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  1. I'm still going through withdrawals...
  2. Maybe they figure since Simon Cowell isn't going to be a judge any longer, they won't have to worry about a 15 yr old bawling on stage.
  3. Whoa-Now this is new! Or I just haven't been on in awhile...

  4. The "Bieber effect" is right- sigh. I don't think I will be able to stomach this show much longer if it ends up becoming a competition to be the next JB or Miley or Jonas Brother.
  5. Pinkie- In this day and age when I see so many parents bringing along 10-12 yr olds to R-rated movies and letting their daughters read trashy romance novels by the bushel, I find it really refreshing that you read some books ahead to make sure they're ok for your daughter! When my son was in the 5th grade and there was a book that his teacher was having the kids read and write reports on. I decided to read it too to see what it was about, and found it to be totally inappropriate for a 5th grader, imo. I wish I could remember the title- anyway, I didn't object to the book itself, just the age
  6. I know he's been long forgotten but I just had to share this funny clip of Scott as MLB ump Jim Joyce on Jimmy Kimmel. He never takes himself too seriously and still has his sense of humor (and good vocals, imo)! MLB ump Jim Joyce aka Scott Macintyre
  7. Wowser- that's fantastic!!
  8. I was dead wrong on all counts- well, that is, except for one... Thanks UVP for making it a fun cheesecake game season!!
  9. I think its because of the high percentage of teenage girls that vote. I read somewhere last year (wish I could find it) that in a poll that was done, teenage girls and older women (it was either 40+ or 50+)voted 2 to 1 for a male singer over a female singer. As far as Lee winning- I wish him well because he seems like a very nice guy but, imo, he is probably has the worst voice of any AI winner thus far. I cringed when he sang his coronation song. Oh man. This season the talent was so lukewarm, except for the occasional very good performance (Crystal's "coronation" song performance before
  10. and those bloody screams would've been mine.
  11. I am SO jealous!!! Thanks for the awesome photos!
  12. I want her to win just to hear her do that last song again...that was AMAZING.
  13. Best idol's choice 1. Crystal Best Simon Fuller
  14. I heard them say during the LOST LIVE Talks broadcast in NYC that they would not be at Jimmy Kimmel live but had taped something (which turned out to be the comedic alt endings only). They said that after the finale they would go "to black", meaning they wouldn't post anything online, perform any interviews or go on the radio. They said they wanted the finale to speak for "itself". Which definitely could be construed as they didn't want to have to explain anything more- aka a cop out. I do think that they wanted the viewers to read their own interpretations into it but I'm hopeful that they'll
  15. Jack and Christian ending dialogue No, according to what Christian told Jack, "some died before him and some died long after him" and that everything that happened "was real". They had all created the flash sideways/purgatory/house of mirrors/whatever to "find each other and remember" before moving on to the afterlife. So Hurley and Ben did take over for Jack on the island and died sometime later. Of course, this is supposed to be left to our imagination- as is HOW they created this "place" to find each other. And I'm assuming that for the same reason Jack's son wasn't real, the Aaron that Cl

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