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  1. #BB19 7:30 BBT- Dom, Alex and Elena are in the HOH and Dom is telling them how she is going to do what God wants her to do and she will walk out with her integrity intact. Alex is talking about Ramses and how he was telling Elena that Mark and Dom have an alliance. They think Ramses is playing everyone and is a liar. Alex doesn't understand why he never gets called out for sleeping when the others do. Dom thinks they should all be on the same page. Elena is worried about Jason. She thinks he is a wild card and she isn't sure what he would do if he won HOH. #BB19 7:35pm BBT - Alex says this is a game, she says at the end you have to pay penance if you don't play right. She says if Jess makes it to the end for some reason, she would never vote for her because she said some nasty stuff about her. Alex, is telling them that she asked Cody if he threw the POV and he told her no he didn't. Elena says he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would throw a comp. Alex tells them he only really made a 1 week deal with him. Alex says she never wanted a showmance with Cody. She says he ruined all of their games because he threw it away for Jess. #BB19 7:40pm BBT - Alex says Christmas told her and Jillian that Jess is bad news. They say they all believed Cody to be a man of his word. Alex says she was surprised when he put her up on the block. She says she told him she was going to break up the showmances. Elena says she was really disappointed in the way Cody handles it. She says she doesn't think Cody watched a lot of BB. Alex wants Jess and Ramses to go. She doesn't like them. She says she knew Jess was a problem when she first met her. #BB19 7:45pm BBT- Dom says she know how Marines are, they are stand up people and she thought Cody was going to be that way. Alex hates that they started the game so rough mentioning Megan and all the problems at the beginning. Elena says they should all be civil to each other. That way they will have a equal Jury. She says she can't pay her bills unless she makes it to jury. She says she is hopeful that they can be nice and handle business and not make mavrick moves like Cody did. Alex says she was trying to figure out who Cody was going to put up. She figured it would be Paul. Dom says she had no idea what his plans were going to be. #BB19 7:50pm BBT- Elena says if Jillian had stayed in the game, she would have been a constant pawn. Alex says she would always be voting for her. Elena tells her she was closer to Christmas at that time and she would have voted Alex out if she had stayed on the block. Alex says she was surprised at Paul being on the block. She really thought he was going to get voted out if he didn't have some kind of power. Elena says she knew because Jess kept telling her that the couples were going to be safe and she thought Jess was acting weird. Paul and Christmas have just walked in. She tells them that she has 2 bones broken and the ligaments are popped. #BB19 8:00pm BBT- All 4 feeds are now on the backyard with Ramses, Josh Mark and Kevin playing pool. Then they switched back to the HOH. Alex says Jess would do anything to save her hide right now, Christmas says she was very candid with her convo with Jess earlier. She feels bad for her. Paul is shocked. Christmas says Jess didn't say anything that surprised her. Says she gave her version of how she saw it. Christmas says she was giving "big sister" advice and says Jess didn't see it that way. Christmas is relaying her whole convo with Jess. She says she reminded Jess that she didn't ask about her foot.
  2. #BB19 6:21pm BBT Jess and Christmas are in the HN room talking. Christmas is explaining that she never meant that Jess was her target. Jessica started to say something, and Christmas said "are you going to listen or interrupt?" Jess does a head jerk but lets her continue. Christmas doesn't get why she didn't ask about her foot. Says it felt like it wasn't sincere. #BB19 6:25PM BBT Christmas says she understands that this is a hard week for Jess, she is losing her "ride or die", she is stuck in a toad costume, but she is having a hard week too. She doesn't feel that Jess even cares. Jess says she isn't sure if there was a miscommunication or not. But she felt like she was being told to pick a side. Christmas says she wasn't drawing a line, she was showing concern for her position in the house. #BB19 6:30pm BBT - She said she wanted Jess to let others know she was playing her own game aside from being with Cody. Christmas ask if she told others that she was coming after her, Jess says that she interpreted that was what she meant. Jess says that she did tell others that she was coming after her. Christmas is upset that she would say that. Christmas says she is just trying to get clarity and says lets just live in the house. Jess is saying things couldn't get worse for her, she is most likely leaving next week. She just wants to get to a neutral ground. They agree and Jess leaves. Christmas says that she will try to get by what happened between them. Jess is crying a bit and says she is really sorry about her foot. She can't imagine have surgery. She says she isn't trying to be a villain. She just wants to live day to day. They kind of joke about the noises that Jess stomach is making due to slop. She says she is sorry again and she doesn't want to be a bad person. Christmas believe her. #BB19 6:35pm BBT Jess says she feels bad about Paul's relationship with Cody and she feels responsible for it. Jess says she is glad they had this talk. Now they are talking about Christmas's surgery on Wednesday. Jess asks her about owning her own gym. Jess leaves and says thank you to Christmas. #BB19 6:40pm BBT - Paul just hugged Christmas goodbye and wished her luck. Ramses is not telling her how bad a** she is and how much he loves her. Everyone for the most part is in the kitchen cooking, chatting and eating. Christmas wants to know what she did to piss off Cody so much. Dom says "well, you won" they all laugh.
  3. #BB19 7:35pm BBT Jessica is talking about Raven and she is wondering what her DR sessions must be like. She says she thrives on drama. Jessica's saying Matt's relationship with Raven has cost him the game and then she jokes it cost her and Cody the game. They high five each other.
  4. July 7, 2017 Not a shocker. At least 99% of us weren't shocked about who was evicted. I know Jillian was shocked . It took her 5 minutes to pick her lower jaw up off the floor . I kind of felt sorry for her. She was not a good player, schemer, or talker. She had ZERO game. She reminded me of Kathy from season 12. She was a cop but a sloth. And Jillian played the same way. She did let Alex do all her work for her which is a big mistake. If you can't fight for yourself you don't belong in the game. Even Kevin has game as funny as it is, but so far it is working for him. Either way, it was a sad good bye . The best part was the word fight between Jessica and Christmas. Don't mess with a holiday! Jessica (why does everyone on twitter call her Jody?) decides it's a good time to call out Christmas and really got up in her face. I seem to recall Willie Hantz did that to that nasty Chef Joe and it got him booted from the game. I can tell that Jessica has done this before, most likely in bars and I'm surprised I haven't seen her on Judge Judy. Maybe that's her next gig when she sues Cody for dumping her and stealing her phone . I can't wait to see that. Moving on - They played HOH, it was a Candy Crush game using the old Carnival game from BBOTT, but with a candy theme. It was custom made for Paul since he just played the new TV version staring Mario Lopez which airs Sunday. Some will call it "not fair" while others will applaud it. Since Christmas is on crutches the HG's were told they can give their tickets to someone else if they wanted and she wasted no time in giving hers to Paul. Cody was the ticket giver and was so mean spirited and rude I don't know how him mother feels about the way he acts but she can't be proud of this behavior. Someone needs to remove the stick from his A**. After some time, Paul won! Again, not a shocker. I wasn't awake when he got his letter from home, but I heard it was kind of weird. Christmas moved in with him and they seem to be the team to beat at this point. It really is to early in the game to play this hard don't you think? So today is the Temptation which Christmas got. She gets to switch any veto player she wants and it's good till she uses it. She also go to choose who is cursed and of course she chose Cody, Ramses, and Jessica. Right now, the nom's are taking place. Who do you want to see put up? Do you approve of the way Jessica handled herself? Are you a fan of Cody? Do you think I over use emoji's? Let's talk. Don't forget to follow us on FB, and Twitter. I can be found at @TweetChik. Remember to enter our meme contest. I upload new pic's everyday for you all to use. Keep it clean and fun. TweetChik
  5. Well here we are again. It really has been a packed week. I feel like I watched a whole season of Big Brother in less than 7 days. We left off with Megan leaving. I watched the show tonight and they really didn't explain why she left. We know what she posted, but the show did a crappy job of editing her. They did do a great job of editing Jessica as a beotch. Can you tell I don't like her? She comes off as every mean girl I have ever met. Case in point - yesterday after the POV comp which Alex won, she was up in the HOH room with Cody, he was showering, he comes out in a towel and she is laying in bed. She tells him to come to bed but not to put any clothes on. I know she knows cameras are on everywhere but she loves them.. He comes over and gets in bed and she sits on top of him and proceeds to tell him all that he did wrong including telling him that she felt he threw the comp. This feeds into her insecurities, and jealousies. He starts to cry.. What the hell is wrong with the younger generation? I felt watching it that she was taking advantage of him. Don't get me wrong, I don't like Cody for any reason what so ever. He has no personality, cheek bones, or feelings but I felt like she used her feminine wiles to get him in a position to control him. It seems to me that this is how she gets over in life. She is a pretty girl and I hope she is smart enough to use her brains and not her boobs to get further in her world. I'm glad I got that off my chest. We all knew that Alex was going to pull herself off the block. Jillian spent the day complaining about EVERYTHING. I swear, she finds a way to turn everything that is going on to be about her. WARNING SPOILERS- stop reading now if you don't want to find out what happen. You have been warned!! The house spent today talking to Cody who promised everyone that he is loyal and is going to make a big move by putting up someone from his side. We know it won't be Jess so by simple deduction it would be Paul. They held the ceremony and Cody tried to replace Alex with Paul, this didn't go well since Paul holds the Pendant of Protection and can not be nominated for the next 3 weeks. So Christmas went up. When the feeds came back on the house had EXPLODED! Cody was pissed, Christmas was even more pissed, Jessica was pissed, well who wasn't pissed. Everyone ran around yelling and crying except for Josh, Jillian, Dominique, and Ramses. They were well hidden and keeping a very low profile least they get caught up in the fray. If I was Paul, I would have used it too so Cody needs to lighten up. He was blaming Paul for everything. Eventually, all simmered down and everyone talked to each other and realized, it's a game. The only one I am concerned with is Jessica. she thinks the best way to win is to use her looks, and body to sway others and in the history of the game it has never won anyone the game. I hope that at some point she uses her mind and realizes it is as much a social game as a physical game. I woke up yesterday to Christmas laying in the back yard moaning and crying with her foot up in the air. It seems she was literally horsing around with Jason playing "save a horse,ride a cowboy" when he slipped on some wet turf and she came down and hurt herself. She was carted off to DR and then the hospital and only came back late in the day with a cast on. She worked all night for her votes and it looks like she got them. Bye Jillian.. She spent a lot of time with Mark who had some kind of epiphany and let all the feelings he has been holding inside for however long he as been alive out. Elena didn't seem to care to much about him but maybe that was because she talked NON STOP for hours. Yeezy, it drove me nuts. If I was in the house, she would be the next one out. That's annoying... STFU already. Jillian, Josh and Ramse were mostly no shows. Well that's all for now. Remember to enter Morty's meme contest. I have been uploading a lot of my screen shots for all to use so take advantage. You can find them at Mortys Tv group on FB, go to photos, and then albums and look for the Meme album. Lets see your best stuff. Also, follow me on twitter @TweetChik Have a safe, happy, fun 4th of July TweetChik
  6. #bb19 10am BBT - HG's are up and making breakfast in the kitchen. Jason is outside working out. Alex and Kevin have joined Jason outside, they are trying to figure out who Cody's replacement nom will be. They think it will be Josh but they aren't sure. #bb19 10:17am BBT - Josh has now come outside to join them. Kevin is giving Josh exercise advice. Just general chatting #bb19 10:30am BBT- Jason is up in the HOH talking with Cody. Cody is explaining that there are 2 sides of the house, his side and the other. Cody says he hasn't formed an alliance. He says everyone thinks he is going to put up Jason. He is giving him a list of people who he doesn't want Jason to put up if he wins HOH. He wants him to not put up Dom. He needs her protected. He says he can put up Ramses, Paul, Alex, Josh. Says they don't have his best interest at heart. Cody assure him that he can keep him safe. Jason, says he wants to get Christmas out. It sounds like Jason is going to be the pawn. Cody just wants to get to jury. #BB19 10:35am BBT- Jason says Ramses has to go, but he wants Kevin to stay. He thinks Ramses threw the comp. Cody offers himself as a pawn if Jason wins HOH and wants to take out Christmas. Jason leaves and Cody invites Alex up. #BB19 10:40am BBT- He tells Alex that he wanted to win POV so he could take her off and put up a big target. He tells her that she is on his side of the house. He tells her he is going to make a big move and put up someone from his side of the house. Tells her he wants to protect Dom, Mark, Elena, Jess and Mark. Alex wants to save Jillian and Jason. Sounds like Paul is going up now. He tells her he is the leader of his side of the house and she is the leader of her side of the house. Cody says her, Jason and himself are the most alike. He wants her to protect the couples. #BB19 10:50am BBT- Alex is relaying the convo to Jillian. Paul will be the replacement nom. But Alex has to keep the couple's safe. Jillian is shocked. Alex is listing the 11 Cody wants safe. Jason joins them and Alex asks if he trust Cody. Jason says he was trying to make a deal with him. Alex is relaying all that Cody told her. Jillian reminds Alex that Cody played her. Josh walks in and convo changes.
  7. #bb19 7:24pm BBT Kevin is talking about what he does on Sunday night with his kids. Josh is pretty quiet. He is talking about Living Color and Paul and Josh are too young to remember the show. #BB19 7:31pm BBT - Mark, Elana, Jason, Cody and Jessica are all in the kitchen. No game talk going on but they are talking about someone in pre interviews who was asking the girls about the summer bodies. Talk has turned to sex. The others are doing dished and chatting. #BB19 7:38 BBT- Jillian and Alex are in the HN room talking about different strategies. They are talking about who voted for Christmas to go. They seem to think Christmas doesn't like Jillian. They are trying to figure out the votes Jillan can count on. #BB19 7:48pm BBT- Alex and Jillian are still trying to figure things out. They are talking about Josh and how he is a wild card. Alex says Josh thought someone was disgusted with him. They are talking damage control. I think they are talking about Christmas. They want Ramsey to tell Christmas that she is the target. They say Elana and Christmas keep complaining that they are not on the episodes enough. Jillian wants to confront her and tell her she is not targeting her and Alex is talking her out of it. #BB19 8:00pm - Jillian really doesn't believe she is leaving. She isn't sure who the replacement is but she thinks she won't be leaving. Alex wants Jillian to try and get Christmas on her side. Tells her to ask her about her extensions. Jillian just rolls her eyes. Jillian thinks Christmas won't think she has enough power if she wins HOH to take her out. Says Jason wants to take Cody out. And Alex wants Cody and Jessica out. #BB19 8:15pm BBT- Dom and Mark are playing chess. Dom is giving Mark advice on trying to figure out if someone (Elana maybe) is playing him. She says to talk game with her and see what happens. Elana just joined them. Game talk has stopped. Everyone else is milling around in the kitchen. No game talk at the moment. Paul has now joined the chess game. #BB18 8:20pm BBT- Jessica and Cody discussing what was said with Jillian. Jessica says Jillian said they all are just friends with Paul to become famous. Cody says he owes her no loyalty. They are trying to figure out a way to get Alex to not target them. Jessica says Alex gloating about the veto made her sick. She wanted to throw up. Jessica reminds Cody that Alex wants to break up the showmances. Cody says that makes sense since she is alone. Cody says he thinks he can stop her from doing that. #BB19 8:25pm BBT- Jillian and Ramses are in the lounge and Jillian is telling him everything. She is trying to get Ramses to do her dirty work. She tells him that Christmas is telling everyone that Jillian is targeting her. She wants Ramses to tell her that she isn't targeting her. He tells her that if she asks him he will tell her that. Jillian is freaking out. Ramses leaves and heads back to the kitchen.Alex has joined her in the lounge. She says they can't talk to Josh because he will have a breakdown. #BB19 9:00pm - Paul, Mark and Matt are in the HOH room. Paul thinks the girls are WAY to emotional. He says they are good as long as the 4 of them have the next 4 HOH's. They are talking about Ramses. All agree that he doesn't talk game with any of them. Paul tell them that he knows Ramses and his brother are SUPER fans. They don't know who he is talking game with but it's not them. They are questioning Kevin's gameplay and wondering if he can win anything. Paul says he is a number for their side. Mark wonders if he can keep up in any comp. They agree he isn't a threat. Matt says he hasn't talked game with him. Jessica walks in and boy time is over. Raven has joined them too. They are talking about Josh. #BB19 9:15pm BBT- They are all talking about Josh. They think he is crazy. They say he keeps looking at the cameras and apologizing to America. Jessica is calling him ignorant. Paul says that if he becomes HOH, he will lock the door so Josh can't come in. They don't like that he keeps complaining about not seeing his family. They just want him to relax. Downstairs, Alex and Jillian are in the lounge talking. Paul is getting fed up with him. Matt says at this point they can keep Jillian and Josh around to use. Paul says he has seen Jillian talking to herself. Paul wants to use them both as pawns. #BB19 9:30pm BBT- Josh, Ramses, Alex and Jillian and Jason are all in the lounge. Everyone else is still upstairs. Raven is inching closer and closer to Matt who really has no place to move on the couch. They are still making fun of Josh. Paul says that Josh looks like the Hulk. Paul calls Josh the scapegoat. They are planing to us him and Jillian as a pawn.
  8. OMG! The feeds have not even been up for 24 hours and we are getting more drama than we can handle. I am trying to think back to the very beginning of BB and I can't remember a season with this much drama at this early stage. People need to SIMMER DOWN and not play so hard. The game isn't won in the 1st 2 weeks, but you can lose the game in that time by coming in hot. I will start where I came in this morning: Megan has left the game! I was in shock. It was being rumored that she left last night after a 3 hour DR session. The other houseguests were convinced it was because of a rumored racial slur, which Paul this morning said to America that he dropped last night in Jessicas ear. He told us he wants the catty girls out. Well, I won't repeat the slur but Alex was PISSED! She apparently call out Megan and they had a big fight which after she went into the diary room never to return. Alex didn't even know what was said was a "racist" slur. But kudos to Paul (not a fan) for starting it. If you can't beat them physically - have them implode and self evict. If it ever comes back at him, HE'S DONE. I hope it does. To me that is a chicken shit kind of move. I hope the others get wind of it and get rid of him. He is snakeish to me. Then Magan posted something cryptic on Snapchat (I don't even know what that is) saying she did not self evict. Then she came out later on Twitter saying she has PTSD and the whole "Josh" thing coupled with Alex being a bitch to her got to her. I completely understand, and if she needed to leave to keep her sanity, then she did the right thing. This cast is one of the most screwed up I have ever seen. There is many in there I care for. But it isn't my show or my say. If it was - I would get rid of Cody. That guy is on a power trip and he is only going to get worse. His shomance is worse than Natalie was - she looks downright mean. I got on this morning and didn't even shower till 3pm or eat for that matter. The feeds were that GOOD all day. This is why we watch, to see the different crazy personalities play out against each other. It's why we leave our husbands, wives, children, jobs and friends for 3 months each summer and dammit we LOVE it. So I hope by now you have fav's and your can't stand them.. share them with me. Let me know how you feel about Magan. Do you believe any of her stories? Do you think she will be back? I want them to bring Victor back.. Thanks for listening, and don't forget to follow me on twitter @TweetChik, follow Morty's too and join our forums, and fb page. We are the place to be for ALL THINGS BIG BROTHER. TweetChik
  9. I won't bother asking who's ready for the premier of Big Brother tomorrow night since I have a feeling we have all been ready since BBOTT ended. I know I have been. I read somewhere that Allison Grodner tweeted that the houseguests are already pairing up and fighting. To me, that's the best news I could hear, I mean after all that's why we watch, plan our vacations, call in sick from work all in the hopes that something juicy happens. I was just reading Afterthoughts from PM's poll and I am going to go vote. There is some good questions. Polls are fun . So lets all go over and vote just to see how many of us are right. I called in sick to work for tomorrow just so I can get all the things I need to do done for tomorrow night. It's pre taped and mostly people running around picking beds, and lying about who they are, but that's ok. I hope they changed it up a bit and someone goes home.. like WhistleNut (oy just saying that makes me gag just a bit). Do you think he brought his rodeo clown outfit? Well off to eat dinner, and dream of Otev, Chenbot, slop, and all the other wonderful things that bring the summer alive for all us diehards. Please remember to follow us on Twitter, and Facebook, and if you haven't gotten the live feeds yet GET THEM. P.S. BB After Dark is back this year on POP TV so check you local listings. See you on the feeds... TweetChik @TweetChik (follow me)
  10. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I can't wait to get started. Be sure to check out all the blogs from all of us. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. You can follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/TweetChik. I can't wait to get to know everyone.
  11. Hi Marty, how are you dealing with the heat... I'm melting over here. I'm on the border of Riverside and Corona.
  12. By now I hope you have had a chance to read my opinions about the 1st 8 houseguests and have formed some of your own. I can't wait to read what you all think of our cast but let me continue on with the last 8. 9. Megan- she says she is a dog walker but to me that means she is unemployed which isn't a problem. When you sign up to play the game, you agree to give up 3 months (hopefully) of your life. I love the color of her hair. I like that she is a fan and submitted a video of herself. She seems like she will be a strong player. I mean this girl worked a prison in the Middle East. That takes balls.. She is either going to come on too strong and piss off a lot of people or she will keep her head down for now. I think if she aligns with Christmas we might have a STRONG girls alliance. I know I keep bringing it up but we are due for one and this cast just might break the mold. 10. Mark – says he is a personal trainer. There is at least 1 in every cast. Comes off as just there to make a name for himself, I could be wrong.. At least we both dislike Paulie. And as long as he doesn't come off as a "Paulie" he will stick around as some more "eye candy". It always worries me when houseguests say they want to win to help people. No you don't, you want to either become famous or you need the money! Get real! Be honest. I think he will stick around for awhile, but he might butt heads with Christmas. 10 to 1 he recognizers her as a fitness guru. He will either fall in love with her or dislike her for being who she is. It should be interesting. 11. Matthew – says he is a renovation consultant ( I smell Home Depot) He is good looking and seems to be a fan, time will tell. He is into fitness too. OMG, I just realized that most of the houseguests are into weight lifting and fitness. This is going to make me look twice at my "bat wings" on my arms. I think he and Mark will start off as friends, try to form an alliance and then dissolve. The girls are going to love him and the guys are not! There I said it.. 12. Jessica – says she is a VIP Concierges. I have no clue what that entails but it sounds like what my hubby thinks I do at home. Hey hubby – I don't work here, I live here! That's what I tell him so this is not a job for me. Sorry got a bit off track. She looks high maintenance, and like she will not want to get dirty. She reminds me of Natalie BB18. At least she is honest in saying she is there for the money. Most likely she will end up pushing for a showmance with someone, my guess is with Josh. I hope she is a better player than Natalie was. I don't think the other girls will care for her much. I hope she is smart and cunning and plays to win. Jeez, I have high hopes for everyone. 13. Elena – says she is a radio host. She is a friend of Cory's (ugh!) BB18. She says she is a fan but she was recruited off of Instagram. I see problems already. Claims she can't date in real life and isn't it this for a showmance. She comes off as if she is doing the show to promote her radio gig. I'm not liking her. She is only here to push her on fame agenda. Oy, I hate that. I want real players.. She won't be in there long. 14. Raven – says she is a dance teacher. She looks like she will be loud and bubbly and she reminds me of a cross between Miche and Bridgette with a bit of Bronte throw in. Not a good combination. I see her in an alliance with Dominque, Jillian, and Alex mabye Jessica too. I don't give her long in the house but I hope I'm wrong. 15.Alex -says she is an Eco friendly sales rep. I guess she sells solar or something. I'm old (60) what do I know? She likes Nicole and sounds like she will model her gameplay on hers. Please Alex, don't do that. We had enough of Nicole for 2 seasons, we gave her the win so she wouldn't ever come back. Pick a new model like Janelle or Rachael please.. She doesn't know the game at all. Bye Alex, thanks for stopping by... 16. Jillian – says she is a time share sales rep in Vegas. I like her. I think she has potential. But she does remind me of Kathy from BB12 for some reason. I think she will sleep a lot and be the "mom" of the house. She applied online with a video. So she must know something about the game. I don't see her as a strong player. But I can see her playing both sides of the house. Well, those are my thoughts on our houseguests. What are yours? Do you have a favorite so far? Is there anyone of them that you see as a hot mess when you look at them? Let me know what you think. I'm so excited for the show to start. I will be blogging on Mondays and Thursdays so I hope to see you here. Please follow me at @TweetChik on twitter and make sure you follow MortysTV on Twitter and Facebook so you will always have all the up to date BB19 info. TweekChik
  13. Let me start by saying I have been a fan of Big Brother from season 1. I have seen every season and when they started live feeds, I signed up for that. I love this show and the potential it has to entertain, madden, amuse, confuse and enlighten anyone who is watching it. Don't take it to seriously. The people who don't like you will not like you it's that simple. That being said: Let's start with my 1st impressions of the first 8 of our new crop of houseguests. Jason – He's a Rodeo Clown who goes by the name "WhistleNut" I could just stop here but this guy has never watched the show. I don't think that is going to help him since this year they actually cast some people who watched the show. But he should be good for some goofy stuff if you like that sort of thing. When I listen to him talk, I hear shades of Monty from BBOTT and Donny (whom he likes). I think he is going to annoy most and will probably be gone before we get to know him. Remember Cornbread? That's what I thought! This guy is headed in the same direction. He says he is married. My guess, he will be home before his wife has time to miss him... moving on Cody – I don't have much to say about him. I think he can be a wild card player. We do have something in common though. He isn't a fan of Paul's from BBOTT and neither was I. I think he was too loud for his and our own good. He says he doesn't want to be famous, just wants a normal life after the game whether he wins or not, well your life will never be normal again. Buckle up my friend, reality tv is a bumpy ride. I think he will be around for awhile. Josh – Says he is in hair care sales which seems fitting because he looks like a Paulie to me just from his promo pose. I like that he is a fan and applied for a few years. The girls will love him and he is "eye candy" for the rest of us. He does kind of look like Devin to me just a bit, but I doubt he will implode into crazy town like Devin did. I have hopes for this kid.. Cameron – He's a Microbiologist so the "nerd" has been cast. I like him. He seems to love the game and understands the thought behind running a social game. He has a girlfriend so I don't see a showmance in his future. I think he will align with both sides what ever they turn out to be. High hopes for him. Ramses – Cosplay? I'm old so I had to look up what that is. OMG, I just did and it seems it is people who dress up in costumes for some reason (don't all you cosplay people come at me, I don't get it) but if it floats his boat, good for him. I think the girls are going to chew him up and spit him out and they will keep him around as a target. He fancies himself as a "Dan" player but I don't see it. I see him more as a "Jason Roy". We will see, I'm still on the fence with this one. Kevin – Who? He has 7 kids. I think his wife applied for him so he would leave her alone for a summer! I'm guessing he is gone in 2 weeks. Bye Kevin, thanks for stopping by.. Christmas – I love her name even though I'm Jewish lol.. She is my front runner. She loves the game, seems disciplined and wants to win. She just has to not come on to strong and align with another strong female and we just might get the "Girls Alliance" we have all wanted to see for years. She watched a few episodes of the show and I won't fault her for that. Dominique – Girl you are no Davonne. But she is going to try to be. She seems nice, has no clue about the game but for some reason this might help her. She needs to align with someone strong and do as they say until it's her turn to shine. I hope she lasts more than a few weeks. Well that's my 1st 8 houseguest and what I think of them. What are your thoughts? Who do you like out of them? Let me know. Tomorrow, the rest of the cast. P.S This is my 1st blog in years, sorry if I am a bit rusty.. TweetChik
  14. Thanks Fuskie. I can't wait to get started. I am already forming my initial thoughts on the houseguests reveals and will be posting soon. So stay tuned to find out what I think of them and I am looking forward to hearing what you all think of them. We are in for a GREAT season.. oy I'm so excited...
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