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  1. I'm still going through withdrawals...
  2. Maybe they figure since Simon Cowell isn't going to be a judge any longer, they won't have to worry about a 15 yr old bawling on stage.
  3. Whoa-Now this is new! Or I just haven't been on in awhile...

  4. The "Bieber effect" is right- sigh. I don't think I will be able to stomach this show much longer if it ends up becoming a competition to be the next JB or Miley or Jonas Brother.
  5. I know he's been long forgotten but I just had to share this funny clip of Scott as MLB ump Jim Joyce on Jimmy Kimmel. He never takes himself too seriously and still has his sense of humor (and good vocals, imo)! MLB ump Jim Joyce aka Scott Macintyre
  6. I was dead wrong on all counts- well, that is, except for one... Thanks UVP for making it a fun cheesecake game season!!
  7. I think its because of the high percentage of teenage girls that vote. I read somewhere last year (wish I could find it) that in a poll that was done, teenage girls and older women (it was either 40+ or 50+)voted 2 to 1 for a male singer over a female singer. As far as Lee winning- I wish him well because he seems like a very nice guy but, imo, he is probably has the worst voice of any AI winner thus far. I cringed when he sang his coronation song. Oh man. This season the talent was so lukewarm, except for the occasional very good performance (Crystal's "coronation" song performance before last night is one that comes to mind). I really think they are going to need to get a MUCH better group next season or this show will reach its end.
  8. and those bloody screams would've been mine.
  9. I want her to win just to hear her do that last song again...that was AMAZING.
  10. Best idol's choice 1. Crystal Best Simon Fuller
  11. I heard them say during the LOST LIVE Talks broadcast in NYC that they would not be at Jimmy Kimmel live but had taped something (which turned out to be the comedic alt endings only). They said that after the finale they would go "to black", meaning they wouldn't post anything online, perform any interviews or go on the radio. They said they wanted the finale to speak for "itself". Which definitely could be construed as they didn't want to have to explain anything more- aka a cop out. I do think that they wanted the viewers to read their own interpretations into it but I'm hopeful that they'll eventually say something.
  12. Jack and Christian ending dialogue No, according to what Christian told Jack, "some died before him and some died long after him" and that everything that happened "was real". They had all created the flash sideways/purgatory/house of mirrors/whatever to "find each other and remember" before moving on to the afterlife. So Hurley and Ben did take over for Jack on the island and died sometime later. Of course, this is supposed to be left to our imagination- as is HOW they created this "place" to find each other. And I'm assuming that for the same reason Jack's son wasn't real, the Aaron that Claire re-birthed so Charlie and Kate would remember also wasn't real. He was with them in the church but I'm assuming he disappears or something when they finally "move on". I dunno- I think I kinda liked the Jimmy Kimmel Bob Newhart ending better! Seriously though, despite the craptastic buddism/hinduism/taoism/judaism/dharmaism/christianity We are the World mushy ending (before Jack's eye closed-which was perfect), I loved every bit of the ride. The acting was superb and the remembering sequences were genuinally emotional. Yes, the show was about the characters but it was ALSO about the mythology and I am a bit disappointed that that part seemed to have gotten dumped. It is still my favorite show of all time and maybe that's why I'm still struggling with my thoughts about the ending.
  13. Thanks for sharing the awesome photos! What an awesome final episode that had me in tears several times (esp. the Charlie/Claire and Sawyer/Juliet parts). All was beyond my expectations- that is, until the church part. What a punch to the gut that was. I did think that the final scene with Vincent lying down next to Jack and Jack's eye closed was poetically perfect but I'm still not crazy about the whole flash-sideways being some sort of purgatory-like place though. I'm still digesting the whole episode but will write more later. Must sleep.
  14. Since we know they're planning to make a 24 movie, Jack can't die in the show finale- but that sure is the way they're making it look. There is absolutely no way this can end good for Jack so my guess is prison or a psychiatric hospital. Then the movie will open with Jack being extricated from one of those places to save the world yet again.
  15. And so it arrives. The day I've both longed for and dreaded at the same time. Does that make sense? I don't think I realized how much I loved this show until today. To prepare for THE END, take a look at this great musical LOST montage: LOST music montage
  16. Thanks, everyone! So sorry to not post earlier- been a bit under the weather and gearing up for the LOST show finale on Sunday (boo hoo!). Anyway, thank you, UVP, for hosting this thread- it's been alot of fun! LOL- I'm totally with you on that.
  17. Ok, I screwed up regarding the beginning of the show. I thought I remembered the show beginning with Desmond in the parking lot and you think he's going to run over Locke again, but that wasn't until about 10 min into the show. I must've been too star-struck, so sorry! Anyway, when that scene came on the screen, there was a huge collective gasp and several "no way!"s from the entire audience and then everyone laughed. It was so funny that we all reacted the same way! Regarding 2 of the deaths I mentioned: When Zoe had her throat slit by Flocke several people actually clapped. I guess she is not a fan favorite! I've never been crazy about her and didn't understand the purpose of her character but I didn't even think about clapping. Richard- we still have been discussing whether Richard is actually dead since he was supposed to have the "gift" of eternal life given to him by Jacob. Some say that gift is gone because Jacob is dead and some say it shouldn't be a factor. The person next to me asked Nestor if Richard was really dead and he said "what do you think?" and then just smiled. After that everything was a blur... Either way, I wasn't too happy to see Smokey send him flying. Jack taking over for Jacob came as no surprise to just about anyone but I still felt a hint of sadness for him-like he is giving his life away. That, and it pretty much seals any hope for a love re-connection with Kate. But it fits perfectly with Jack's character. The man who always has a need to fix things has now finally found his true calling. Save the island save the world. Oh no, wait, that's another show-and a cancelled one at that. So Miles is wandering the jungle by himself now...does that mean that he is going to run into more dead people? Or possibly...Desmond? What exactly is Miles purpose at this point? I am thinking that Widmore whispered bogus intel to Flocke, and the plan actually is for Flocke to find Desmond. Remember Widmore told Desmond that he'd have to make a "sacrifice" and we have yet to learn what that sacrifice is. So Locke wants to destroy the island- does that include sinking it to the bottom of the ocean?? And that pretty much screws up ol' Ben again, now doesn't it? He always gets promised things that don't materialize. He'll never learn. I, for one, am loving "DR. Linus" in the alt universe. "Ben and Rousseau sitting in a tree..." So who is all going to be at "a concert" or is going to "a concert" heading in to the finale? Let's see, there's Jack, Jack's ex (I know who this is too...and so does most everyone else if you really think about it. ), Jack's son David, Desmond, Kate, Miles and Charlotte. I'm guessing the performers are Daniel Faraday and Charlie (remember the concert they were supposed to do together earlier?) and that Jack will invite Claire to come (ooh! just think how cool it'll be if Charlie sees her again!). Also, I'm guessing that Hurley and Sayid will be there too...after they pick up someone or ones. Libby for sure, but who else? Locke? I'm not sure how that would work, but he's the biggie. I'm also guessing that Sawyer will change his mind (remember Miles asked him to come) and show up. And what about Jin and Sun? Will we see Bernard and Rose sitting in the audience too? And what is with Jack's cut, anyway?? Aahh! Another brain overload. Part of me can't wait for this Sunday and part of me wants it to never come. I'm going to miss this show so much!
  18. Yeah, it's too bad really but Casey, this is good bye. He seems like such a nice guy- and when he's on, he's fantastic- but he just isn't consistant enough. I think he'll do just fine though. I could actually see him fronting a band (much like Daughtry...although there is NO comparison between the two) and doing much better than soloing on his own. He has a great southern rock vibe to his voice.
  19. Both her performances were good but I thought Ellen's song choice didn't suit her. It was impossible to change the lyrics up to make it a woman singing about a man instead of the other way around. Weird. I actually thought her first vocals were better on the first performance but, since I'm not a fan of the song Come to my Window, the song choice kinda killed it for me.
  20. I liked his rendition of Hallelujah-one of my favorite songs- but I definitely didn't think it deserved the judges over-the-top praise, like it was on par with the 2nd coming or something. I also agree with Sugarb and didn't like the back-up singers. I thought it would've been better with just the raw emotion of his vocals alone. There is just something a little off in his voice sometimes-like he's a little flat on some notes-that I can't get over. He is a likeable guy though and I wish him well but he's just a little too vanilla-flavored for my taste.
  21. I have been so underwhelmed by the talent, in general, that I'm just glad this season will be over soon. Ok, got that off my chest... best idol choice 1. Crystal 2. Lee 3. Casey worst best judges choice 1. Lee 2. Casey 3. Crystal worst Morty's cheesecake game 1..Which idol will be told they are in the finale first? Lee 2..Which idol contestant will received lowest amount of votes and thus will be eliminated 5/19? Casey Tiebreaker System 1.Which idol will be questioned first by ryan on result night 5/19? Crystal
  22. kayo

    House on FOX

    Oh, I hope not. That would be a "jump the shark" moment for me.
  23. Several of the photos I won't post because my son is in them and I'll only post one with me in it, but here are a few: lol, here is my first photo of Sonya...I honestly wasn't trying to get a shot of just her legs but started to bring the camera down as the flash went off... (I think Ian had a few too many) ,,,and the coveted photo becomes a reality! Too bad I look like a total goof. I don't think I've ever had a photo taken before where I'm smiling this big...
  24. kayo

    Oh, you HAVE to go and report back! We want photos too...
  25. Absolutely! I thought about writing a whole synopsis of the episode but decided that that would be too much info and I don't believe in complete and total spoilers, so... ok, one more thing- Desmond & Kate and Sayid & Hurley pair up...ok, I'm done now!

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