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  1. THE DISH will be changed daily except on weekends. Weekends will be one edition. Please keep on reading The Dish! Slowpoke, I am doing The Dish but I think I will have a back up for times I need to be away. When/if someone takes over they will be given credit so you will know who is doing it. Good to be back home!
  2. Oh wow! You all make me feel wanted! Thank you so much for the Welcome Backs!!
  3. Do you want to be the next sole survivor or on The Amazing Race? The Dish has links to the applications. Give it a try! BTW ..I'm loving me some Randy
  4. Looking for The DISH? We are Back! The Dish has moved here Please continue to visit us each day. We have the daily Reality Show Schedule, Todays Talk Show Schedule with schedule guests and Daily PREMIERE and Scripted TV Picks.
  5. B&B week of July 25 Spoilers. Highlight to read: Stephanie confesses her faked heart attack to her family and explains why she did what she did. Thomas and Gaby continue their relationship, with a pained Caitlin on the outside looking in. Brooke and Stephanie go at it after Jackie gets Brooke the proof about Stephanie faking it. Jackie manages to seduce the truth out of Mark, but soon finds herself needing redemption. With her life falling down around her, Bridget seeks comfort from Dante and the two kiss. Taylor and Brooke clash when they finally talk, and Taylor wants some answers
  6. Marcellas said something like..Eric was the sickest houseguest ever..lol
  7. Petition to evict Eric http://www.ipetitions.com/campaigns/evicteric/ Email addys to protest aspproductions@aol.com audsvcs@cbs.com leslie.moonves@tvc.cbs.com karin.failla@tvc.cbs.com khfisher@cbs.com jennifer.michales@tvc.cbs.com kraftery@cbs.com bstoller-feldman@cbs.com pglassner@cbs.com
  8. Of Course the producers will only listen to the jingle jangle in the wallets and that source is the sponsors: K-Mart Blockbuster Cingular Progressive Ins. Taco Bell Applebees Crest Clorox Campbells Old Country Buffet
  9. BB Chatter posted the phone number :-) Tell the producers, Allison Grodner and Arnold Shapiro, how you feel at: (818) 655 6869 or email them at aspproductions@aol.com
  10. I know the HGs are paid $750 a week, with the winner and runner up receiving the BIG paycheck. But, is that for each week they remain in the house? Or, are they paid for each week even if they are evicted? In other words, do each HG get paid the same except for the winner and runner up?
  11. 7/15/2005 (friday) SCI FI PREMIERES 8:00 PM - stargate: sg-1 (sci_fi) season premiere 9:00 PM - stargate atlantis (sci_fi) season premiere 10:00 PM - battlestar galactica (sci_fi) season premiere
  12. Vacation is over and The Daily Dish is back to its normal format. I have added the daily talk shows with their guests lineup for each day. If there is anything you would like to see added, please either PM or email me at Salter-Path@Mortystv.com. Thanks for all your support these past months. Sandy
  13. Ya know, that is a great cast photo, but it irks me. Lone Beau. That photo kinda makes him stand out as the one lone black guy, and gay at that. Just pees me off, Shapiro could have more than one token black guy, dont ya think!! JMHO
  14. I think they said tomorrow morning..but..don't get up just to see it. I think they have waited so long now that it is old news and ..who cares?

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