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  1. I really like that there are all kinds of non-traditional things this summer. The fun has already begun!
  2. This is a great idea! It serves multiple purposes.
  3. He does seem unstable. He's got a big mouth with lots of insecurity behind it. Sure hope he goes soon.
  4. Thanks Straykat because I didn't know that either!
  5. He's alright this season so far, except that he is going to make Ramses's life tough. I do like that he had to choose one of the bottles rather than a person's name to be put up on the block at least once in the next three weeks.
  6. I liked him at first, but that quickly faded after watching him "operate". Not a fan at all and hope he goes soon.
  7. Since I'm already paying for All Access, I am interested in a BB show only on All Access. I'm happy to hear there will be one. Being able to see the competitions live will be great. Since the show won't be on TV, there's no reason not to show them live. Looking forward to this.
  8. Love the antics he's been up to already - always the prankster!
  9. I loved Nicole last year and love her even more so far this year.
  10. Mayzee, the feeds are only $5.99 per month and you can cancel any time. It's nice to be able to go back and watch anything from the past. As for Clay, he is wonderfully patient with Shelli and her many damands. It's too bad she doesn't see it. Whoever he marries will have a gem of a guy.
  11. Seems like he's way smarter than he has been given credit for!
  12. Maybe she won't be sitting in jury alone - maybe Clay will go to jury. Maybe she will go home. I'm getting tired of listening to her say over and over again "why this week, why not another week". It's because you aren't in charge, Shelli!
  13. Clay just gave Steve a haircut. Hopefully it will end up being something different than what he has had. He's due for a change in hairstyles!
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