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  1. Personality is stuck in his pinky nail...but for some intuitional reason, I think he's going to make jury.
  2. Glad to see one of us 'ole farts' but dang couldn't it of been a little more proper old age perspective and a little savvy, instead of a Boston Hill gangsta?
  3. Something about him I just can't put my finger on yet...think maybe as a clown in a rodeo circuit he's been stomped on one too many times
  4. Like her a lot. But I also like Wicked and look where that gets me... LOL
  5. Touchy...hope she calms down but am worried her strong faith is going to become a problem for her. Didn't like the lie about what she does, but then again as a speaker in her church she really wasn't telling an all out lie.
  6. Put on my glasses for this one!!! hubba hubba ...sigh
  7. Sneaky Paul, the way he evicted James by throwing Nicole under the bus, and it worked he got his vote. I read all the feeds and never can I remember her outting James to Paul like that. I know she "skirted" the subject, but never directly saying James was asking for a finale two! So glad it turned out in her favor though. Low blows and all....SHE WON IT !!!!
  8. Not surprised Michelle voted for Paul, as a "super fan" she didn't like Nicole in her season and was PO's when she came in as a vet. She never once tried to extend friendship to Nicole. Yet, Nicole tried. And, once Nic latched on to Cory, who Michell had been eyeballing, that was it! Glad Nicole played a better game this time than last, she learned her lessons well !!!
  9. Hats off to Nicole...was not shocked at Da voting for her.
  10. I can only wish that Nicole pulls it off and can evict Paul. I think she does have a gut that against James she has a better chance. Men in the jury will be all about game play, and let's face it James (I love him) has had NO game. I think Corey, Vic, Da, Pauli, Z (cause she'll vote like Pauli) and even Paul (if he get's the bitter out of his arse)...would be more apt to vote for Nic on play. Bridge, Meech and Nat...just because of basic caddy jealousy. If anyone goes with Paul they lose...
  11. Sad for me to see the show end especially when I was so hoping f3 had a different outcome. Going to have to go back to my computer puzzle games or hoyle cards with my morning coffee and my evening hot toddy instead of reading the LFU reports. I don't get the feeds any longer so I hope you all plan on following BB19 here at Morty's. And if my old memory hasn't failed me, BB has only been on 17 years as season 9 (autumn of disaster) was thrown together during the writers strike. You all think you've seen hanky panky the last couple season....that season you saw not just the hanky, BUT the pa
  12. Well, well, like any good snake it knows when to curl around its prey, hang on till it's ready to strike and eat...LOL Hats off Nicole hope you and James make F2!! Toss up who I want to win, but think I'm leaning more towards James.
  13. My second year without feeds. My hubby passed away March of 2015 and this has show has always been my guilty pleasure! (he hated the show, LOL) Without you feeders I couldn't of enjoyed the season without knowing what was going on. This year you all have had your hands full. Hopefully I can get things and order and one again get feeds and help out. Hats off to ALL LFU, but especially you late nighters!! You know who you are!!! Love and miss hanging at Morty's!!
  14. I agree that James would probably put the bro's up, but Corey...tough one. He won't put up Nicole, so ....... Either way going to finally be a good week to watch

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