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  1. I would like BB to give them more team activities, a scavenger hunt or something to pull the house together.
  2. Michael is delusional in thinking he can save himself AND Janelle somehow. He is all over the place in trying to figure out how to break Eric's group up. Michael isn't facing the reality of the situation. I had been feeling bad for him, but this morning he's telling Kaysar first to distance himself then tries to make Kaysar feel bad for not sticking with him on the POV. I'm just glad Kaysar told him no, stick with the original plan.
  3. Jaedyn2003, Sometimes I also post what is going on in the house on the live feeds. I am pushing 50 years old and I know how hard it is to give an accurate reading of what is going on. These HGs are a vulgar bunch (especially Howie). I applaud the recappers for showing restraint while still giving everyone a true and unbiased view of BB6. I can understand how you find the language a little blue, but please, they are not making this stuff up they are just reporting it.
  4. I gotta agree with you there. This season reminds me of Lord of the Flies and I can't wait to see who they single out once they get the easy pickin's out of the way.
  5. It's all in the editing. I don't think it gives a full picture of their moments of paranoia and all the tangents they go off on. There are vendettas and cliques and power trips (Not just Rachel) and of course pornographic Howie. I find myself going "Howieee" and "ewww" when he gets going sometimes. :otay

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