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  1. It would have been nice if the feeds had been as good as anticipated, eh?
  2. 8:18amBBT: Alex still packing up her gear. Paul/Xmas sitting in the BY watching. Jason is in the hammock. Matt left WCA as Cody headed in. BY group assuming it's day 55, Aug 16th. Doing shout outs. Josh doing laundry. Matt back to bed. 8:20amBBT: Alex tells Jason to tell X/Paul about the conversations. He starts talking and is drowned out by the planes in the background. "He made a deal with the devil, but I don't know who he was talking about" Jason says about Cody. They are trying to figure out who the devil was. Paul says, "The deal we all made with.." "He said it was Mark &
  3. FLASHBACK IN PROGRESS: Start: 9:15amBBT. 9:15am-9:30amBBT: Feeds return from a 10 minute fish break and we have HGs milling about in the SR and HoHR. Christmas and Josh in the SR talking about how they slept while changing batteries. He asks if the veto ceremony is today and she says yeah, they usually get us up earlier for that. She says Mark will be using the Veto and that's BS. She then says she has a great idea. Put her up instead of Raven. Josh gives her a look. "Listen. I had a really good speech. Mark walks in and their chat stops. Josh says, "I don't think so" t
  4. 9:52amBBT: Matt is up doing laundry outside. 9:58amBBT: Alex up and off to the WC. 10:05amBBT: We have fish. Wake up call.
  5. l will be updating until 10amBBT. 7:00amBBT: All of the HGs are huddled under the covers. 8:00amBBT: All four feeds are on sleeping HGs. Raven and Matt move a LOT, so there is noise but not anything interesting. 8:36amBBT: Alex went to SR (I think, camera didn't change) and then back to bed. 9:03amBBT: We have WBRB/Fish. 9:14amBBT: Feeds are back. BB: Good morning houseguests, it is time to get up for the day. (No one moving) There are fresh batteries in the storage room. The bedroom lights must remain on during the day. 9
  6. (Catching up from 11pm-12am here.) 11:10pmBBT: Alex makes her way up to HoHR as does Paul. Paul says that he just finished doing maaaaaaajor damage control. Says Mark is crapping himself but is keeping his cool, Elena is not. Paul rehashes the entire conversation. Then Josh tells the HoHR crew about Elena suggesting Paul go on the block. Josh tells everyone that he doesn't want a repeat of Monday. [He is the one that asked in the BY seating area if they should stop, before Paul came out and said that Production said to tone it down. ~PaganMom] 11:15pmBBT: Paul a
  7. Attempting to update from 12:00am-HG going to bed. 12:00amBBT: HGs waiting to eat because the SR hasn't opened yet and the HN's are getting anxious. They can hear noises in the SR, meaning BB is still restocking. at 12:02 the SR is finally open and Alex is going nuts. Raven, Alex, Mark, Jody all in the SR trying to decide what they want to eat. Raven is making Digornio for everyone. Christmas wants to make egg sandwiches for everyone. Cody excited that the turkey is Boar's Head [Boar's Head is amazing quality deli meat. Their Genoa Salami is the best! ~PaganMom] 12:05a
  8. 7:02pmBBT: Everyone except JODY celebrating in the KT. Cody changing in the RBR. Paul comes in and says he is just grabbing a shirt, not trying to interrupt. Cody asking if they are going to stay quiet again all week and let people come to them. Jessica says that no one is going to come to them and she doesn't want them to. She said she feels a huge release of pressure when the live show is over. Kevin, Alex, Jason in lounge. Kevin says Paul was telling him to not do well. Kevin says something about Josh putting Mark and Jody up. Kevin says he should put Paul and Alex up since th
  9. Monday was not the best day for Cody or Jessica this week. To be honest, it was no ones best day. But Jessica and Cody took the brunt of the storm. As you all know, Monday is when the actual PoV ceremony is held. When the feeds came back up, we learned that Cody had "nothing to say" and Jason complimented Jessica but tore down Cody. We also learned that Paul pulled Jason off of the block. Jessica was quick to confirm to Cody that she will be using her hex. Paul feels that if she does, then she becomes public enemy number 1 and will not make it to jury, as she will be removed next week. He is c
  10. 10:50amBBT: BB: "Houseguests, please lower the outside awnings" Kevin: Here I come, here I come, let me grab my water. BB: Jason, please put on your microphone. Loud breathers in the RBR. Lights off both couples asleep. 10:52-10:55amBBT: Kevin says to Jason, lets stretch and then walk some. BB again asks for the awnings to be lowered, which they did, except for two. Jason says "They are done, except for those two" and he and Kevin start walking. They are discussing the date and how they have lost June & July but to not sit there and cry about it. BB asks them again to lower the
  11. 10:29amBBT: After almost 20 minutes of fish... Cody up and in the WCA doing ADLs on feeds 1/2, sleeping hg's on 3/4. 10:31amBBT: Correction, that is KEVIN in the WCA then in the KT. 10:31amBBT: Kevin heads out into the BY and camera 1 has fish. 2 has Mark entering the KT. Mark asks Kevin how it is outside, Kevin says cloudy and rain. BB tells Kevin to put his mic on (as he is putting it on). Camera 3/4 on RBR with sleeping HGs. 10:33amBBT: Kevin fixed yogurt and coffee then went to wake up Jason. Told him to get his lazy butt up, it's 10:40. Telling Jason it
  12. 7:03amBBT: Fish (with no tank light, so you get bubbles) 7:08amBBT: Feeds back. 1/2 on sleeping HGs. 3/4 on Christmas in the WCA getting her ADL's done. 7:36amBBT: Christmas scoots on over to the KT and makes a protein shake. 7:39amBBT: Looks like she is getting ready to take a bunch of vitamins. 7:41amBBT: Christmas sits down at the dining table, closest to the memory wall and drinks her protein shake. 7:44amBBT: Christmas puts her blender cup in the sink after finishing the protein shake and scoots on back to grab her crutches from near the
  13. New format, starts now Quick & Dirty stats: HoH: Paul Hex Comp Results: Mark won (safe) Jason lost (Nominee) Noms: Jessica & Cody & Jason PoV Players: Paul, Jessica, Cody, Jason, Kevin and Raven PoV Winner: Paul Post PoV Noms: Jessica & Cody Evicted: Votes: Now at the very end of the live show, this happened: Now you know Paul wants to know exactly what that last temptation is, and so he is probably going to nominate them. He discussed it all of Thursday night. Friday morning comes around and the first thing they do is play the T
  14. 1:05pmBBT: Kevin comes in asks Jess what's going on. Asks why Raven is crying. Says that no one was talking about her earlier when they were in the DBR. Jokes and says he will talk about her tonight. Jessica chuckles and says ok. Kevin leaves. Jason back to defending himself. Alex comes into the lounge asking Jason if she can talk to him and he says yeah. 1:10pmBBT: Cody saying that he is glad Jason finally picked a side but he can see where everyone is coming from. Josh comes in looking for his bible. Jessica says the whole house is paranoid now. Jason saying the whole house wa

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