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  1. I really don't like her. The whole monk thing was totally rude, and then the comments about other people being happy. I mean is she serious? People are never happy in NYC? Maybe I need to cancel my trip there this Christmas... I'm scared!
  2. Vote your little hearts out, don't forget ot make nomination predictions as well!!
  3. It hasn't changed, Jessica is still going on Thursday. Daniele and Dick talked this morning and agreed it was better if Jessica was made to feel safe, this happened around 2:30am BBT. They said they are going to tell Jameka she's going and then approach her like 10 minutes before the live show with a deal. I think it's a good idea to get rid of Jessica, deal or no deal. Jessica AND Eric both said the other night that if they get HOH next that D/D is going up. Mind you this is BEFORE Final 4. So they are already planning on going back on their deal, it just so happens that D/D are gonna do it first. I have no pity for Jessica. I mean, you knew how shady D/D were and yet you still decided to deal with them, that's your own fault.
  4. I'm hoping tonight will be some type of physical competition. Not endurance or that q&a stuff. You know like putting things like hoh and pov winner, evictees in order...something cool like that! I think it's a total toss up who would win that one, i think eric has a little edge.
  5. Make your pick and who you think they will nominate!! get to it!
  6. Amber has asked the bottle 4 times "Who is the next person to be evicted". All the times it's landed on her. She seems pretty upset by this. I won't be surprised if she steals the bottle and starts talking and/or praying to it to let her stay this week... On a lighter note... They asked the bottle who was going to make out next. It landed on Jess first, then Eric...how weird! Cant wait to find out who the AC is for tonight, hope it's Dick!
  7. Yeah, the show is so boring without Jen. I will miss her eating a whole cucumber, staring at herself in every mirror that she passes, every other word being like, her awkward conversations, her only bathing once a month, tying her two front teeth together with floss, her weird eye twitch, her following people around making uncomfortable conversation, and lastly her stupid jenious t-shirts...what will I ever do without her!!!
  8. I want Dick to win it, just because i want Amber to go!!! I wouldn't mind Eric getting it so we could tell him what to do. Hopefully he's not stupid enough to go back on his D/D deal!! Those 4 are a powerhouse! Why would he want to align with Jameka and Amber? I mean seriously?? Plus, if he did that, he would lose 2 more jury votes, added to one he lost last week with Dustin. But I think Eric is smart and wouldn't do that. I think Eric's target would end up being Zach!
  9. Who do you want, why and who would you want them to put up??? Yo!
  10. Dick keeps rising (no pun intended) and everyone else keeps falling. He's almost reached if not already reached Kaysar/Janelle levels. I haven't voted in those polls in weeks, but would have voted for Dick. On a sader note, I didn't know it was possible for a HG to be as low in popularity as someone who has been out of the house for over 3 week, but Amber has done it. That's something she should be proud of. Do you think these numbers are close to how people truely feel (in regards to all the hg's).
  11. ok, i wanna know the 4 people that voted Dick...show yourselves!! side note: Amber said her and Jen are going to be put up tomorrow. She is going to win veto, she says she "saw" that. Whatever that means! Maybe if it's a crying contest, or who can smoke the most weed.
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