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  1. I think that might also be the opinion of a few of the HG. There may be a target but if Britni ends up going home, not a big deal.
  2. Teams can go either way. It's a ready made alliance in the first weeks which can be a good safety net. If they keep the team thing going, I'm sure they will shake and mix them up as team member get voted out.
  3. No one except Big D has his back and they seem to like Britni. They all seem to be getting along pretty well. He is the one causing tension and drama in the house. But the next HoH might regret sending him home because they are going to have to put up two people up who will be just as shocked and upset as Britni was because they don't think there is a reason for them to go up.
  4. Why is it that so many of the HGs, when they get put on the block (especially in the early weeks) they whine "I don't deserve to be on the block!". Why not and then who does?
  5. He tried to make deals with everyone in the house and ended up boxing himself in. No one to put on the block without breaking his word. Then when he gets put on the block, he pretty much has a temper tantrum, stomping around the house, talking shit and having a pity party for one. Not good at the BB game at all. I doubt he can save himself.
  6. Nicole was so mad that Janelle was the blond bombshell for the comics and she was the joke cereal costume.
  7. He pretty much figures he is guaranteed the win against Nicole because she hasn't won shit this season and has already won in her season.
  8. I think Cody is always thinking about the jury vote. I doubt he will want to piss off any of his alliance by being putting them on the block when there are still non-alliance in the house. He wants someone else to be the first to send an alliance member to jury. It sounds like the second eviction on Thursday will be the new HoH putting up three noms and after veto (two veto's won?) two will be voted out. This is what I have been reading with this triple eviction going like that in BBCA. If David won this would he put up the guys or go safe and put up the women. I just don't know with him but I'm afraid he would want to prove something to the other men.
  9. Most likely going to be David and Kevin on the block, again. The only hope of seeing a different body up there is veto. Is there any hope that either David or Kevin will win the second HoH and get one of cheater's alliance out? I don't feel very hopeful. Last POC will go in the second and then they have to start on each other. The guys will be looking to get the women out. Also the women will probably want to get a woman out. And a minute of Dr. Will every now and then isn't going to save this disaster season.
  10. I'd love to seem David win. Karma for the cheaters who pre-gamed and ruined the season.
  11. I can't even make a good guess about this. People like Dan, Jordan, Jeff, etc, would probably come back and do a week with no problem but when you add in the 2 weeks of quarantine it makes a huge difference. I really hope it isn't Paul.
  12. She jumped into the trap that so many BB players have fallen into, trusting the people who have shown more than once or twice that they don't have their backs. When people put you on the block but swear that they don't want you to go home and have always wanted to play the game with you and blah, blah, blah, believe the actions and not the words. If you are on the block it means they don't really care if you end up going home. Oops! So sad, so sorry. Bye, bye. She also from day one didn't really want to work with David and Kevin. No one in that house considered them to be "all stars". She didn't want to get stuck being looked at as the same level of player as they were. She wanted to be in with the bigger players and refused to see that her and Bay were (are still is) being played.
  13. The live feeds have always been the same and only in recent years have they been on CBS. CBS will say they are 24/7 but they are down a lot for any number of reasons and feed watcher often get quite upset about it since it is never 24/7. They also say four cameras and technically that is true, but the four cameras show only two rooms, two cameras showing different angles in the room. After Dark was one camera that bounced from room to room at production's discretion later at night.
  14. I'm rooting for David to win and Kevin to be runner up just because I want all these people who are actually supposed to be all stars to lose and have to give the money the David.
  15. They would have to win HoH and then actually wake up and see that Cody and the rest of them are picking off the outsiders. I don't know why none of them have tried make any kind of alliance with each other.
  16. After Dark and the live feeds are/were two different things. After Dark was on Pop TV and didn't cost anything if you had that channel in your cable package. It was four hours live every night. It was on Showtime the first couple years.
  17. I think they may have talked about the hat during season six but I don't remember what was said. So long ago
  18. I also despise her. She fully participated as Paul's minion in isolating and bullying anyone that Paul wanted to demoralize before they were evicted. And then, like you wrote, she assaulted her baby daddy's new girlfriend and crashed her SUV into the girlfriends car a few times. Her original felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and here she is on BB. She is vile for saying Day or Bay might attack her when she is the one with assault charges.
  19. I don't believe he intends to go home. He will pretend that is what he wants and then production will step in and talk to him and they will convince him to reluctantly stay. He has been worried about how he looks to the outside world. This is how he hopes to fix any negative stuff that might be out there.
  20. Yeah, she won by default. Got two HoH's handed to her the first go around and now this one. Damn I wanted Day to win that one. I have no idea if Day would have stepped up and actually made a move on the alpha males or Nicole but at least there would have been some hope.
  21. Dani is so bitter and resentful. Is she still angry that she lost to her father? Why is she mostly hateful toward the women? Nicole still wants to play the same game she has always played, find a man or two to latch onto, make snide, nasty remarks about people but cry and play the victim if confronted.
  22. Nicole won't go against Cody. She's hoping that's her man shield who will drag her useless ass to almost the end of the game.
  23. It seems to me that the rest of the HGs kept their distance from both Kaydar and Janelle from day one. I don't think there was anyway they could have avoided be seen as a duo since it would have been unbelievable if they even tried to pretend they weren't good friends. Even though most of them constantly babbled that they "liked" Kaysar and Janelle, not one of them wanted to appear to be in any way aligned with them. So, now, Kaysar stands alone and still outcast. No deal he presents will keep him in. Only if a few players decide getting rid of Xmas will benefit their game because the Cody crew is playing dirty and if they are able to gather enough votes will there be a possible save for Kaysar.

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