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  1. 2:50 BBT: Amber, Donny, Christine and Frankie in the BY. Mostly discussing how hot it is today, how long of a day it was yesterday. Finally, Amber asks why Paola is mad. Frankie thinks its because she feels used, and suggests Amber take her aside and tell her it wasn't her that nominated her, so what's up? They all agree that Paola has established herself as "the perfect loser." Amber: I don't even remember what I said last night Frankie: your speech? it was perfect Now talk about how they each slept last night, Frankie saying he slept great. (side note: many of the HGs are in red, white and
  2. A fly crawled on Jeremy and Jeremy said he was african and that he was used to it. This turned off a lot of people, Howard got up and left, Andy and Spencer too. 5pm: Howard and Candice napping. Spencer and Andy up in HOH, talking about race issues. Spencer says Howard is just a sensitive guy. A: be honest, is howard looking out for me? S:oh absolutely, 100%, no doubt at all. I don't think he knows how to handle the moving company fall out- which I'm trying to let die, but Howard wants to keep talking about it. But no, he's definitely looking out for you, 100%. He'd never put you up, or vote
  3. 12:50 BBT Helen, Andy, Candice and Judd in the HOH room. Helen ranting and raving over how terrible Aaryn and Jeremy are. Candice rehashing the fight over the bed. They all agree Aryn is being portrayed as a huge villian because of "what their friends [the DR] are asking" They're saying Jeremy is one of the worst, more disrespectful people they've ever met. Spencer comes in Still trashing Jeremy and Aryn, how tired they are of Jeremy using the fact that he's 23 to excuse his crappy behavior. Helen says everyone has been abused by Jeremy and how much Helen wants him out of the house. How diffe
  4. 2:35 BBT Ian lost today's POV by about 10 seconds, according to Dan & Ian's convo
  5. Ian tells Shane & Danielle to spend a long time looking at the memory wall tonight, because it will probably be the faces morphed together. Ian tells them he thinks they will have 8 faces to figure out. Shane says he plans on studying the wall tonight. Danielle recalls that morph is at night. Ian reiterating how tired he is from competing and how he really, really doesn't want to play tonight. All 3 agree and hope they won't be competing tonight. Ian heads to the kitchen and whispers to Dan that it will be morph. He suggests putting his hand up to partially block the faces in anticipation
  6. Dan is pretending to look at a picture of him and his wife at the table in the kitchen, but in reality is secretly studying the memory wall for the morph competition. Ian comes to the kitchen. Dan asking Ian if he thinks they'll compete tonight. Ian hopes not, he doesn't really feeling like competing tonight and is tired.
  7. A riveting night in the BB house (not) Danielle comes out of the DR and tells Frank the competition is NOT tonight. She asked in the DR. Frank alerts Joe and Jenn, Joe tells Dan and Shane. Ian, Dan, and Shane are still asleep. Frank and Jen in bed, but not asleep. Danielle complains in the SR about the food "gross, BB! this is disgusting." She complains in the SR for about 10 minutes. "Salsa... BUT NO CHIPS... Hummus... BUT NO CHIPS." Joe and Danielle are the only ones up and around. Danielle tells Joe that people are going to be mad that they didn 't wake up, since they'll all wake up super e
  8. Joe and Shane talk alone. Joe still doesn't trust Ian. Joe says he will vote however Shane wants him to vote, so Shane needs to think about who he wants out.
  9. 2:16 BBT. Frank alone: "well superpassers, I hope that me deciding to trust dan and work with him doesn't come back to bite me. Because... I mean, I really do only have him or Jenn. I could choose to trust Dan and Danielle, or Brit and Shane." He thinks he can trust Dan more. He goes on to say he thinks he could trust Shane, but not with Brit there. "Ian is a dirty little shat... if Brit goes up and we make sure we get the votes, she'll go home, he'll be by himself, and he'll feel like I felt on thursday. And he'll crumble under the pressure hopefully. I mean, that's a little harsh but I want
  10. No idea who won POV yet but the BY is already cleaned up.
  11. Frank and Boogie in the BY 240 BBT Basically Frank and Boogie think they're solid for this week. They talk about their end game, and Frank hopes he gets to play in the veto this week so he can have more competition wins under his belt, in case he's against Shane in the final 2 he wants more comp wins. They discuss perhaps roping in Danielle, and how funny it is that they control Ian's votes. Frank hopes that if he's off the block for a couple weeks his game won't get lazy. Boogie telling Frank how nobody will touch them as a duo, etc. (They're about to get a rude awakening at the nom ceremony
  12. 1:16 BBT Brit and Ian say they are most comfortable with each other. Brit says Shane is more loyal to Danielle than to her. Ian agrees he's most comfortable with her as well. Brit seems back to wanting Frank out over Janelle, but it may be too late since Danielle and Shane are up in HOH discussing the BD of Janelle and how it will benefit them.

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