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  1. I agree! You are right Dani may not have won but it was a good move to get her out and sadly it was a good move to get Jeff out! I have disagreed with things EVERYONE has done BUT ultimately it is a game worth 500,000 dollars! All of the ones guilty of stealing things and hiding them is just childish and ridiculous! I feel BB should have stepped in! JMO so no throwing stones please!
  2. J/J fan...... Being honest I am mad about Shelly flipping on J/J because they are the ones I like! I am not mad about Jeff flipping on Dani because I do not like her. Why??? Because I am an J/J fan so therefore I would like to see one of them in the finals! If you are a fan of Dani or their crew than you probably feel the opposite as I do! Just being honest here! BUT Jeff and Shelly both made the moves that they felt were in the best interest for their game for them to win!!! I can not say whether Shelly made the right move yet but Dani would have won had she not been evicted! Just my two
  3. Sorry!! I cant resist!!!!

  4. HAH! I soooo busted u pawing thru my underwear drawer! Get yer own bat undies!

  5. Just dropping a line to say hi!!!

  6. I prefer green however brown's easier to liquify & hide in fellow posters coffee.

  7. I will do promise!!!!!!!!! What color troll eqars would you like?

  8. Tap Tap Taps foot. Holds voodoo doll over open blender. Better visit and bring me gifts more often. I'm running low on troll ears. hint

  9. Busy with school. Dont have lots of time to post. but Hi

  10. Hi How are you?? How is that baby?? And your hubby?? And your little boy?

  11. Hi thanks for the comment! I have been so busy that I ahvent checked back in a while but Im so glad OT is back I missed chatting with you guys!!! How were your holidays?

  12. missed seeing you around. Hope you had a nice holiday!

  13. It blows in here. frapppppppppps and flies off grumpy.

  14. Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

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