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  1. hi there! been a long time. How are the kids and are you still cooking those fabulous meals!

  2. All I've been thinking about esp now that I can't live each day waiting on the next episode of LOST.
  3. Beach theme ensures hot bodies, nakedness, and good times.
  4. I'm glad she won. I really just can't wait to hear what happens next with them (trips, money spent, etc).
  5. I personally don't think being dumb means you can't occasionally add 1+1 and win some competitions. I can tell you that many of the football players when I was in college were complete morons getting the easiest degree ...yet could win almost any challenge you put together for some fair/contest. Overall, you'd be an idiot to pick her on your side if sitting around with a group wanting to play trivia. Same to be said if the questions were street-smart based. Even when playing down your intelligence, most people can tell when the brain cells are working inside ...and her brains cells take 12
  6. That was probably from the last time she weighed herself in the house. It's getting this much attn b/c it's too obvious and people can't help but note it. There's nothing wrong with her current weight but when you come in looking completely different... you want to make sure others are noticing. No different if someone loses as much as she has gained.
  7. Jordan's weight gain totally stands out but even with it all... I think Michelle could never come close to being on the same level ...purely looks wise... as her. I think Michelle looks a lot better now, but Jordan's face is too pretty. Now if you bring in overall package/intelligence/etc ...then I think things may be different.
  8. I think when you live so close to people for so long, EVERYONE eventually goes nuts about their roommates and has a lot to "vent out."
  9. I don't think she was in any danger since the camera was on them 24-7, and there's an entire production crew nearby, but she has to be freaked out. I keep trying to imagine all that he did to that girl he killed and how he was able to clean that mess up.
  10. I really dislike her. Like........a lot. Watched her on superstars and at first ...you thinks he's super hot and also feel bad that Terrell Owens is her partner, but then you realize he comes off as a GOD for dealing w/her the way he did. ...and for him to come off that way is nearly impossible in my book. She is extremely rude, self-absorbed, and has no class in my book. I hope she gets voted out quickly.
  11. I would still love to see hottie Jeff win. His words aren't surprising to me either. Just seems like someone like him (upbringing) would say ...kinda like a northern/southern ...where you came from and how they talk kind of thing. He really just means he's angry and would fight him back, and that's all I took it as. That's why I laughed when everyone wanted him as the next Bachelor (not that I wouldn't LOVE that) ...he's just not classy enough.
  12. I agree as well, but I also wish they'd stop showing a side profile of her. There's something really funky about the shape of her nose.
  13. Kevin ...and after thinking about it, maybe Jeff was thinking ahead. He may have thought it just would be easier to win a comp against natalie/kevin than russell ...although lately, kevin has kicked it up a notch.
  14. As much as we want them to be a couple, and I hope they do when this ends... I think there are a lot of signs that they won't be too. 1st, the first thing jordan was noted for saying in the first episode was that she promised her family/friends that she wouldn't have sex on tv. Or whatever her stupid nickname is for it. As we've gotten to know her, she really doesn't want to be seen doing anything naughty on tv due to her family ...and I'm sure morals. 2nd, I just don't know too many "couples" that spend so much time not "overly" flirting, trying to sit next to one another while at lea
  15. Okay, does anyone know who actually won megan wants a millionaire? The only thing i can find when I google is that people think this guy did, but it was unconfirmed. Vh1 has to hate the money lost due to cutting these shows off. .......and I liked watching I love money!!!!!

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