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  1. There a lot of ads this year, but the bills have to be paid some way. I'm getting used to it now.
  2. She's been on the feeds. She and Memphis were talking about a big alliance the other day.
  3. Memphis and Dani were talking about an alliance today. Memphis did most of the talking. He wanted to add so many people that it would not have worked. Time will tell what actually happens.
  4. The HG's seem to like him, which is good because he's on the block.
  5. Oh yeah that's right, they did give him a hammock. He is not rocking quite as much this season. I'm enjoying him.
  6. LOL, it's easy to get confused because it's the first week of the season and there have been soooooo many conversations so far!
  7. The feeds are back on and Enzo has the Veto necklace on.
  8. I have only watched a few hours of the feeds so far this season. Christmas is the only one who is talking game. She and Da were talking Saturday afternoon. Now that a veto ceremony has happened, hopefully more game talk will happen.
  9. LOL her voice is annoying! She is pretty much the same person as before, genuine and friendly toward everyone.
  10. Bayleigh has matured from the last time she played. She is not as annoying as she was last time. I'm enjoying everyone this time around.
  11. I have watched a couple of hours from earlier today and I'm really enjoying this "older" group. There is a lot of respect *so far* and they seem to all be getting along.
  12. The decor is pretty contemporary this year. And I love the pictures of former HG's that they can all talk about.
  13. She will be a lot of fun to watch. She's very good at laughing at herself for silly things.
  14. She looks happy and much more secure this season. I hope she does well.
  15. Since the cameras move around the house fast, it's nice to have these still pictures to look at. Thank you.

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