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  1. Thx for the WB! Glad to be back. Morty's is kinda like coming home.

  2. Welcome back!! Nice to see you returned for another season of BB!!

    Go Big Blue!!

  3. Bravo Sassy. Does everyone have a stick up their butt tonight? Gees, you'd think this was a discussion regarding Tim Russert on Meet the Press.
  4. My two cents--I absolutely loved the show. It's Marcella's show for pete's sake, and it's for entertainment purposes. To entertain us, and I was laughing my butt off. Beau talks alot and says absolutely nothing. I was rolling my eyes just trying to put his sentences into comprehendable thoughts. Housecalls isn't a news program. It's meant to make you laugh by ragging on the houseguests. Lighten up. He has the right to make those kinds of decisions, just like pushing the disconnect button on irate callers (although he doesn't need to worry much about that--Gretchen's pretty quick on tha
  5. I loved Marcellas' laughing, falling in the floor fit over Busto's assumption that she'll get a Playboy offer. I was laughing out loud along with him. It was soooo funny.
  6. Wasn't Marcella's face so funny? His look of total disgust from simply having to listen to Jen was just screaming, "Eat crap, crawl under a rock and die, you lame b***h!" Hilarious.
  7. I didn't get to it on time. Will have to watch the archived show. I'm watching yesterday's show now. OMG! Marcellas is hillarious. Really a laugh out loud show. Loving it.

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