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  1. Looks like he won the PoV today. That will help boost his self esteem.
  2. Look for the "Chat" button in the upper left of the website.
  3. Very smart lady to have graduated college at age 19. Someone to watch out for in the "smarts" dept.
  4. She's in a showmance already? Who with? I'm not impressed with her after the first show. Need to watch her more on the feeds to form an opinion.
  5. Frenchie's wife said he's going to have to get someone in the house to cuddle with him that is gay and Sarah said she is bi and she'd be glad to cuddle with him. She's been in a relationship with her girlfriend for 3 years, so that will work well for both of them. I'm not liking her squeaky little girl voice, but I love her competitiveness so far.
  6. I really like who he is outside of the BB house and I can see him applying those traits to get him far in the game.
  7. Frenchie calling her the queen on the first night might not be to her advantage.
  8. I haven't seen enough of her yet on the feeds, but I can see what you mean gishy333tx.
  9. I absolutely LOVE Derek F! He seems very genuine. He engages people in conversation and likes keeping people upbeat. He seems to really listen to people, too. Do well in competitions Derek F!
  10. He looks so much like Cody. He's a smooth talker, which is a good thing. I hope he pays attention to other people and not just talk about himself.
  11. Having some form of autism may make her more energetic. She definitely does have lots of energy! I like her so far.
  12. He's going to be an interesting character this season. Doesn't seem to be much to him except that he's adventurous.
  13. I really liked him in his bio video. He seems to be positive and willing to do just about anything. Listening to him talking on the couch about how he f'd up and he deserves to be on the block is disappointing. I expected him to be strong and figure out how to get off the block, not sit back and practically expect to be the first one out.
  14. I've been watching the feeds for an hour or so. There is a lot of talk about him, wondering why he put up Alyssa and Kyland.

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