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  1. I can't see the video to decide for myself, but I hope it wasn't a homophobic comment. Off topic a bit.... you mentioned here that your daugther is gay, but you have a siggy reflecting your support for Bachmann... You are aware she is a HUGE anti-gay rights proponent right? Here's a few of her special thoughts http://www.thebachmannrecord.com/thebachmannrecod.html I don't think CBS is trying to hide Jeff's comments, that's a superpass thing. They aren't allowing anything on Youtube anymore.
  2. LOL! It's funny that whoever made that video chose that song. A friend of mine used to think the chorus to that song was "soooooooores on my genitals, I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me"
  3. I loved Janelle and Kaysar's relationship, whatever it was.... but Jeff and Jordan's is by far the best friendship/realmance or whatever in BB history. For me, anyway.
  4. Oh wow, I actually thought the same thing. He does look like a piece of cheese. I had no reason to watch him until I had kids. Once my girls started watching I remember telling my husband "OMG, he is a 'sponge', DUH" . Big deal! While I've had my share of brain burps, I know for a fact I'm not "dumb", and most definitely not because I was confused over a cartoon character.
  5. I don't know the sponge bob story. What's that about?
  6. That is really far from the same thing. "Doctors" do know all about the body. Not being fully educated on a PhD is very different from thinking a gay person can't practice medicine.
  7. Jordan had just gotten her augmentation not long before she came into the house. Breast implants have to be massaged regularly for some time after the surgery to prevent Implant Capsule Contracture or Firmness. Whenever any material is inserted into the body, be it suture, metal (such as a total joint), plastic, or silicone, the body will respond with a non-specific reaction of scar formation to try to wall off the foreign material with a scar covering. Jus' sayin.
  8. I do not see Big Brother doing something so nice for her. Really! They know America hates her.
  9. She sure is. SHe also just said that the only thing they talked about game was she asked her man if he thought she was making a good decision evicting Jeff and he said yes!!! She said then the producers jumped in. She's such a liar.
  10. I would love Smassadi's scenario. Exactly! This is her way of getting out of using the veto. Also she said that her family are the ones who fill the HOH basket, that production doesn't get ALL the items, just maybe a few of them,. Well how the hell do the families get things shipped in a couple of hours after they win HOH?
  11. I think she's lying. She probably accepted money in exchange for the veto, but wants to hide it. Why the hell would he show up and propose with a twist tie for an engagement ring???? She's lying!!!
  12. THank you Straykat. Wow, is all I have to say. That sure does say a lot about what kind of person she really is.
  13. I didn't see that video, could someone help me find a link?
  14. She said see the veto competition and the "live veto ceremony".
  15. This is not just a paid vacation for the HG. They have all agreed to make their entire life available to millions of people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for just a chance at winning half a million dollars. I think there are a lot of people out there who would not sacrifice their privacy for that chance. Anyone with a computer or a TV can watch them eat, sleep, cry, pick their nose, have sex, fall in love, get their hearts broken, get played like an idiot, talked about horribly by other houseguest, etc..... I don't think this is something to take lightly, it's definitely not just a paid va

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