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  1. Call me shallow but I don't think I've seen anything above her neck line.
  2. Worst waste of a house guest ever. Why why why.
  3. hopefully James will join Steve and John once Meg leaves. Then they could take a run at the threesome. I wasn't sure who I wanted to win until the past couple of days....go team James
  4. whether you like Vanessa or not, she is playing a solid game. She wins challenges and is smart enough to realize she needs to keep her options open, even if it means getting out one of the twins or Austin. I'm not a fan hers but I'm learning to respect her game.
  5. I could quit watching if she wins. I'd lose all faith in our future.
  6. she's the most insecure, boring, phony person I've seen on BB. And obviously not that bright or she'd realize she is #4 in her alliance.
  7. At first I thought he was just strange and wasn't sure how to take him. After watching him for a bit now I love his sense of humour. Hopefully now that he's settling in we'll see more of it. Quietly becoming one of my favs.
  8. yes the face is different but so is the breast size, you'd think a guy would have picked up on that before. And I'm not positive but I think Jason started Da' Phoney watching but it could have been the other way around. I get them mixed up.
  9. I'll be happy to see Da' Phoney go but then I have to find someone else I'd like voted out. Audrey is too easy, I thought maybe Jason but he's calmed down and funny sometimes. Hmmm HG raise you're ugly side so we can take a shot at it.
  10. watching feeds or after dark can certainly change your opinion of people but it also gives you someone to like and more importantly someone to not. And congrats on jumping in and posting.
  11. Caleb once again showed he should stick to hunting, thinking is too much of a challenge. All he had to do was take his end of the chain and do nothing. He could still make his speech to Frankie explaining why he's doing it but while the comp was going. Frankie would not have won.
  12. Agreed, whether you like the way he plays or not I think it takes a very smart player to have worked almost everyone in the house and not been put on the block. The tantrum may have been real, he's a competitor and probably hated losing the money to Frankie. Besides, it's hard to say what emotions run wild when you're actually in the house rather than outside watching.
  13. sad is having her on the show. She adds absolutely nothing. Normally I like people to dislike because it can keep the show interesting. Occasionally, as in this case, a HG doesn't matter and is just irritating. Please keep Amber and get rid on Victoria, at least I'll have something to look at. Ok call me shallow.
  14. Amber may have flirted with Caleb (matter of fact with most guys in the house) but she also said no when things got intense and made it clear she was not interested. I bet it's not the first time she's gone through this scenario. Frankie said it last night, she flirts with all the males but it didn't work on me so we're not close. Geeze Frankie, we're surprised the flirting didn't work on you. It probably would on 3/4 of America.

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