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  1. 9:00BBT Feeds still out, but appears the show is live on BBAD. Seems the POV comp is still happening but those who were not playing are in lockdown in the HOH room. 9:20BBT Still Jeff replays on live feeds. 9:30BBT Still on replay.
  2. Amber and Jocasta won the BOB. Frankie was dethroned, Cody is HOH and Brittany and Victoria are nominated.
  3. 7:42 BBT Derrick, Caleb and Frankie in SR. Frankie jumps into Derrick's arms and Derrick tells Caleb the strategy he told Frankie/Cody to use. Frankie leaves. Derrick tells Caleb it'll be an easy week so he (Caleb) better go unpack his stuff. 7:44 BBT Feeds quickly show Zach congratulating Frankie in Fire room. Zach then goes to SR with Derrick, saying it'll be an easy week and they won't be noms or re-noms. Derrick leaves and Zach tells BB that the clip on his microphone just broke and he'll put on the spare for now. Derrick and Zach are now in the kitchen with Jocosta. Brittany comes in
  4. 7:37BBT Feeds back. Frankie and Cody won HOH. They are celebrating in the HN room.
  5. 5:00 BBT Devin and Jocasta in the kitchen. He asks her about him campaigning and she says if he doesn't try, then he's just giving up. Devin says he doesn't want to beg. Donny enters and Devin asks to speak to him. They go to the bee room. Devin: Would it be pointless of me to try and get 6 votes? Donny: I think so. Donny says he can try, in the very nice way possible and not to make it look bad. Devin says the only way he'd get 6 votes is by trashing someone else and he says he's not going to do that. Devin says 'Sorry America' and says he's not giving up but doesn't think anything wil
  6. 5:00 BBT Caleb and Cody in storage room. Caleb says people are telling him to put Hayden up so Paola will go and that Amber wants Joey up b/c she doesn't like her. Caleb leaves and grabs Hayden and they go in the HN room. Joey comes in and asks Hayden about food. She asks if they are talking and they say yes and she asks Caleb if she can talk to him next. He says yes and Joey leaves. Caleb says he's asking the house what to do. Hayden says he's just trying to get a feel for everything. Caleb says the majority of the house doesn't want Hayden to leave but people have suggested Hayden goes
  7. 4:45 BBT Amber and Caleb in Hive lounge. Amber says, guys wise, Caleb should put up Hayden b/c it's Hayden. But girl wise, he should put Joey up. He asks if she'd vote Joey out and Amber says yes, even though Joey is her friend. Amber says she just wants to play the game and leave her emotions aside. Amber says he should talk to Devin and Caleb says he's just going to do what the house wants and will call everyone up to the HOH room and tell them he'll nominate who the house wants. Caleb says it was already planned from day 1, that if Donny won POV, Joey would go up as the replacement nomi
  8. 1.Who will be the a. most bitter jury member...... Candice b. jury member to ask the toughest question.... Amanda c. hg's that will be grill the most by Julie or others? Aaryn 2. Predict something one particular hg's will do on the finale show tonight ..... Amanda will talk about her and McCrae's relationship 3. Who do you think/want to win BB15 vs which hg's and what will be the vote tally? If Andy wins the final HOH, I think he'll pick Spencer to be in the F2 with him and then Andy will win by a vote of 6-3. ( I think this will happen) If GinaMaire wins the final HOH, I think she'll take Sp
  9. 5:25BBT GM says everyone else is alone in the game and McCranda have eachother so this helps everyone. Amanda says who goes up as a replacement nom if the veto is used and GM says she hasn't thought that far. Amanda asks what was that about she takes the 'fire out of McCrae's eyes' part of GM's nomination speech. GM says that everyone needs to stay focused and play hard and thinks McCrae has been lacking b/c of Amanda's distraction. Says McCranda are a duo and GM needed to separate them and people should vote for themselve and none of this voting with the house thing. 5:27BBT Amanda says s
  10. 5:24BBT Amanda says that Elissa got both Nick and Aaryn out. GM says she can't think about the NIck thing and both Amanda and McCrae lied to GM about voting her out. Judd and Andy enter the HOH room and the girls are still going back and forth.
  11. McCrae and Amanda in bed. Amanda keeps saying 'this does not make sense.' Says Andy has to win veto and save one of them, but if both stay on the block, she says she doesn't care anymore, that she'd rather go and have McCrae stay in the house. Amanda repeats that this just doesn't make sense and why wouldn't she put Elissa on the block. 5:20BBT Amanda leaves and goes to the cockpit and says that GM must be working with you, Judd and Elissa and Spencer says who, me? It's Andy, Spencer and Amanda in the room. Amanda says it doesn't make sense why Elissa didn't go up and Spencer said he was s

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