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  1. TVLand began running an Andy Griffith Marthon ~July 7 @ 11 am eastern. The marathon began with the first show when Aunt Bee replaced the existing housekeeper, Rose. RIP Andy
  2. It seems I remember Morty explaining the difference in a fast forward week and double eviction week. Does anyone know the difference?
  3. How are things down in Salter-Path ?

    Miss seeing you pop in and out of here.

    Don't be a stranger.

  4. Wolf~ I am sooooo confused. It is showing me as having 226 Normal Points yet~ my totals when added show~ for episode 1, I have 56 points and no Bonus and Episode 2 I have 270 points and 60 Bonus. So~ shouldnt I have 326 normal points showing?
  5. Im low man here ~ Sorry Im still learning. My total for this week is added 50 points short. When I add my normal points I get 50 more points than is showing. Do they ever make mistakes in the totals?
  6. This is my 1st time on CBS Fantasy and am confused(whats new!). Is there a way to see how our tribe is doing overall or is it strickly on out own? I have a 59 points from ep 1 but how about he tribe?
  7. Maybe her mullet is a little too tight and squeezing her brain cells
  8. It was a great come from behind finish! Great team effort for all. Congrates Wolfie for picking Todd as the winner!
  9. I'm curious if Burnett will take back the 50K he gave her now that it has been exposed she lied about being demoted?
  10. Sharhonda did this for the cbs league so figured get prepared and put up a sign up sheet for next season survivor fantasy , Its still your team just putting my name at top of list (anyone wanting to play add name and copy and repost ) 1. Wolfrider 2. Hurst (Salter-Path)
  11. I beleive I read in the updated rules the RC had to be the winner
  12. Here are my early FS.net picks I have entered for episode 12. Based on an accumulation of early spoilers from various sites. My "safe" pic got off track several episodes ago with Erik~ he was entered erronously and I left him which will cost points in the final picks. ( I had to use Amanda one week). These will possibly be revised if new spoilers suggest I am way off this week. l. Reward Challenge~ Todd 2. Immunity Challenge~ Amanda 3. Voted Off~ PG 4. Safe~ Denice 5. Mystery Question ~Invited to share reward~Courtney
  13. Turning both girls down wasn't an issue with me~ that was ok and admirable (for a change on this show). What my issue is/was is that he led both girls on, telling each one they were exactly what he was looking for, perfect wife and perfect families. Then~ boom. bye bye to you both. There have been Batchelor finals in the past where the guy has not given the engagement ring, opting to say . "lets get to know one another better" or something to that effect. Like I said, leading them on is what pi$$ed me off! The long term track record for this show is pathetic, I do agree, and finding the "perf
  14. I'm pretty sure I have read that the show pays for the ring so he isn't out the money. I'm looking forward to tonights show and hoping he gets his a$$ chewed out! He led both girls on in the end. He knew he wasn't in "love" with either yet continued to lead each to beleive they had at least a chance of being chosen. I think he is a jerk! I wasn't fond of any of the girls but that doesn't forgive the fact he toyed with them. Tonight might just be the best show yet! Oh what a web we weave when we deceive~ GET HIM GIRLS!

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