. I haven't heard her story either and I agree with you about her, HeleneL. Don't like her or Britni and SB seems fake to me.
  12. So, now that Britni isn't on her team, Azah isn't worried about her sitting on the block. I don't think anyone has Britni's back. I think she's kind of annoying but it is still sad that she wasn't able to make any connections with any of the others.
  13. Yes, I can imagine how surprised and happy they were to see that they actually had a chance to have strong alliances and not be the ones on the outside fighting against the odds just to stay in the game.
  14. White HGs have had the majority for 22 seasons. They never had to say that they were a white alliance because when there are 13 or 14 white people in a house of 16, the alliances are pretty much going to be white with maybe a temporary POC for a number and an early sacrifice. And I see nothing wrong with the people of the Cookout alliance saying they'd like to see two minority HGs sitting in those two seats at the end of the game and playing hard to get there.
  15. I agree. This is the first time that POC make up 50% of the house and are able to form an alliance with enough people that possibly by sticking together, winning comps and having some good luck, will be able to keep some of their alliance in the game until the end.
  16. He's got to go. They always think they are hiding their showmance but the house always knows. There is no way one can hide it when stuck in a house with all those people. And for some strange reason, I like Alyssa. I may change my mind about her at some point but I want her to stay for now but not tangled up with Christian.
  17. Yep, you did. It's just crazy that his massive ego prevents him from seeing how people, especially the women, are put off by his over inflated opinion of himself.
  18. I think that might also be the opinion of a few of the HG. There may be a target but if Britni ends up going home, not a big deal.
  19. Teams can go either way. It's a ready made alliance in the first weeks which can be a good safety net. If they keep the team thing going, I'm sure they will shake and mix them up as team member get voted out.
  20. No one except Big D has his back and they seem to like Britni. They all seem to be getting along pretty well. He is the one causing tension and drama in the house. But the next HoH might regret sending him home because they are going to have to put up two people up who will be just as shocked and upset as Britni was because they don't think there is a reason for them to go up.
  21. Why is it that so many of the HGs, when they get put on the block (especially in the early weeks) they whine "I don't deserve to be on the block!". Why not and then who does?
  22. He tried to make deals with everyone in the house and ended up boxing himself in. No one to put on the block without breaking his word. Then when he gets put on the block, he pretty much has a temper tantrum, stomping around the house, talking shit and having a pity party for one. Not good at the BB game at all. I doubt he can save himself.
  23. Nicole was so mad that Janelle was the blond bombshell for the comics and she was the joke cereal costume.
  24. He pretty much figures he is guaranteed the win against Nicole because she hasn't won shit this season and has already won in her season.

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