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  1. Yep still a Dick fan. Don't like her, especially after the last season she was on. If what he all said is true, then wow.
  2. Yeah, if Rachel's sister is true, let's hope she isn't anything like her. As for the house, I love it. I think it's the nicest house that they have had in a while. The bathroom is soooooo nice.
  3. Lol. It probably will go to the "hottest"
  4. Hmmm, kinda interesting this MVP thing. As for three people nominated, wonder if that will increase tension.
  5. Nothing about the house or anything yet?! Sheesh!
  6. YouTube account down for all big brother episodes
  7. I liked him too. Just on a bad team.
  8. Yah. Fabio was on survivor! Sheesh! Lol.
  9. I 100% agree sugar. Will is chilltown, the mastermind.
  10. When he said he was the greatest player of all time I laughed. Will was and is so much better than him. But he's there do I have to deal.
  11. Love her, and love that she is against Boogie. One of my favorites of all time!
  12. I thought Dan made the right choice. But I did feel bad for her.
  13. Thanks lala. Was just coming in to see if there was a live stream! Life saver!
  14. I think I might like her. Fingers crossed
  15. Janelle and Dan okay. The other two are major ick
  16. Have to wait to see how he plays. Apprehensive right now.
  17. Agree with you 6. I get that feeling too.

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