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  1. I love all of this drama everyone said would occur if he came back.
  2. Because CBS loves JeJo.... when really they are whiny babies when they dont get their way. Im sorry this isnt the get JeJo to F2 game, its Big Brother.
  3. Uhg. I am so nervous for who will have the chance to compete.... I do not want to see Cassi again. & for those who think Cassi will rattle Rachel... she most likely will be competing AGAINST Rachel.... I dont get it, she will be just as rattled by seeing Daniele's closest ally return into the game. I know I would be if I were Rachel. BTW; can we vote everyday 10 times?
  4. Cassi resembles Olivia Wilde to me from House.
  5. I say bring DOM back. I really miss PT and the pajammyjams... I jus hope thats the twist.. sigh.
  6. He better not get any mojo for the fact he is a "favorite" I personally do not like Jeff. Blech.
  7. I love how Daniele is being called a witch, ouch! How?! Anyways, I think putting Jordan against Brendon was Daniele's only sure chance of Brendon leaving the house.
  8. We cant win everything. We all make mistakes. But I really like Daniele and now she is the underdog and I hope she conquers all. Even if it is an uphill climb!!
  9. She may have showed her cards way too early, but atleast the girl is playing.
  10. Jeff is my least favorite because he is a bully and a jerk. He irks me to no end. Plus, yes he is after my favorite player Daniele.
  11. Hey Fatcat! Haha, likewise for you. I'm just frustrated with him, he was just yelling at Dominic a few minutes ago. Feeds about to hit the fan.
  12. I think I might be the only person who does not like Jeff. He is a jerk and I do not like him, AT all.

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