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  1. What I meant to say was that he, Maggie, and Ivette are amoung the most disliked HG's ever... :opps:
  2. Marcellus, Please, please just ask Eric how it feels to come out of the house and find out that he is one of the top most liked HG's of all time in BB... And that Maggie and Ivette are right up there with him...
  3. Eric and Maggie have talked about the fact Eric is going home to his family and how happy they are about it... If they are sequestered they don't know about it before they are evicted at this point... Of course they know if they make the jury they will be but not at this point...
  4. I just gotta say I loved it when Marcellus and G told it like it was at the end of the show and said that when the million is revealed then we would see how many of them are still saying they aren't in it for the money!!!
  5. I would've hung up on that caller too... She really had no right calling and talking to them the way she did... I think any other talk show host on TV or radio would have done the same thing... Why should they have to take abuse just because the show is about Big Brother?
  6. I for one don't think HC would be as good if Marcellus wasn't on it... I think he and G work well together... He is also my favorite HG of all time so maybe I am a little bias... I love his personality... Like he said if you don't like him don't watch the show... You have that right... I for one love it...
  7. Marcellas if that is really you and I hope it is... Please please give Eric hell for us when he leaves the house!!! I have always been a fan of yours and am very happy you are on housecalls...
  8. Right that's true Neb... So yes it would cost money to make the call because it's not toll free...
  9. LOL No... it's just real hard because of the long lines...
  10. Last year HC was usually up sometime after midnight EST of the same day like if the show was today it's would be up by midnight...
  11. Doesn't matter if Eric touched Mike or not he admitted his intention was to hit him and it was an aggressive and threating act...

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