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    a place with no limits ..... upv
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    football, miami dolphins/hurricanes,big brother,american idol,monk, south park, family,life,health/gym,programming java, c++, c, assembly, bash, photoshop,linux,mafia/gangster flicks godfather, heat, goodfellas,scarface,entrepreneurship
  1. hell nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  2. we got football too but big brother get aired on cbs sister station UPN here thank god for upn
  3. its a toss up between the two but i think they see michael as the bigger threat physically
  4. just want the big alliance to crumble and see who the real players are.
  5. they will gets theirs soon. hopelly next week someone like kaysar or janelle or michael which ever one survive gets hoh. one week you can be the predator next the prey. i see the great big alliance falling apart soon.
  6. i missed that but i still like my twist. wish i had live feed. thanks for the info.
  7. because of the incident tonight with the rat james voting against his alliance and voting to kick off kaysar. i say bb as perk to the new hg give the ability to know how one hg voted in the previous week eviction bet james would think twice about screw his allliance so early in the game.
  8. my point exactly about james. their can only be one dr. will. james to me is trying to hard its not even lying its being plain stupid.
  9. rachel and howe compair to other pairs they spent less time together which is good and get them far.
  10. agree i like the weasel screw everybody over and winning the game.
  11. i hope this season is more than pairs because the whole pair thing is cheap and somewhat ruin this big brother for me. why i hate the pair is we know that the pair in tough situation are going to vote the same way. and when the pairs are figure out offficially at nomination it would be both members of the pair going up on the block to secure one gets booted out. because of the pair thing they wont be any drews using a desperate chick to win the game. because i seen when maggie hug eric beau had this wtf look on his face. i thought it was common knowledge everyone in the house had pairs.
  12. i am its is back on too. just hope the twist actually effect the game this time.

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