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  1. ^ All the house guests have been talking about it on the feeds. Not every thing is a big conspiracy theory...geesh
  2. Yes Marty...that's true. I should have included it in my previous post. Howard wanted to target Amanda, so likewise she wanted to target him. Get him before he gets her.
  3. well yes...in the future everyone wants to get each out...they are not going to do it this week. Until they get to jury, they have a solid agreement in place for their group to get to jury...targets being Howard and Spencer. Disposable hgs are Candice, Elissa, and Aaryn in the coming weeks. Once jury hits...it's going to be no holds barred.
  4. It doesn't....I agree with you. The racial insults that have been thrown around by many of the house guest have nothing to do with their aligning. The reason many in the house are targeting Howard is because he's not trustworthy. His lie to Helen about there not being an MC alliance was detrimental to his game. Plus, he does not talk game with many of the hgs...so they assume he is against them. Yesterday when Aaryn was talking with him before noms he kept avoiding her questions about who he was after and aligned with...saying he makes his own decisions and then would change the topic to some philosophical ideas he has about playing. Helen and Elissa are in good with Candy...once Howie is out of the picture, Candy will be a stronger player.
  5. I hold them both in the same regard as far as their insulting behavior, but I didn't bring Amanda up in the conversation, you did. As I said tho, I've no problem with insults and intimidation in the game. Elissa threw out the "whore" word too as I recall, and has made several nasty and demeaning comments throughout. She is not the saint she makes herself out to be...trouble is, I don't think she realizes it. At least with Amanda you get what you see...she is not pretending or in denial about who she really is. The main reason why I do like Amanda is because she's playing the game and she's a leader. Elissa is a lousy game player and the only reason she is still in the house is because she got lucky the first few weeks with the mvp vote/advantage. Now she is just hanging in there because the stronger side of the house decided to take her in and use her. Even Helen has said that Elissa can go anytime. She is useless.
  6. Elissa's nasty and insulting comments were not a joke. She meant them...then tried to cover by laughing and saying she was kidding. They were not funny. Don't get me wrong, I've no problem on this show with name calling and insults...just can't stand it when some people give their favorites a pass on it, and then call others out on it when they do it.
  7. I doubt Amanda's alliance will seize the opportunity to evict her if she were to go up. They are loyal to each other until jury. It's been their goal for weeks now. They are not going to risk it and cause a split in the group. They have a plan in place to get rid of Howard and Spencer....possibly Candice. I heard Helen and Elissa reaffirming it. Jessie and Andy will not turn on Amanda at this point either. Getting Amanda evicted this week is wishful thinking on some viewers parts..but it isn't going to happen with both Spencer and Howard still in the house.
  8. I so agree! She's playing the game! It makes no sense to me for viewers to want to evict the players, and keep the floaters/do nothings in. Her cursing and name calling do not bother me either. I've seen some people call her a bully, which I don't agree with. She is bold, crude, and somewhat intimidating...hardly a bully tho. Maybe I have a different opinion on what a bully is...people throw that word out too casually these days, imo. I thought Evel Dick was a lot more brazen with all his cursing and intimidating tactics...the way he talked about Jen was disgusting. I didn't like him for it, but I will never fault him for using his intimidation tactics and for playing hard in the game. I recall him using the "C" word repeatedly and even recall something about wanting to physically assault her (was it rape?)...yet for some reason a lot of the posters here and on CBS chat, that are calling Amanda out on her swearing, loved ED...enjoyed his behavior, and give him a pass. I don't get that logic....only thing I can think of is that it's a tactic viewers/posters use in order to sway others into rooting for their favorite.
  9. I don't understand shy you think that would be the smartest move for Aaryn to make? If she nom'd Amanda & McCrea, she'd be going back on a deal that she made with Helen, Elissa, Amanda, McCrae, Judd, Andy & Jessie. She may get lucky and get one of the McMandas out, but then she'd have 6 other people that would be ticked off at her for going back on her word, as well Spencer, Howard and Candy would know she is not at all trustworthy. The best move for Aaryn is to work her way into a group of people, build relationships and trust.
  10. Helen still wants Spencer and Howard up, but it was good to see that she realizes what a liability crazy Elissa is to her game and that she's got to go. It's funny how she is telling everyone that they cannot say anything, strategy-wise, to Elissa because she's such a loose canon.
  11. I know DR gets involved in manipulating the outcomes by asking leading questions and all, but I honestly do not want them to actively influence the outcome in order to tell their story...show good overcoming evil etc. I want the chips to fall where they may...good or bad.
  12. I do agree with you, however I am guilty of voting for who I like/dislike for mvp nom...like so many other do. Amanda and Elissa are among the few that actually bring drama and entertainment to the house and feeds. Once Elissa is out of the house, then I will vote for the boring floaters...promise.
  13. Seeing how she can open her throat up and down that ice cream, I don't think she'll have any problem getting "dates" when she leaves the house.
  14. I hope Aryan honors her deal that she made last week in order to be saved...I've a feeling she will since she knows she cannot alienate herself from the group. If she goes against her word, nobody will trust her again...not that anyone really does now, but she has the ability over the course of the next week to repair a lot of the doubts the others have in her. Keeping her word is key to that. Spencer/Howie should be the noms. Hopefully Elissa will be the mvp choice again this week, and I'd be fine with Elissa getting evicted...so would Aryan. If Aryan did not have the deal in place, I think she'd go after Elissa and Candy in a heartbeat. Those are her 2 biggest threats in the house.
  15. Elissa would be my #1 choice to leave this week. She touts her faith as being so important to her, and then says the nastiest and most condescending things about some of the others. Her vanity is disgusting...isn't vanity one of the deadly sins? I'm fine with lying in the game, even for the religious, because it is a game where lying and scheming are a must, but the values she supposedly holds so dearly contradict her actions/insults. Aside from Howie and Candy, the others aren't using religion in the game, so I don't hold them to the same standards. If you are going to talk the talk, then stand by it! I despise hypocrites.



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