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  1. The tasks have the potential to ruin someone's game: start a rumor of a showmance or start a rumor that someone is related to a past BB player. Lame.
  2. So Brit is seriously considering turning down the veto if Devin chooses to pull her off the block. She thinks she has enough votes over Pao and will spin it that she doesn't want to put anyone else in jeopardy. Very risky move on her part. Great for her if it works but a bonehead move if it doesn't.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. So at the double HoH point, the HoH should want to pick a couple of losers so the HoH remains safe and in power? Yeah, that makes Amber either an idiot or too trusting.
  4. Devin's choices (Brit and Pau) lost to Amber's (Hayden and Nicole). Doesn't that mean that Amber is the HoH for this week and Devin is not safe? Devin is so intent on getting Brit out but this could backfire on him. If Amber can convince Caleb to cut Devin loose, she can tell people to vote how they want. Devin will be so busy trying to bully people into voting Brit out he wouldn't even notice until the doorknob hits him in the butt on Thursday. (All depends on POV)
  5. Thank you for this inside view of the show. Much as I disliked this season, I still find myself waiting for next year!
  6. I am voting for Candice over Elissa because Candice was ostracized and demeaned by many of the HG for the majority of her stay in the house. The lies that were told about Candice seriously hurt any attempt she made to play the game. I'm sure Elissa will win Fan Favorite and I have no problem with that, but I also want Candice to at least come in second. This will send a message to those in the house that some of the fans found their behavior deplorable.
  7. First it was Candice, now its Elissa. These people are not happy unless they are running someone down. Both these women have a life they can be proud of. All of the remaining HGs are pathetic by comparison.
  8. This is my choice! I've stopped watching the feeds and barely watch the show.
  9. Aaryn still denying her actions and words. For weeks we saw her on the feeds trashing Candice and making racial comments. Yeah they're friends all right.
  10. I wanted Candice to come back just to see the look on GM and Aaryn's faces. But I agree it wouldn't be fair to subject her to more of their vile hatred and racist, jealous behavior. I think Judd would have the best chance at pulling together a group to go against Amanda and McCrae. As much as I dislike Spencer he could be a valuable ally along with dumbass GM. He could guilt Aaryn about sending him out before.
  11. When Helen was telling GM that she only needed 3 votes to stay she was counting on Andy being the 3rd vote. I can't wait until she finally figures out how badly Andy played her this entire game. Thursday show will be good!
  12. The way to avoid the backdoor option is to devise vetoes where everyone plays. It could be a 2 round competition with everyone playing in the first round (nothing physical and could be played indoors) and the top 5 or six playing in the second round. Everybody would have a chance to move on to the final veto game.
  13. I think having GM practice for the HoH comp is what tipped them off that for sure it is DE today
  14. GM is obsessed with Nick and obsessed with Candice. Something is seriously wrong with her.

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