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  1. I agree! You are right Dani may not have won but it was a good move to get her out and sadly it was a good move to get Jeff out! I have disagreed with things EVERYONE has done BUT ultimately it is a game worth 500,000 dollars! All of the ones guilty of stealing things and hiding them is just childish and ridiculous! I feel BB should have stepped in! JMO so no throwing stones please!
  2. J/J fan...... Being honest I am mad about Shelly flipping on J/J because they are the ones I like! I am not mad about Jeff flipping on Dani because I do not like her. Why??? Because I am an J/J fan so therefore I would like to see one of them in the finals! If you are a fan of Dani or their crew than you probably feel the opposite as I do! Just being honest here! BUT Jeff and Shelly both made the moves that they felt were in the best interest for their game for them to win!!! I can not say whether Shelly made the right move yet but Dani would have won had she not been evicted! Just my two
  3. I believe even more now then ever That she does not deserve the win.... and I dont think she will get it!!
  4. School Life and honestly I post at Dumbscreen more then anywhere. I get along with everyone and we all agree to disagree!! ANd its smaller But of course I love Mortys updates so thought I would come say hi......
  5. HI Guys THey are good!! Getting big My baby is 4 almost 5 now!! I remember chatting on here pregnant with him!!!! On topic...... I really dont care if or whether they cheated cause my girl didnt cheat and won PART 2!!! YEAH BABY
  6. If she wins final HOH she deserves the money just as much as either of the other 2. She did not cheat in any way shape or form!!!! She did awesome Congrats girl!!!!!!!!
  7. I see how people could get defensive and feel like they are singled out because they dont like the most popular HG but I have been on the recieving end as I was a Allison and the twins (cant remember thier names now lol) and DIane Fan and I was in the minority and never let it bother me. Its an opinion board where we state opinions!!! I never felt like I couldnt say anything about the favs that year without be jumped on or whatever word you would use. No one is going to agree with you all the time. Its life
  8. I agree completely with Fatcat!! She still has a good chance!!
  9. I hope she pulls out HOH cause then she will most def have earned her spot in final 2. I think she has tried very hard in this game and would be deserving of the win if she makes it IMO
  10. I really dont see where she has played that great of a game and IMO she does not deserve to win against any of the other 3. She has won one thing Michelle won 3 and Kevin won 3 and Jordan won one (not counting HOH cause that was handed to her) But she is a vile human being and Im sorry but lying part of the BB game but all she does is talk about her word and how she never lied. To the HGs I can understand but in the diary room to us.... PLease!!!!!!
  11. Go Michelle or Jordan!! Please please please
  12. Sorry!! I cant resist!!!!

  13. HAH! I soooo busted u pawing thru my underwear drawer! Get yer own bat undies!

  14. Just dropping a line to say hi!!!

  15. I prefer green however brown's easier to liquify & hide in fellow posters coffee.

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