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  1. Wish I could spend more time here but Ive become the Nanny to 3 special kids who are my neighbors, They have really put a smile back on my face, I miss you all very much, Look me up on facebook,look me up http://www.facebook.com/people/Sheri-Daigle/1037783786 Much Love to All
  2. Long time no see guys, been keeping busy....hope everyone is doing OK, been thinking about you!! Hugs
  3. Hey friends long time no see, hope everyone is doing fine, I think of you all often but Ive been trying to stay busy, Im on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/search.php?q=Sheri+Daigle+Gray&type=users Hit me up ole friends, I'll try and get back more often, trust me I never forgot about you guys. Hugz Sheri
  4. Me Halloween night dressed as a Wench
  5. Sheri

    Picture Thread

    Thanks Gizz, the soreness is worth it
  6. Sheri

    Picture Thread

    A little sore today, finished up the tat but it was so worth it.....My Son will forever be in my heart
  7. Sheri

    Picture Thread

    Thanks guys, we finish it Wednesday, cant wait, I'll post a pic when we done.
  8. Sheri

    Picture Thread

    Finally broke down and got a tat, In memory of my Son........Not finished yet, adding more color and putting the name "Son" on it.
  9. Sheri

    Picture Thread

    Me and a friend throwing one back....hehe
  10. Enjoying the summer by the pool

  11. Sorry I havent been around guys, been spending alot time at the pool and the pond fishing, Im so dark its unreal, you can hit me up at http://www.facebook.com/search/?ref=ffs&q=sheridaiglegray&o=2048&init=ffsk Miss everyone Hugz Sheri
  12. Whats up guys............would you settle a bet for me, my sister insist she's darker than me, she must be blind cause im definetly darker. I fish and swim everyday......Im the one in the hat.
  13. SCUBA.........WICKED !!!!!!!!!
  14. Everyone remember my Grand-Daughter...........Look how big she has gotten
  15. BTW...........Im under FB if you wanna join me http://www.facebook.com/people/Sheri-Daigl...3786?ref=search I'll be lookin for ya !!!
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