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  1. Some really good TV last night. Snap!

  2. "whose f'ing cat is that?!"

  3. I think your broom is calling you. cackle cackle. wb

  4. Hi Marty! I made it here :) let the fun begin!

  5. can't find the PM. so much has changed. if you search jeannie f stork-seaman on fb,I'm there :) Boys are big as ever and a handful :)

  6. Hi Marty - just passing by and wishing you were around more.

  7. echo

    I'm back. Been rotting in jail for celebrity stocking crimes I, I swear, I never committed.

  8. TCS


  9. Welcome back

  10. you been spending too much time at the farm?? Miss you!

  11. Iris

    Happy New Year!

  12. Thanks for the Survivor 20 clip!!

  13. I was out being a hooker. Now I am back... where are you? LOL

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