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  1. Oh I know Kaitlyn used it didn't know JC did
  2. Both Kaitlyn and Angie (Rockstar) have to go before jury. They are both a mess.
  3. She is stepping up her game but don't like her alliance
  4. Can't stand her. She only showers every few days. She is so mean and nasty in the game.
  5. Tyler and KayCee are my top 2
  6. Hayleigh has him totally wrapped around his.... thing. He loves all the female attention up in HOH
  7. Well sleeping with her last night some say he was having a good time with himself........
  8. She is having somewhat of a meltdown. I love her but BB is not a good fit for her. She might snap out of it but I don't know.
  9. She is playing the flirt game all season to get the guys and girls on her side. She has not played the game yet. She has Fessie and Scottie in love with her.
  10. He is letting Hayleigh flirt with him as her game move
  11. Social media on Facebook has BB groups (Morty does too) It is easier to just stay there sometimes. I really do miss to old busy days too on this forum.
  12. She is my second dislike in the house.
  13. Can't stand this girl. She gets on my nerves more then any other houseguest
  14. He is a cutie and he knows it.
  15. I am liking him more then from his interview. He is funny. I love his DR falling off the couch.
  16. His robot love is funny. I think he will be one of the funny guys along with Scottie
  17. Being the robot really messed up her connections. I think she is cuter then a bugs ear I hope she stays
  18. He started out the most liked on social media. I will withhold my judgement

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