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  1. Here ya go Gnat, Have a field day.
  2. I called CBS, and after many, many transfers and a whole lot of run around, I finally reached a body who gave me an answer. Only the cell phone/text voting is limited to 10 votes. You can vote as much as you'd like online. However if there is a voting/computer program device being used those votes will not be counted. How they know if it's a voting device I don't know, and the person I was talking to didn't answer that Q either.... He just said "They can tell..." mysteriously. So pull up another window and click on your favorite countless times. I have been voting Jeff again and ag
  3. "Houseguests, BB11 canceled due to low TV ratings. Only live feeds still going on because those unhappy people paid in advance"
  4. I am so disgusted with this little puke and his inferiority complex that have caused him to cow-toe to the athletes. F*cking coward! WTF does he think will happen if he goes against them? Does he really think they will punch him? If they did, they'd go to jail. This dork is the biggest chicken in BB history! I have never felt such hatred of any BB player before! It's scary and I am questioning my own mental health because of the power of my hatred for this moron on the boob tube. In fact, I've never felt such animosity towards any 'non real' or TV person before. I actually f
  5. The entire first season is available on DVD. The boxed set is about 42.00 at Wally World. (Wal Mart) Or, you could just rent it at Hollywood video or Blockbuster. The series is a lot more popular than the producers originally thought it would be. So I'd guess a 3rd season is a given. I hope Charlaine Harris is busy writing a whole lot more..... because I think the series will keep going as long as there are books to base it on.
  6. Natalie is like that yappy little terrier that flits around the heels of the Bull dog "spike" It's probably a good thing she studied some martial arts... I would imagine most who meet her face to face would really like to bop her one good one right in the mouth.
  7. I've known a few people like Ronnie in real life. When it comes to academics, or book smarts, they've got it going on! But when it comes to dealing with people and conducting themselves socially, They are as lost as the dumbest kid in class. I think Ronnie is toast. Russel knew it was Ronnie who tipped the news to Jeff and Braden, So he isn't in with the meat heads like he thinks. I have high hopes for Michelle. I think she'll be the one that takes Ronnie out, Even if it is indirectly. She seems like the only one on the 'brains' team with real brains!
  8. It's still using the N word, even if it's implied. So it's a racial slur to me. Which is why I said IMO. That means "In my opinion." Thanks for clarifying that Fatcat, I must've read it wrong as I thought it was Lydia who said it. (And "Hi" by the way! Good to see so many of the old regulars around here.)
  9. LMAO @ "Sherman" That's poetic! And Adria beat me to it. I was thinking about 'short man syndrome' in regards to Russel.... I also LOLd when he chimed in to Jordan's convo... I think he is shorter than Jesse. At least it looks like it when they are standing next to each other. But both of the goons tend to hunch over. I'm not sure if they're trying to flex or if their under developed abs are having trouble supporting their over developed arms and pecs. He wears that dorkie Dick Tracy hat because it has a high top and could make him look like he may be an inch taller.
  10. She called Casey a Wigger, Which is a racial slur. IMO it's as bad as the N word. Basically you're still using the N word. She said the house was dirty because of white people, She made fun of Chima's lips. And you can add to that her derogatory comments about Jesse's Christianity. Perhaps complete Bigot would be a better term. It's pretty common, And yeah, I don't think it hides the scars at all, IMO it draws more attention to them. But maybe that's the real intention? I don't know. I have a cousin who owns a tattoo parlor in Indiana, and he said they have to refuse
  11. It reminds me of that classic movie "The breakfast club" Those who are stereo typed into a certain clique or genre prove the first impression to be false. I think this season has an interesting dynamic. We have people who imploded week one, and a lot of people who are likely to hop a bus to crazy town at any second, then there are the narcissists, All mixed in with people who at first glance appear to be 'normal.' However... I expect those who have so far scooted through the drama and open displays of insecurity to achieve the appearance of 'normality' will also have their 15 minutes
  12. The studded wrists are a common piercing amongst people who have attempted suicide. They pierce or tattoo over the scars in an attempt to hide them. Thing is, every time I see a wrist tat or piercing, the first thing that comes to mind is that they may have once slit their wrists. Even with out the past suicide attempt, I would've thought her to be totally looney tunes. Still, doesn't excuse racism... And she's clearly a racist.
  13. In a perfect BB world, Ronnie would nominate Jesse and Russel, and then Jeff would win POV and not use it. But Ronnie is a dip stick, He'll probably nominate Jordan and Laura. Or pick any pair you wouldn't want to see nominated.
  14. Braden had her pegged, She is a skank. LOL @ "Go back to Burbank"

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