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  1. Yeah I really like him. Definitely one of my favs
  2. If Elissa keeps getting it, just going to make her a bigger target *shrugs*
  3. I am still not a huge fan of her, but I'm glad she wasn't evicted last night.
  4. Chima *shudders* the houseguest I despise the most ever. Except Aaryn now
  5. I am glad he voted the way he did as well.
  6. I want her and Aaryn on slop and nominated.
  7. It was awesome of him. Reminded me why I like him.
  8. I'm glad he was there for her, and that they have each other in the house along with all that racist bull that is happening. Could you imagine if it had been only Candice?
  9. I can't believe she was my pre season fav. No class, no brains, and now no beauty inside or out. She is going to face a totally different world when she leaves the house. Wonder what David thinks of her now after last night.
  10. Dick and Aaryn are so totally different IMO. I like Howard, I'm rooting for him. I hope he isn't nominated or goes home this week.
  11. even if he is boring, I like him. *shrugs*
  12. She wore a sweatshirt from the University here in Saskatchewan that I graduated from. I guess her hubby is from here. Doesn't mean I have to cheer for her
  13. He's who I am rooting for along with McCrea.
  14. It sucks that she turned out so nasty. I so badly wanted to cheer for her. And she is so pretty.
  15. Hey now, Katy Perry is pretty! Kaitlin has nothing on her.
  16. David hey. Wasn't expecting that. But I'm pretty sure he will be safe.
  17. Exactly. If she is MVP, I will be highly suspicious. They are way more likeable and people that are playing the game better than her right now. Especially after the blow up.
  18. Why are chicks like that on this show? LOL

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