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  1. LOL. The old tried and true message board strategy. When challenged, try to deflect back to the challenger being an alias. Truth: I don't have any other screen names than the one I'm using here. I did join this board late. I don't like spoilers so I tend to stay away from boards on tv shows. I've watched every season of BB, Survivor, and TAR, but never participated in this stuff. Until this year. It was so frustrating (lack of competitors, lack of thinkers, delusional sheeple, production interference) that I had to come here to see what others were saying. Found out, most agreed wi
  2. It absolutely was. Paul would have gone home at that point, too. Cody was in favor, and Paul was iffy. No one wanted to rock boats, so they would have gone with the HOH. Plus there was a 6 person alliance that would have pushed it through. Would have changed the game. Definitely best move. Paul's week 5 move was nothing. Cody/Jess were isolated and had protection. Easy pickings. The difference in their protection and Paul's in week 1, was they actually warned Paul up-front. He could have made a bigger move and done something different. He played it weakly.
  3. I've read through most of these threads. Obviously, you are Lamas don't like Cody/Jess. You talk trash about them non-stop. That's fine. But when someone disagrees with you, you call it "anger" or "obsession". You two are really the ones making it personal, but you try to project that on to others. It's just funny to me.
  4. Kevin cashed in that first comp check. He may have thought he was getting AFP. But the house discussions seemed to be pumping Alex and Christmas up for AFP. So delusional.
  5. LOL. You two crack me up. If you were serious about the "thank you" and just not trying to spin your hate, I'd tell you to watch the post-show interviews where Cody does indeed say that very thing to America. But you're not really interested in that.
  6. I'm not sensitive at all. It's just you have an obvious opinion that is contrary to what most of us observed. You try to push that and I call you out on it. Not sensitive though.
  7. Keep trying. It's not sticking, but kudos for you for continuing to try.
  8. Absolutely. These two really struggle with Paul's losing game, Jessica's good looks, and Cody's popularity. It's one of the reasons I still come back here 2 days post-finale - to laugh about the latest spins.
  9. Some of your posts provide insight...some are just bizarre when Cody or Jess are involved. Like this one. Cody obviously didn't trust Paul, never liked him, wanted him out. Had zero to do with friendship. If you think something so fake as that would upset Cody, you didn't pay enough attention to get past whatever emotion you have about him and her.
  10. Cody didn't seem too irritated when he hugged Jess as soon as they got out of their seats, lol. I think he will be fine.
  11. Jess didn't seem too irritated when she hugged Cody as soon as they got out of their seats, lol. I think she will be fine.
  12. To each his/her own, I guess. IMO, Jess was one of the hottest to ever play BB. And my wife agrees.
  13. You're right. That was a stupid thing in the house - but they made it such a big deal. And the bullies were all so wrong about it. It would have been nice to spend 5 minutes on it during the finale.
  14. Some thoughts: Is Raven capable of a self-awareness moment when watching how ridiculous she looked all summer? Does Matt have enough brain cells to see how dumb he looked? Christmas sure did not seem disappointed when she fell off the unicorn, nor when she was evicted. Adding to the growing suspicions that she was there just to support Paul. While I'm on it, Christmas talks and talks about Josh and how he played a great game and grew so much...but she votes Paul. Then when Josh wins, she runs up to him first. Weird. Josh keeping his BB superfando
  15. It was rigged to get Paul to the finals. They couldn't really control the votes. That would get out. Paul had to win the votes on his own. I don't think CBS cared one bit whether Paul won or not. They just wanted him to go far in the game. Their whole marketing and editing of the show depended upon it.

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