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  1. Yana

    Morty we have our first possible interview of the season (as long ss CBS tells him it's ok), and I was wondering if you could maybe put something on the BB forum to make it more visible? Just to let everyone know the interview's sre back and who we'll be having them with.

  2. Glenn has agreed to do our interview, but wants to check with production first. Unless things have changed in the contract, he will be the first this season.
  3. Nope she's one controlling lady let me tell ya!
  4. Let the BB 18 interview's begin. Well, as soon as they are done with the usual press junkets that is.
  5. I wanted to let everyone know I have sent request's for interview's to all of the Houseguest from season 18. As most of you know, the ones that didn't get back into the house will have very busy lives for the next few days, so I will let you all know who reposes and if there will be an interview or not with them. In the meantime, I'd love to take suggestion's for interview's from other shows. Let me who you want to hear from and I'll do my best to nab an onterview. Thank everyone!
  6. Hello everyone. It's been a loonng time, but Morty and I have talked and I will be starting the interviews back up. I will post who we get first. I am excited and hope you all are also.
  7. I agree Marty. My son will live the rest of his life with injuries sustained in Afghanistan. He has the right to say that diarrhea, and I have just as much right to walk away because I'm disgusted. I also have the right to say my opinion back. I don't like what I see and hear from this guy.
  8. I just got my live feeds for the season. Bring on the fun, and the flu. So ready.
  9. echo

    According the rumors flying around, you picked up by Dog the Bounty hunter for failing to show up to court on 24 warrants of celebrity stalking. Is this true? ;)

  10. It's not hard to find that Pat is the webmaster for the site... Doesn't prove anything... I am going to stop posting now, it's plain you don't know what you are talking about and are making things up... Have fun in your fantasy world...
  11. How would Kaysar know what Dani was doing? I don't think they even know each other...
  12. Who are you talking about? Dick doesn't have cancer... I'd be happy to put up a link where he says so himself...
  13. It won't be me... Only his closest friends and family knows the truth... He even said in his video that he didn't want to make public something that the friend wouldn't have wanted exposed... And if anyone tells you different I'd question who they are for sure... As far as Kaysar goes, yeah he got a big head and doesn't want to interact with fans, he has a website and that's where he deals with fans...

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