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  1. I like Marty's scenario. But I also think (if she could just calm down) that she could get James to keep her by calmly stating the fact that he will be Shellie's number one target and that Becky will be hers. She could easily get the Austwins onboard and Steve for a majority vote. She could promise James other things but bottom line is that is the vote she needs.
  2. I liked what Vanessa said to Jason last night about his gameplay and personality. I felt like she actually might be able to help him outside of the house. She never said how, but it seemed sincere and she may have connections that he does not know about. She was positive about how this was not and end but a beginning. She got him to a point where his venom is targeted more to Shellie and Clay.
  3. I like Jason... He is good TV and I hope he wins fan favorite. But he may be long forgotten by the end of the game. Part of my hopes BB pulls a BB Takeover out of their arses and comes up with a revolving door for another chance to stay.
  4. Yep, watching the 3:30am 7/7/15 revelation of the twin twist made the cost of the feeds worthwhile. It was really fun watching them convince themselves and each other that Liz is twin was priceless. I was bursting out loud laughing as they tried to "name" the twins. "The skinny mean one" "The fat and fun one" who then became "the thick one"' HG learning one by one of the twist... It was an hour plus of the best feeds so far and probably of the summer.
  5. I thought I would officially check in and say hello. I think the lack of particpattion on these boards is just that there is now a derth of social media options that were not there (to this extent) a few years ago. But these boards are still my favorite place; chat during the live show still my fav; and checking in with Morty's Big Brother recaps are still the best there is out there. Some Facebook gruops may be a little more active, some other boards may have a few more spoilers and some podcasts might have formers HGs, but Morty's still has that special something no other site has. Morty
  6. This has got to be the youngest cast ever and as usual not much diversity. I hope there is some substance. I think the hippi self taught wrestler with a Master's degree is my 1st blush fav. Love his wrestling name, Judas...wonder if that is a portent of things to come. The professional poker player is my front runner for house villian.
  7. I am with you on this season being fun. It is not a week after week pagonging of the numbers. Lots of twists and turns...and you just can't guess the outcome tribal councils Tony is a new kind of villain...not Boston Rob evil genius, not Coach crazy or Russell Hantz mean.
  8. ITA, I think that the same dog pile, herd mentality going on in the house sometimes carries over to these boards but I don't think that makes people here vengeful sociopaths Personally I have extreme dislike for Andy and how he has played this game. while he is poised for a possible win he will never be a player that I like or admire for how he played the game.
  9. To me, McRae has been playing the game and I hope he wins. He very possibly would have been gone 1st week if he did not win HOH. He has won when he had to and did it with a modicum of grace. He saw the wisdom of aligning and then staying with Elissa since she most likley had MVP. He decided to break the Moving company alliance. He has not said anything too vile about against other races, children or women. He "used" Amanda as a shield but really did not float - he was a huge target being aligned with her. He tried to tell Amanda, on many occasions to shut up and/or who to align with (wether sh
  10. I am kinda happy McRae won. I had high hopes for him at the start of the game and I think that super teaming with Amanda is a strategy that got him this far. I am glad he broke up the Moving Company. There is nobody that I want to see win but I would like to see how/if McRae can change up his game and go on to win it.
  11. Letters from Inanimate objects to the Houseguests is a Morty's tradition - one of the reasons I have loved this site. This year has just felt different and I did not feel up to starting it, but now that it is here. In tribute to BB 15...let me start with: Hey Helen: Aaryn says you should come make us. The Box of Minute Rice in the Panty
  12. Amanda: You need to SHUT UP about Howard...SHUT UP. You are overplaying your hand. If you want Howard gone, win HOH and do it yourself. How I miss the good old days where people were just happy knowing they were not on the HOH's radar.
  13. Can anyone else confirm that what Echo said was actually said on the air last night? I do not see it elsewhere and want to make sure.
  14. JessZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz What a snorefest.

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