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  1. There has been worse houses. I'm more concerned about the mentor thing. Boogie and Rachel again.... *sigh*
  2. erinjs

    Wish he would have won
  3. He is entertaining. I'll take him over Russell
  4. erinjs

    My dibs!!!! Love, love, love him. Though he does need a hair cut. But still, LOVE!
  5. Ha! Probably end up being annoying.
  6. Probst says he isnt like russell. We will see...
  7. You dibsed him! Does that mean I have that sexy Ozzy guy all for myself!!
  8. Yes Marty. And it's confirmed. We have dual dibs on our Ozzy.
  9. Yup that's what I have hears. And Hantz's nephew is one of the new castaways.
  10. Why would it matter if she us pregnant though? I don't get it
  11. I still don't like her, but she is less annoying than Shelly
  12. I'm not going to be sad if she is nominated today.
  13. Dibs on Ozzy if he is one of the former castaways.

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