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  1. I give her about a 30% chance of beating Jackson in the final comp. Question: Assuming she beats Jackson in the final comp, how smart of BB player is she. Does remain loyal to Jackson and picks him over Nichol? Or she play the better odds, and select Nichol Holly has less than 5% chance of beating Jackson in the final 2, and 75% chance of beating Nichol. IMO, She might get 1-2 votes for being loyal to jackson, but loyalty will not be enough to win. Jackson will make the same argument that he was loyal to her to the very end, so that argument cancelled each other out.
  2. Like him or hate him, if he is in the final 2, he wins with a 80% chance to sweep the votes, especially if wins the final comp. He has dominated the game from start to finish. This is not even remotely a close call.
  3. It very well could be designed for Holly, but as I recall Nicole did well during the last endurance. This same endurance comp would have given Tommy an 85% chance of winning. Cliff will win the last HOH t if both Holly and Nicole are struck by lightening and die instantly.
  4. I am assuming that they voted out Tommy tonight (Thur.12th) because Nic and Cliff feel they have a better chance to beat Holly in the next HOH comp than they do Tommy.
  5. Yeah, I've watched BB since since season 3, and I'm confident that they allow the HGs make their own decisions, but the producers do have far more influence\control than the audience understands. Its a bit like watching a Vegas magic show, where reality of what the audience perceives, is very different than the actual reality that goes on behind the scenes to control the audience's perception. There have been a couple of seasons where the producers made some bad decisions and the season were a bust, and all the major HGs got evicted, leaving nothing but pawns left in the game. I think they have learned a lot since then, and like Survivor, the producers can predict with 98% accuracy that one of 4 players will be in the final 2. Their ideal is to have 2 of their key HGs in the final two, but I think that is extremely rare, generally its one of the power players vs a pawn. The last thing they want is two HGs in the final two, who stayed in the sidelines the entire time, never won a comp, and ends up in the final two simply because they were weak and lucky. Overall, I am OK with hocus-pocus stuff they do because the show is fun to watch. I am soooo glad they cast real people from a cross section of America. They could make the show filled with stud college guys and beach babes with big boobs that have sex on the live feeds, and they all have aspirations to become models\actors. If they had gone that way with casting, I would have stopped watching.
  6. Well, I can't buy into that BB is rigged as much as you're suggesting. You're saying it is as rigged as The Apprentice was, where they pre-select the the final winner before they even start production, and build the entire season around that one person. That is what they did on The Apprentice; that show was 100% a sham in term of the out come. I do believe its is possible that producers are stacking the odds in his favor by having comps that he is likely to win, and\or comps that other HGs most likely to loose. He is going to win all physical comps, and Cliff and Nicole are going lose physical comps 100% of the time. I will say that Jackson was one of 4 people that producers selected to be a HG for season 21 because he has the skills and personality traits to be a strong winner. To me its obvious that each season there are about 4-5 people who have the skills need to win BB, and all the others HGs are selected because they DO NOT have the skills to be the final winner, but have personalities that make for good reality TV. In other words, each season is really about 4-5 people competing against each other from start to finish, and the rest of the HGs are pawns in the game. Only the producers know who are the REAL competitors and who are the pawns, and the producers stack the deck in favor the HGs they selected to be part of the chosen 4 prior to the start of the game.
  7. How is is mentally ill? What I am missing that is on the feeds but never makes it on the show. What is he accused of doing in terms of cheating? I can't believe he is that popular with the fans that they'd give him a pass on anything serious. Because BB is a highly controlled reality show, it would not surprise me if penalties are hidden from audience, such as a HG might compete in a timed comp, and there is a significant time penalty added that, more-or-less, prevents the HG from winning. The TV illusion is that HG competed, but in reality the HG had no chance of winning. Since comps are not on the live feeds, they have the power of editing to do a lot interesting things.
  8. OK so there was some off camera stuff that happened. If he cheated, then he got some kind of warning or penalty that we don't know about. It does make me wonder how they penalize HG for breaking the rules (aka cheating) which I assume can be as trivial as eating normal food while on slop. Then of course there is the truck load of rules in the BB top secret black book that is kept in the DR. There a lot more rules of things they can't do that is never revealed to the audience. One example, they are very limited about the lies they tell about themselves and other HG, such as a lie that HG has sex with underage girls or claim another HG attempted to raped him\her while everyone was sleeping. Crap like that would get HGs ejected pretty damn quickly.
  9. Having Holly nominated for eviction is almost perfect for him. If she gets evicted, he has no blood on his hand for it. One more vote on the jury for him. She has to go sometime because he would have better odds against the others in the final two than against hear. I not one of his fans, and actually would like anybody else win, but he had played one of the most dominating game in recent years.
  10. I give Jackson and Holly a 85% chance to win the POV. Jackson alone has a 50% chance. I personally believe BB producers stack the deck at times by creating comps that give some players better odds at winning, and it all depends if they want Jackson to be in the final 2. It sure does seems like they want him to win BB21. One thing I am certain about is that when he was selected for BB21, he was selected because he was one of the 4 true competitors that casting director identified as having all the skills required to win BB. Most HG are selected because they don't have the skills the win, but have personalities that will make for good TV.
  11. To win BB, she need to win the final HOH, then make the boldest move in the game and puts up her partner Jackson. He would get all the votes to evict, making sure he never makes it to the final 2. Nobody beats him if remains all the way to the end. He as won too many comps without creating enemies that would against him out of spite. If in the final 2, there is good chance he'll sweep the jury no matter who else sits next to him. Anybody that makes the move that gets Jackson out of the game will earn the respect of several on the jury.
  12. On the block against Tommy. This is tough call. Does Jackson and Holly keep cliff? Good chance they keep cliff because Tommy is likely to win future comps, cliff less likely. However, getting rid of Cliff leaves Jackson, Holly and Nic against Tommy. and at the same time there is the team of Jackson, Holly, and Tommy against Nic. Its just a matter of who wins the the final HOH. Bottomline, Jackson and Holly have the odds in their favor no matter who win the final HOH.
  13. Nice person, but not enough game to win BB even if she is in the final two. She has reasonable chance of getting to the final 2, but no win against any of the remaining players.
  14. Love him or hate him, he is pretty damn close to checkmate and winning BB this season. His biggest risk is not winning during the final three. Unless BB producers create comps that they know he will suck at (or others will excel), he got about 80% of winning all the remain comps.
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