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  1. Hello everyone! So far, none of the newbies are impressing me. I may be cheering on the veterans this season. I liked them all during their first seasons.
  2. I thought last year's season was comatose boring too. Imo, this comes from recruiting so many players/superficial-wannabe-stars. I lost interest both seasons early on. It was quite obvious who was going to win both years practically from the get-go. At least Derrick was a very good, very smart player, with no one catching on to him throughout the entire game, but Van is simply an intimidating bully and the remaining hg's have been far less than intelligent. I'll watch the remainder of the season, of course, but I won't bother with feeds. I haven't watched feeds nearly as much this year because it's so frustrating watching stupid people get picked off week after week. It's not that Van's performance is so stellar, it's just that the rest of them are very easily intimidated and manipulated. No competition at all really...in S16 and S17. Ho-hum. The only way this season could end well is if one of the morons were to get Vanessa out. That would be worth a laugh anyway.
  3. Part 3 is always questions like, Donny said his favorite moment in the house was when, A--he won his first POV, or B--Devin was evicted. Then it would show Donny saying what his favorite moment was. It's pretty much a crap shoot.
  4. Amen Lamasquerade and Carmen...Derrick created the monster so now he needs to deal with it. He chose to drag her along, reassuring her constantly and acting as if they were a "team" for the last 3 mths. I personally hope she drives him stark raving mad by Wednesday. The only saving grace this season could have for me is if Cody wins part 3 and takes Vic. That would be the funniest thing ever.
  5. She NEVER washes her face properly. Her skin must be pretty gross after 3 months. She puts some kind of cleanser on a cloth and rubs it all over her face but never rinses it off with water. She'll take the wet rag and just rub. I'm surprised she's not one big zit.
  6. I don't hate Frankie but I certainly don't like him either. He repulsed me the day he acted out the Victoria rape scene. Why is he getting a free pass on his actions while Christine was crucified without hesitation for hers? A Walk Down Frankie Lane at CBS's site? Really? Why does he rate this and no one else? Oh yeah, because CBS owns his sister too. Apparently the two must remain attached at the hip, which means she's guilty by association in my book.
  7. Agree Mayzee, way to predictable and boring. The highlight of the season thus far has been Jeff and Jordan's engagement. (I really wish I knew what's wrong with my quote button this year.)
  8. Lol LenRay...hardly. I might do him though...if he somehow became mute. He'd never be allowed to utter a word in my presence. I just realized, I could be a dominatrix! I'd have to be with Caleb.
  9. Guess what, Caleb!? It's finally The End of the Day. G'bye beastmode cowpie.
  10. Maybe so. Derrick might have been trying to convince Caleb that the smart move would be to take him (derrick). Derrick certainly convinced Caleb that he could easily beat him. Still, I want to see Cody win final hoh and take Vic. I'd like to see ONE big move this season. Just one.
  11. I don't think Frankie has AFP locked at all. Donny has the majority of the vote on all BB fan sites, by far. He's consistently held at least 50% of fan fave votes while the other 50% was split between the other 15 hg's. Ariana has obviously distanced herself from Frankie/BB a bit since Frankie's rape scene was acted out, probably at her PR staff's advice. Backing her sicko brother who's used to mooching off HER name won't help promote her career. jmo
  12. Weeks ago, Derrick and Caleb were having a convo and Derrick told Caleb, "You take who you know you can beat." I think he'll take Vic. I hope Cody would do the same. It would be the smartest move for either of them.
  13. I read she was telling Derrick last night that if she wins, she'll give him some of her $500k. She's as delusional as beastmode.
  14. Since I'm not a Derrick fan, I'm now hoping Cody wins final hoh and takes Vic to the end. I'd love that. Derrick's played a great game but his game has produced a predictable and boring season. Too many seasons like this and I'd be done with BB. And I really don't want him toting the title of "best bb player ever." I'd rather Dan or Dr.Will retain that title. Derrick's just too....I don't know what he is. I just know I don't like him. But in reality, I don't think Cody would take Victoria. I think Cody, like Caleb, believes he can easily beat Derrick. Poor dumb beastmode moron...he screwed up when he put Frankie on the block. He's next now.
  15. The note said TA was over. What either had/have to do is win to get the extra $50k. They didn't have to do anything else and they didn't have to get to the end together. (Frankie would still be there if that were the case, imo.)
  16. Julie was practically giddy. I thought she was going to drool all over him for a minute there. Uuuugh.
  17. The feeds were up from 11:54 to 11:59. I didn't see the sign that said world's greatest dad but it did appear that Derrick was hoh.
  18. This season's predictability and lack of drama has bored me to tears. Yet I do agree that Derrick has played an unbelievable game. The only difference I see between the Bomb Squad and the Brigade is the members of the brigade had sense enough to get the brains of the operation (Matt) out when they had the chance. Either Derrick is exceptionally good at deception (as they don't even seem to realize that Derrick is running the show) or the rest of the BS are exceptionally stupid people. Caleb putting Frankie up was a real bonehead move, imo. Caleb got rid of the only guy he could remotely consider an ally. He's gone next.
  19. Voting is open. Donny got my 20 votes for the day.
  20. He's a complete narcissist with a low IQ. Is that harmless or dangerous? I think he has misogynistic tendencies too so it's concerning for the not-so-bright country girl who actually does want a relationship with him. Her world will have to revolve around his, being he's the center of the universe and all.
  21. I thought, since this is a replay of last week, the pov comp was going to be the morph-o-matic again. They've all been studying the memory was because that's what they're expecting.
  22. I hope anyone wins over Derrick. I don't know what it is about him but I really can't stand him and don't want to see him go down in bb history as one of the best to play the game. It's a trick to never be put on the block but I'd still like to see how he handles it. We might see a completely different Derrick. As for Caleb, he truly believes he can "crush" derrick in a F2 battle. He said so. But Caleb's completely delusional too.

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