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  1. Monk! Long time no see!!!! She doesn`t really bother me, and she seems to have her head in the game. Definitely deserves MVP over Elissa, who is still only getting it because of Rachel and NOT her game.
  2. Yep I don't like her, and don't get the whole Elissa for MVP obsession. I am over her now.
  3. His religion definitely isn't as prominent as Jameka's was...
  4. IF she keeps getting it, just means a bigger target. She isn't the MVP in the house, isn't playing the best game.
  5. I loved her telling Aaryn off. Just have to say that.
  6. So the power went to her head? Still better than someone from the other side winning.
  7. Wouldn't bother me if he left. But I wanted Kaitlyn to leave more....
  8. LOVED the episode last night. Loved it.
  9. The fight is something else Justin. I know my temper would have bested me.
  10. Exactly! Honestly, even without him defending himself, he is the bigger person IMO
  11. I am the same way! I hate seeing it in any way, shape or form. Totally bothers me. As for how Howard has responded, perhaps it is the way he was brought up to respond. And like he said, he can't control his temper, so it's better for him to try and ignore, remain passive, rather than making a huge problem even larger.
  12. I hope those are her nominees also, with the MVP putting up GM. Let those three suffer.
  13. yeah I don't hate her either, but I'm not exactly rooting for her. I'm indifferent. She's better than Aaryn to say the least
  14. I hope that her days not in control in the house are miserable. I really hope that she is a have not.
  15. Bahahaha! That is the funniest thing I have ever heard! What an idiot.

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