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  1. Are we sure she just isn't saying that? I hope she isn't MVP, because I honestly don't see her getting the majority of the votes.
  2. Yep her and Rachel's sister are the two I really don't like.
  3. still my fav girl in the house. I'm going to be rooting for her.
  4. Love him! He is the outcast, he I really like him!
  5. Thank god he tries. Makes me appreciate him a little more.
  6. Don't like her, no surprise there. Hope she isn't there very long.
  7. I really like him as well. He seems quite level headed so far.
  8. Lol yeah, I bet that alliance stuff changes.
  9. I like him I hope he plays a good game and I end up not liking him.
  10. I agree with you uvp. And she is really likeable.
  11. Total ditz from what I have seen. Couldn't help rolling my eyes at him.
  12. Yep agree. Get over yourself. The other girls will come after me, blah blah blah
  13. Still indifferent with him. We will see how the season progresses.
  14. He gives me a Dr. Will vibe for some reason. So I like him!
  15. Seems like a likeable guy. We will see.
  16. Super pretty and I like her name (even if it is spelt differently) So I think she is an early fav of mine.
  17. I am trying not to judge her but.... it's hard not too, lol. And her boobs do bother me.
  18. I actually don't find any of the guys attractive
  19. Yeah a Jesse twin would not be good at all, lol
  20. erinjs

    Aaahhhh! So excited but sad for this final season of the best show ever.

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