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  1. Thank you for the obituary information, I too was saddened upon hearing. She was the first person to accept me when I became a Morty member. We really chatted a lot more when she came on FB...will deeply miss her comments and friendly banter. Thanks Dade
  2. Personality is stuck in his pinky nail...but for some intuitional reason, I think he's going to make jury.
  3. Glad to see one of us 'ole farts' but dang couldn't it of been a little more proper old age perspective and a little savvy, instead of a Boston Hill gangsta?
  4. Something about him I just can't put my finger on yet...think maybe as a clown in a rodeo circuit he's been stomped on one too many times
  5. Like her a lot. But I also like Wicked and look where that gets me... LOL
  6. Touchy...hope she calms down but am worried her strong faith is going to become a problem for her. Didn't like the lie about what she does, but then again as a speaker in her church she really wasn't telling an all out lie.

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