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  1. The cast photos and videos are up! http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/photos/1000477/big-brother-15-cast http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/video/
  2. The house tour is finally here!: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x10zzmb_bb15-tour-with-julie_travel
  3. Here's the two different HOH room photos for easy comparison: Odd. I prefer the blue one from CBS.com
  4. Films: Batman Begins, Ghost World, Garden State, Howl's Moving Castle, Girl Interrupted TV Shows: LOST, Ugly Betty, Are You Being Served?, Martha, Big Brother Actors: Christian Bale, Cillian Murphy Actresses: Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Scarlett Johannsson, Jennifer Garner Hobbies: Art, Photography, Graphic Design, Cooking, Baking, Live Shows Sports to Play: none Sports Teams: n/a Outdoor Activities: Hiking Bands/Musicians: Eisley, Ladytron, Garbage, The Beatles, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Patrick Wolf, Le Tigre, The Cardigans, Feist, Bjork, Blondie, Rogue Wave, Interpol Songs/CDs: "Descended Like Vultures" - Rogue Wave, "Takk..." - Sigur Ros, "Vespertine" - Bjork, "Witching Hour" - Ladytron, "Long Gone Before Daylight" - The Cardigans Foods: Thai, Italian Cereals: Lucky Charms Cookies: Oatmeal Raisin, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Candy Bars: Alcoholic Drinks: Vodka Non-Alcoholic: Water, Green Tea, Thai Iced Tea, Bubble Tea
  5. I really want them to post their profiles already. It's always fun to pick my favorites before the show starts based on their interests and then see if I still like them once the season gets rolling.
  6. Isn't the retro/50's thing what they're doing on BBUK right now?
  7. Ha ha, CeCiMom described it very well!
  8. Noooooooooooo! He was my all time favorite houseguest! (tied with Janelle) Oh well, I can't say I'm completely surprised, he's a busy guy now. He's got lots going on for him. I'm still a little dissappointed though. Love ya Will!
  9. I noticed him too! It was so sudden I thought I was just imagining him. I wonder which of the twins it was.
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