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  1. It would have been nice if the feeds had been as good as anticipated, eh?
  2. 8:18amBBT: Alex still packing up her gear. Paul/Xmas sitting in the BY watching. Jason is in the hammock. Matt left WCA as Cody headed in. BY group assuming it's day 55, Aug 16th. Doing shout outs. Josh doing laundry. Matt back to bed. 8:20amBBT: Alex tells Jason to tell X/Paul about the conversations. He starts talking and is drowned out by the planes in the background. "He made a deal with the devil, but I don't know who he was talking about" Jason says about Cody. They are trying to figure out who the devil was. Paul says, "The deal we all made with.." "He said it was Mark & Elena's idea, that's what he said, remember?" They seem to be discussing the deal Jess wanted so that she wouldn't use her hex. 8:22amBBT: Cody's idea is to put up Raven and blame him for all of the false info. (According to Alex, who is rehashing this to Jason, Josh, Paul and Xmas.) Cody ADLs in the WCA. Paul suggests that Alex tell Raven. She says no because she would react and blow their plan. Cody wants to get Matt out first as he is Paul's "number one soldier". Paul is flabbergasted. 8:26amBBT: The BY crew talking about Kevin and Cody working together. Lots of speculation about Kevin/Cody working together. Alex thinks that Cody is all over her because today is veto ceremony and wants to see what she is going to do. Josh keeps trying to talk, but Paul keeps shushing him. Paul saying that they should all have private convesations with him (Kevin?) about taking him to the end and maybe it would settle him down. Josh finally allowed to talk and says he walked in on a convo with Mark/Kevin and they changed the subject real quick. 8:30amBBT: Plan is to make Elena feel super uncomfortable. Cody thinks he has a chance to stay. Paul asks who he thinks he has for votes. Sounds like MarK, Jason & Kevin. Paul and Alex thinking they should keep the show going to make Cody think he has a chance to stay. They are trying to figure out who the 4th vote would be. Jason wants to know why they are entertaining it but they say they are just trying to figure out the numbers. 8:35amBBT: Alex thinks that the more paranoid they get everyone the more they will talk. Including Elena and Cody. Cody's plan was if you can put up Raven, I can control Elena. Josh is sent off into the house to find Cody & Kevin. Fish as Paul discusses something to do with last year and Vic's battle back. The feeds come back and Paul is discussing DR asking questions about him, the only vet in the game. 8:45amBBT: Josh comes back and says he can't find Kevin & Cody and thinks they are upstairs. Cody is actually in the DR. Alex still doesn't have all of her stuff packed up. She has been too busy chatting. Cody standing in the KT drinking coffee again. Now debating who helped Jody study for the storm comp because he got so many points. Josh saying they can't check Kevin because he will panic. Alex finally has her stuff packed and is heading up to the HoH room. 8:55amBBT: A lot of talk from Josh telling Xmas and Paul that Kevin is paranoid (he keeps repeating himself). Alex has gone to the SR. Paul/Xmas in the KT with Cody and chatting about if they are going to play music and if they can/can't hear it in the HN room. Alex messing with her bags in the SR. Paul/Cody talking about Marines. Paul asks what time they get you up, Cody says it depends. 9:04amBBT: Cody in SR changing battery and then talks to the camera. "See, even if I were to pull that last ditch with Matt, what happens is that I still don't have the numbers. I need them to do the plan. I need them to do the plan where they put Raven up. That is the freakin ideal plan. If I do go last ditch with Matt I still don't have the numbers. I don't know how to play it. Frack." Cody leaves the SR. Alex and Jason up in the HoH room. 9:07amBBT: Xmas/Paul in the KT general chatter. Josh running in the BY. Paul/Xmas whispering in the KT now. They decide to head to sit down to wait for her to get her meds. (she gets calls into the DR) Hard to make out what is being said as Paul stirs his coffee. Alex/Jason in the HoH discussing Kevin. Now they are trying to find Cody again. He is outside doing laundry Jason says. 9:11amBBT: Alex says she isn't sure how they are going to get Maven out. She said she can't do it. Jason says screw that he has no problem doing that. Josh comes in and grabs Paul's coffee cup for him to refill, as Paul has to wait by the outside DR door for Xmas. Josh called out twice to put on his mic. Jason says that kid drives him nuts. Josh goes to get the mic from BY and Xmas/Paul start to head upstairs. Feeds switch to quiet BY. 9:16amBBT: Matt finally up in the WCA and Paul telling him about the fact that Cody got up to go outside and talk to Alex and Jason but that the whole crew went out with him so they couldn't talk. Matt giving Josh crap for not wearing his mic and getting called out. Upstairs Jason and Alex talking. He asks if she has allergies because she is sniffling & snorting a lot. Alex takes meds. Talking about next HoH Jason says, "If it's anything manly I will win it". 9:19amBBT: Matt back to bed. Cody back to WC. Upstairs, Alex, Jason, Paul and Xmas in the HOH room. Talking about making a deal with Kevin (everyone separately) to keep him calm. They are talking about Kevin lying about the deal from Cody and if Cody mentioned Christmas being safe or not. To her face, Kevin mentioned her, but around everyone else he didn't. 9:25amBBT: Cody waiting for the dryer to finish, Josh walking/running the BY. Christmas saying that Kevin thinks that the women are not as good as the men in the game. He tried to non-nonchalantly squash the Mark/Xmas thing the other day and Xmas ignoring him. Paul says that when discussing the DR, Josh was ready to be a pawn and that if it were Kevin he would be sketch about it.
  3. FLASHBACK IN PROGRESS: Start: 9:15amBBT. 9:15am-9:30amBBT: Feeds return from a 10 minute fish break and we have HGs milling about in the SR and HoHR. Christmas and Josh in the SR talking about how they slept while changing batteries. He asks if the veto ceremony is today and she says yeah, they usually get us up earlier for that. She says Mark will be using the Veto and that's BS. She then says she has a great idea. Put her up instead of Raven. Josh gives her a look. "Listen. I had a really good speech. Mark walks in and their chat stops. Josh says, "I don't think so" then Christmas says she has to pee, so bad. Josh holds the door for her as they exit the SR leaving Mark behind. Christmas thanks him and says that this is the hardest door to open for her. Meanwhile, Cody in the KT drinking water. BB tells Paul and Jess that there are fresh batteries in the SR. Jessica is up and off to get her battery.. Paul down from HoHR to get his. Kevin & Jason talking about how long they have been in the house. Jason is shocked and says it's crazy. Feeds switch to Christmas and Josh in the WCA. We come in mid-convo: Christmas: They will use it against you. Josh: I know. Christmas: And it's like too soon for her to go up as a pawn. Josh: Yeah. Yeah. I don't know because in the DR they are like, "Is she disposable to you? (Raven) Christmas: That's so funny because like 2 days ago, before Elena changed her attitude, Elena said "Just going up as a pawn makes me feel disposable" She used that word exactly. Josh: That's funny. And then they say that in there. I don't know. No I don't want to put you up. I don't feel comfortable doing that. Christmas: Going up against Elena and Jess? Like- Josh: Yeah but I don't feel comfortable doing that. I mean, Raven. I know Raven is going to use that against me, and Matt but I know she wants to go up now because it's completely safe. Christmas: She wants to go up now because it's safer now than later. Josh: Yeah they like want to go up. How stupid would it look if I put my closest ally up on the block? Christmas: But does everyone need to know we're closest allies? Josh:I need to take a deuce. Christmas: Okay. I'm proud of you. Josh: Yeah we'll think of something. Either Matt or Raven, I really don't care. Paul's sick and tired of them too. We were talking about it last night. Christmas: Dude! Paul Mark and ELena were playing in that HN room last night. Josh: Really? Christmas: Yeah! Josh: I was like, "I really really want Elena out, bad" and they were like "It's just Sunday night now. Cody comes in to use the WC and convo starts breaking up. Josh: In the APSR (What we call the lounge/wave room) for a long time. Him, Mark and Elena. Josh heads upstairs. 9:30am-9:45amBBT: In the DBR, Jason tells Kevin, "Well they would be having lunch in Boston right now. Kevin says who he thinks would be at the beach and who wouldn't in his family. Christmas scoots on into the room and Kevin asks, "How you doing, Tree?" She says she is tired. He told her to go back in there and she says she can't because the Veto meeting will be at like 11 and she has to make breakfast. Asks Kevin if he wants his birthday breakfast. She offers to make him an egg sandwich. He asks if she wants him to wait here or go to the KT with her. Christmas asks if he wants coffee too. "Black, 2 sugars" says Kevin. Christmas heads off to make Kevin his birthday breakfast. Kevin says he is going to try to get 5 more minutes of sleep before she comes back. Kevin, Jason and Alex are all laying in bed. Christmas is starting Kevin's food and Cody is getting coffee. Chatter in DBR talking about after the game and outside the house. Cody takes his coffee to the RBR. Christmas brings Kevin his coffee and heads back to the kitchen. Cody is in the KT drinking his coffee and there is silence between he and Christmas. BB getting more stern with Jess & Maven about the bedroom lights. Cody heads outside with his food and coffee. Feeds are now on a very quiet DBR and Cody outside. 9:45am-10:00amBBT: Christmas brings Kevin his birthday breakfast sandwich and because he was asleep, she asks if he wants her to wrap it up. He says, "No no no no no. Man that was quick." He offers to split it with her and she says no she will make her own later. Cody heads into the RBR after rinsing his dishes to wake up Jessica. Kevin starts singing so we have 4 cameras of Cody and Jess in RBR for a second before they go back to DBR. General chatter in the DBR with Christmas and Kevin talking about how they slept and such. Cody heads back out and hits the exercise bike with his coffee. Kevin gives Christmas half of his sandwich and they eat and jabber a bit about the weather.Jessica comes out and Kevin asks for a hug. He mentions that for his birthday all he wants is everyone to eat together tonight at 7pm,, spaghetti and meatballs. Jess says "Count me in". Christmas heads over to RBR to grab something and Kevin mentions how well she is driving the scooter. Christmas says that it's getting better. Cody called to the DR. Christmas back in the DBR and sitting with Kevin on his bed. He asks how her foot is and she says it's a little sore but she will go take her meds when Cody comes out of the DR. She asks if he is going to play pool today. He says that he won't during the day because it gets too cold. Other feeds show WCA and Jessica messing with her face. Kevin is singing while finishing his sandwich with Christmas. They talk about Paul sleeping upstairs with Josh. Jessica is now sitting on the floor in front of the mirror popping zits before putting on her makeup. Kevin talking again about how he wants everyone to sit around the table eating together, for the memory. Says he is going to tell them that they are the dirty dozen and then he is going to go around and tell everyone the nick name he has for them, He asks her if she wants him to tell them his private nickname for her or his game nickname. She says she doesn't know which is which. Tree and Carolina are the ones he calls her all the time. He runs down possible nicknames for each HG. FLASHBACK COMPLETE: Finish: 10:00amBBT
  4. 9:52amBBT: Matt is up doing laundry outside. 9:58amBBT: Alex up and off to the WC. 10:05amBBT: We have fish. Wake up call.
  5. l will be updating until 10amBBT. 7:00amBBT: All of the HGs are huddled under the covers. 8:00amBBT: All four feeds are on sleeping HGs. Raven and Matt move a LOT, so there is noise but not anything interesting. 8:36amBBT: Alex went to SR (I think, camera didn't change) and then back to bed. 9:03amBBT: We have WBRB/Fish. 9:14amBBT: Feeds are back. BB: Good morning houseguests, it is time to get up for the day. (No one moving) There are fresh batteries in the storage room. The bedroom lights must remain on during the day. 9:15amBBT: It seems Jason heard Big Brother, as he has exchanged his battery. Heads back to the DBR while fixing said battery. BB repeats that the lights must remain on during the day so Jason turns on the DBR light before getting back into bed. Kevin decides to get up and the other cameras show Josh moving around in his bed but not getting up. 9:17amBBT: Kevin heads to the WC. Barely wets his hand (yes, one) to wash up after using the BR. 9:19amBBT: BB: Paul, Josh, Mark, Raven, Jessica, Elena, Cody, Christmas, there are fresh batteries in the storage room. Please change your batteries. Kevin laying in bed. Elena up and off to the SR for a battery change. Two cameras still on Josh in the HoHR, not moving. 9:22amBBT: Elena heads to the WC (Doesn't wash her hands after) Mark up they pass in the KT as he heads to WC and she heads back to HNBR. And there is our first audible fart of the morning from Mark. [Thank goodness Smellavision hasn't been invented yet! ~PaganMom] Mark didn't wash his hands either. 9:25amBBT: Mark off to SR to get a battery then off to the HNBR. BB: Paul, Josh, Raven, Jessica, Cody Christmas, please change your batteries. 9:31amBBT: Houseguests, please report to the lockdown in the HoH Room. 9:32amBBT: Josh emerges from the HOH room to get new batteries, Matt comes from the RBR to the KT. Jason & Kevin are whispering asking if it's a joke about the lock down. Raven to the WCA. Alex up and grumpy. Josh in the SR. Kevin says this is the best room because you can see everyone. Kevin still asking if the lock down is real, Jason & Alex tell him it is. 9:36amBBT: Kevin says he is going to go into the storage room to ask because he doesn't believe that it's a lock down. Everyone up and about between the WC, KT and SR. Kevin making his bed. 9:38amBBT: Kevin doing ADLs in his room, Matt making coffee in the KT, Jody in the RBR, oh no, they went to the HNR. Kevin asks why they went into the HN room and Jessica says because it is time for Have Nots. Jess/Kev in the KT. Josh, Jason, Alex, Raven, Matt and someone else in the HoHR (can't tell who, they are under the covers). 9:42-9:44amBBT: Christmas called to the DR. Kevin asking Jess & Cody if there was a confirmation to go to the HoHR. Cody asks if he thinks it was just to wake everyone up. Kevin talks about what happened when Jason was called to the DR last night. He got into the first door and before he hit the second door, you hear him yell, come barreling out and grabbed the pitcher of cold water from the fridge and dumps it all over Alex. She painted his finger nails while he was asleep. Xmas asks Kevin to carry some things upstairs for her and he does while she heads to the DR. Everyone else in HoHR now. 9:45amBBT: All 4 cameras on the HoHR room. Camera 4 is on the Bathroom area, and suddenly zooms in on face scrub. Then zooms in on the fish tank. 9:47amBBT: Everyone except for Kevin, Jessica, Cody and Matt are trying to go back to sleep. These four are eating and/or drinking. Christmas is heading up the stairs now to join the HoH crew, just ask Cody asks, "Who are we missing?" Jessica says that Christmas was getting her meds. Jessica gets up and holds the door for Christmas. Matt offers her his seat and she says she is going to take a shower. 9:49amBBT: Fishies/WBRB. 10:07amBBT: Feeds back. Josh "Houseguests, congratulations. There will be no have nots this week, except for Elena who got the Extention chip last week. Everyone cheers. Cody runs to the HN and takes back all of their stuff and puts it back in the RBR. "Thanks Big Brother, we needed that!" with a big smile on his face.
  6. (Catching up from 11pm-12am here.) 11:10pmBBT: Alex makes her way up to HoHR as does Paul. Paul says that he just finished doing maaaaaaajor damage control. Says Mark is crapping himself but is keeping his cool, Elena is not. Paul rehashes the entire conversation. Then Josh tells the HoHR crew about Elena suggesting Paul go on the block. Josh tells everyone that he doesn't want a repeat of Monday. [He is the one that asked in the BY seating area if they should stop, before Paul came out and said that Production said to tone it down. ~PaganMom] 11:15pmBBT: Paul and Matt mention how calm Josh has been today. They are discussing Jessica trying to play the sympathy card about her father dying. Paul asks who knew before Jessica won HoHR that it was the anniversary of her dad's passing and Raven & Josh say they did. Alex explaining to Josh that you don't get a pass for the crap that happens. Josh said that his hope for this week is that everyone leaves Jessica and Cody alone. Don't talk to them, don't harass them, just ignore them and send them home. Paul tells him that he is a soft hearted person and the others (Jody) are taking advantage of that. Paul keeps telling Josh he is talking too loud. 11:20pmBBT: Josh says that if it comes down to it, he wants Elena & Jessica on the block. Matt reminds him that if Mark comes down, he has to replace him, but likes where Josh's head is at. The HoHR group agrees that if any of them get the veto they will not use it. Mark joins the group in HoHR and says if he gets HG choice in PoV draw he will pick Paul or Alex. Josh: When Jessica leaves I'm going to torment the (crap) out of him (Cody). I'm going to rip his head off. Paul: Don't say that. Josh: I mean in a light-hearted way. 11:25pmBBT: Paul says tomorrow is PoV, who is going to keep Jessica up all night? Christmas volunteers since she is going to be up late (she gets food at midnight) and will be sleeping in the RBR. Josh starts asking for wine and Paul tells him that the more you ask, the less chance you have to get it. (Elena is fixing HN bed while everyone else, minus Jody, are in the HoH) They begin discussing what type of comp it is. They are debating on if it's Otev, spelling or black box. Mark hopes it's black box, Paul says they don't want it to be that because that comp sucks. He explains the goop and the decoy circles stuck under the goop. 11:30pmBBT: Everyone clears out of the HoHR when Josh says he wants to talk to Elena. Alex asks if she can talk to him first. Paul stays behind to talk about how sketch Mark & Elena are. Alex is telling Josh that Jessica is using psychological warfare against Josh. It's the only reason she would tell someone that her dad died right before a comp is to get the sympathy advantage. Alex says that she can break Jessica mentally but she won't because this is a game. Alex says she doesn't like it when Jessica sticks her finger up her backside or touches her vagina because her cousin was raped and murdered. Feeds move to the loud kitchen. 11:35pmBBT: All four feeds on the kitchen. Lots of chatter about food and Paul saying he loves when someone is HoH for the first time because they get nervous for nominations. Feeds switch back and forth to Alex/Josh and then back to the kitchen. Alex is calling Jessica a sexual predator. They don't watch it for Jessica to rub his junk (Cody) during her ceremony. Says again she can mentally destroy Jessica but she wont because it's just a game and she doesn't want to go that far. Alex says that when Jessica brought up her father in the WCA after noms, she told Kevin to go in there because if she had gone in, she would have taken her out. Alex says that Jessica is manipulative and using Josh's heart against him. Jessica uses her dad's death to get to you. Has Mark? He lost both parents. Josh agrees he doesn't. 11:40pmBBT: Whistle-Nut joins Alex & Josh in the HoHR. Jason complains about Maven and Josh tells Jason that he needs to relax with them and pretend that they are cool with Matt & Alex. Alex tells Alex that she is proud of how much he has grown in the last 45 days. Still misc food talk in the KT. Josh tells Alex & Jason that his target is Elena, not Jessica. Josh says that Jody is isolating and that won't change until one they both go home but Elena is playing everyone and trying to make Josh look dumb. 11:45pmBBT: Josh explains that yes he wants Jessica out, a lot, and knows that Alex and Jason does too however Jess/Cody are isolated and that isn't going to change. Elena is smart, very intelligent, and is playing with Jody, Mark, Paul, him (Josh), and the whole house. She is manipulative and he wants her out first. Alex and Jason agree to vote that way, but they want the week to play out first because look at her (Alex') HoH when everyone was all "Jessica, Jessica, Jessica" but then they flopped to Dominique. Alex is trying to explain to Josh that yes, she gets it that he wants Elena but here is what happens. This week is the last eviction before jury. If Jody's in jury together, they will never vote for Josh to win the game. However if Jessica goes home and Cody goes to jury, those coming in after would have a better chance of getting through to Cody and get Josh votes. 11:55pmBBT: Kevin pulls Paul into the lounge. Kevin says that he (Cody) is not going home, you can use him to get people out. Paul doesn't think he will ever work with Paul. Kevin says he will talk to him after Jessica leaves. Seems to have a good rapport with Cody. Paul tells him to feel free to try. Kevin says if we can get him to put up Mark and Matt and get them out then it's just us 3 and Jason vs the girls and the only girl that can beat you in comps is on our side. They both agree that this is a contingency if Cody wins HoH. Kevin will talk to Cody and then bring Paul up and they say they can decimate the house if the 3 team up. Paul says that if you can make that happen, let's do it. [I don't think anyone realizes just how smart Kevin is when it comes to game. ~PaganMom] (Next update will be on Saturday's thread)
  7. Attempting to update from 12:00am-HG going to bed. 12:00amBBT: HGs waiting to eat because the SR hasn't opened yet and the HN's are getting anxious. They can hear noises in the SR, meaning BB is still restocking. at 12:02 the SR is finally open and Alex is going nuts. Raven, Alex, Mark, Jody all in the SR trying to decide what they want to eat. Raven is making Digornio for everyone. Christmas wants to make egg sandwiches for everyone. Cody excited that the turkey is Boar's Head [Boar's Head is amazing quality deli meat. Their Genoa Salami is the best! ~PaganMom] 12:05amBBT: Still raiding of the SR going on, while Christmas is starting to cook and Raven is tossing the pizzas in the oven. Alex is dancing in the SR while eating an apple. Kevin is going through the cabinets in the SR while singing. This causes all 4 feeds to return to the kitchen. Raven is now cooking eggs for Paul and Mark. Two cameras go back to the SR and Alex hiding a bottle of Coke under the bottom cabinets saying, "America, want to see a trick?". All cameras and HGs are now in the kitchen. A lot of food being cooked and consumed. Alex and Mark run back into the SR for bread. Mark then heads into the HN room. He appears to be looking for Elena.
  8. 7:02pmBBT: Everyone except JODY celebrating in the KT. Cody changing in the RBR. Paul comes in and says he is just grabbing a shirt, not trying to interrupt. Cody asking if they are going to stay quiet again all week and let people come to them. Jessica says that no one is going to come to them and she doesn't want them to. She said she feels a huge release of pressure when the live show is over. Kevin, Alex, Jason in lounge. Kevin says Paul was telling him to not do well. Kevin says something about Josh putting Mark and Jody up. Kevin says he should put Paul and Alex up since they are strong players. Alex can't stop cheering and talking about how excited she is. 7:03pmBBT: Alex leaves the longe, Josh & Paul enter. Lots of whispering. Can't understand because the KT mics are still hot. Kevin is trying to talk but Josh is talking over everyone. Can't make out what Kevin is trying to say. Paul says they all have the safety temptation. Josh & Cody: Cody tells Jess she had a pretty big moment and that they got to be on the block together. She says they will be on the block again this week. 7:06pmBBT: Josh, Jason, Raven, Christmas, Paul in the HN room. Paul mentions that Marlena are NOT happy. Mark walks in and conversation changes to what Josh will get in his basket. Elena and Cody in the WCA talking about the comp. Jessica in the WC. Comes out and they are discussing food and what they want to eat. 7:08pmBBT: Alex says that Mark is mad to Josh and Josh points to Mark and says he is right there. They are talking about being upset that Josh won. Mark says he was cheering for him and that they were on the same page. Alex questions that because Elena is in the WCA chatting with Jody. Mark doesn't understand why that affects him since he is staying away from them and is in the HN with them. She says to Mark, "Lets talk" and they leave the room. Alex & mark in the RBR and she told him to pick a side now. Says the information he gave last night didn't sound right. Mark says that Kevin was in the room, bring him in. Josh walks in and says he thinks Mark is upset because he gets a letter and Mark doesn't. Alex confronting him about conversations where Mark has said he wants her out, including Jody. She says that him hanging with them makes her nervous. Mark surprised she hasn't come to her. Alex says she doesn't trust Mark because of the week Jillian went home. He said something to Josh (no one will say what). 7:11pmBBT: Alex accusing Mark of being in cahoots with Jess and Cody because they get batteries every morning together, because she followed Mark this morning when he went to the WC and Cody was cooking. [Uh, reaching? ~PaganMom] 7:14pmBBT: Mark defending himself. Saying that he is sorry for not standing up for Alex with the ears and soda. Says he never heard a name brought up so he couldn't name names. She wants to know how she can know for sure he is on her side and won't throw her under the bus. Josh left to use the bathroom. Jason comes in and Alex tells him to sit. Mark says he thinks Alex has a problem with him because of the time he spends with Jody. Alex says Mark was hostile with her and agressive after her HoH when asked questions. Marks says it was the environment. He says Monday was the only time he snapped at her. She asked why he didn't get involved. He said he didn't want to. In front of the memory wall, Paul, Elena, Raven talking. Paul likes his murder suit and said he will wear it next episode. Christmas crutches her way in from the SR. Paul questions Elena's dress. Said it's risky to wear that if she is naked under. As he says that a button pops and would be showing it all off if she was naked. Then they start talking about a movie about a female murder with teeth ... down there. 7:17pmBBT: Kev, Josh, Paul in the DBR. Kevin said he kicked his ball because he wanted Josh to get it. Paul is saying they are ALL going to play the safety comp. Jessica is the target no matter what if she is still up there. Paul asks what music Josh thinks he will get. He says Kanye and they start singing. Christmas, Maven wonder in as well. Raven asks how many HN's will there be this week. They say 3 more because of Elena. Sounds like they are going to make Jody HNs so that Cody can't compete well next week. (All done. Thanks, Indy!)
  9. Are you going to apply for BBCAN 6? Apply here: http://bigbrothercanadacasting.ca/
  10. Monday was not the best day for Cody or Jessica this week. To be honest, it was no ones best day. But Jessica and Cody took the brunt of the storm. As you all know, Monday is when the actual PoV ceremony is held. When the feeds came back up, we learned that Cody had "nothing to say" and Jason complimented Jessica but tore down Cody. We also learned that Paul pulled Jason off of the block. Jessica was quick to confirm to Cody that she will be using her hex. Paul feels that if she does, then she becomes public enemy number 1 and will not make it to jury, as she will be removed next week. He is confident that his side can win the HoH comp against the two of them. [Because the last one went so well?]. At some point, Raven had pulled up a chair between Kevin and Jason's bed and they were actually discussing how the PoV necklace was made, what they thought it was made from, etc. Jessica came in and Jason secretly pointed to Jess to let the others know she was there, and Jessica found it sketchy. Somehow (I didn't see this part) Raven, Jess & Cody ended up in the wave/lounge room talking. Raven mostly insisting she didn't do anything wrong, explaining they were just discussing the veto itself. Raven leaves and ends up in the DBR crying. Insert bullying comments here. The rest of the house comes to Raven's defense. Jason goes into the wave room and while he is in there, Alex comes in and says she needs to talk to him ("NOW!" she says the second time), Kevin interjects to defend Raven, while Paul is watching at the door, and Josh comes in looking for his bible. Jason makes the comment "See, they think I'm talking. I don't know anything". Jessica thinks its sad that they are being told who they can & can't talk to. [She is right, that is childish.] After Jason leaves the lounge, the camera switches over to the DBR where Matt, Mark, Raven, and Josh are all talking. Josh tells Raven that he will torment them for the rest of the week. Says he doesn't have a beef with Mark any more and can take it out on Cody and everyone speaks up and says, "No, don't". Alex joins them. Raven is still crying after her talk with Jessica and Cody. Raven doesn't understand how they think she is against them when she sat and talked to Cody while he was cooking yesterday. Jessica makes her way over to the DBR to find out why Raven is crying and Raven says again that she didn't do anything. She was asking about how they did the cut-out part of the veto and Kevin was telling her that they scrape it out. Suddenly Paul and the rest of the house shows up in the DBR to see what is going on and Jessica gets frustrated that everyone is there listening and asks Raven to go into the RBR with her. When Raven and Jessica go into the RBR, other HGs head up to the HOH room and start talking about harassing Cody. Paul tries to come up with words to make Cody flip out, so then he can say to Jessica she needs to "muzzle" her dog. They are upset that Cody got in Raven's face (he didn't) . Christmas told Josh what to do to harass Cody, Matt & Raven don't like the plan... Concerned someone is going to get hurt. This continues for a few hours but the fit hits the shan at about 5pm. However until then, Josh and half of the house go into the KT and Josh starts his verbal attacks on Cody which includes his carnival singing and pan bangin'. Cody & Jessica try to tune him out by making out but it doesn't go so well. At one point Jody go into the lounge room and Josh is walking back and forth in front of the door banging his pans and singing his tune, Jessica throwing the decorative red apples at him. At one point she comes out and starts picking up the ammo since she has run out. While in the hall, someone tells Jess they have a question for her (Alex I think, or Paul. They both asked a questions, can't remember who was first) and it starts. they all start attacking Jessica, yelling and screaming. Cody exits the lounge, wraps his arms around Jessica and pulls her towards the BY (which is finally open). They rush off to the hammock and hang out there for the duration of what's to come. Basically, Paul and team are doing everything they can to get Cody and/or Jessica to self evict. They really hope it's him. Most liked her when he wasn't in the house, but don't like her with him. For the full blow-by-blow of what happened, check out the forum here. It goes on for about two hours outside until someone shows up with a megaphone and yells, "America Loves Jessica. Paul is a bully". Then the house is put on indoor lock down and Jody isolates. Needless to say the taunting, of Jody, the accusations that Cody lied about his service, saying that Jessica was disrespectful because her American Flag wrap was on the "dirty bathroom floor" and the flag should never touch the floor, or calling Cody a p****... That, the banging (and breaking) of the pots and pans just got to be too much for me. I am at the point now that I was Grodner to just evict them all and focus on Over The Top season 2! Check out the video section up top to see some videos from YouTube that were posted, showing parts of the whole thing. This is from Reddit. Someone compiled a list of what Big Brother Alum (and even BBCAN Alum) had to say about what happened: (I think you can click the image to see it bigger)
  11. 10:50amBBT: BB: "Houseguests, please lower the outside awnings" Kevin: Here I come, here I come, let me grab my water. BB: Jason, please put on your microphone. Loud breathers in the RBR. Lights off both couples asleep. 10:52-10:55amBBT: Kevin says to Jason, lets stretch and then walk some. BB again asks for the awnings to be lowered, which they did, except for two. Jason says "They are done, except for those two" and he and Kevin start walking. They are discussing the date and how they have lost June & July but to not sit there and cry about it. BB asks them again to lower the awnings. Jason says again it must be these two and BB says "Yes". BB thanks Jason/Kevin for putting the awnings down. 10:55amBBT: Brief fish. Feeds come back to Jason/Kevin walking. Jason talking about Holly some more. BB: Josh, your microphone needs new batteries. 10:57amBBT: Paul up and off to the WCA in the HoHR.
  12. 10:29amBBT: After almost 20 minutes of fish... Cody up and in the WCA doing ADLs on feeds 1/2, sleeping hg's on 3/4. 10:31amBBT: Correction, that is KEVIN in the WCA then in the KT. 10:31amBBT: Kevin heads out into the BY and camera 1 has fish. 2 has Mark entering the KT. Mark asks Kevin how it is outside, Kevin says cloudy and rain. BB tells Kevin to put his mic on (as he is putting it on). Camera 3/4 on RBR with sleeping HGs. 10:33amBBT: Kevin fixed yogurt and coffee then went to wake up Jason. Told him to get his lazy butt up, it's 10:40. Telling Jason it rained. Jason not happy. 10:36amBBT: Kevin wishes they would play good music for the wake-up. He doesn't like what they have been playing. 10:44amBBT: Cody and Jessica are finally getting up. Christmas hasn't made it back yet. Jason in BY running laps while Jody swap batteries. 10:46amBBT: Jody back in bed. Jason still doing laps out back. Stops long enough to stretch with the help of the dryer. 10:48amBBT: Jason heads inside to the WC. Kevin still eating his yogurt and drinking his coffee in the KT.
  13. This is not my video. I found it on YouTube.
  14. This is not my video. I found it on YouTube.
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