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Rank your Final Five!


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Well if GM gets to stay after being relegated to the only woman in the house of these supposed p'nis c'nts then I'd like to see her get number one.

Andy has played a game that some are disparaging but hey it is a game and he has gotten through with it.

Does it matter what order for the last three? McC may be getting in the game given he no longer has his trainer to lead him about. Spencer has shown a bit of great strategy when not side saddled. Judd the Dudd has been less offensive and if that is a reason for someone to be in third place well then...

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I would like to see Judd as the BB winner. Definitely not Spencer or Andy. They are horrible human beings and should not be rewarded for their deplorable actions. We all know if McCrae wins, Amanda will have him move in with her and she some how will take all his money. And GM? I'm sure she will use all that money to try to get Nick to fall in love with her. I can already picture her coming out in that blue dress and his hat yelling with open arms "I did it baby. I won for us."

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In order of most deserving to win:

1) None

2) None

3) None

4) None

5) None

ITA!!!!!!! None of them are deserving to win this game that I love so very much!! But, since given the task here are my rankings:

1. GM - You know some days I like her, some days I don't. I loved her DR sessions this past week when she would talk about Amanda. However, GM has definitely been one of the mean girls this year and so for that I don't like her. But I do think she has won when she needed to. I would've predicted that she and Elissa would've aligned when GM and her were trying to save Aaryn, but instead she joined the Exterminiators at just the right time for her game. It turned out to be a smart move on GM's part.

2. McCrea - Although he has hid behind Amanda all summer, he is a strong player in that he and Amanda have controlled the house. Without her there, he's a lot more tolerable.

3. Andy - He's a rat. He's played all sides. Don't like him, but must admit this style of game play has worked well for Andy.

4. Judd - I like Judd, I really do. And if I were ranking based on who I liked the most of the remaining HGs, I'd pick Judd as my choice to win. However, since he was already evicted once, I just can't say that I think he deserves to win this game. Technically, he's already lost the game. He was given a chance to come back in the house as were 3 other players. However, all the others who left never got a chance to play to come back in.

5. Spencer - I mean really what has this guy done? Nothing! He has "sat pretty" on the block 7 times now, but that's it! He didn't even have to do any campaigning or anything to stay around. Everytime he was just a pawn. And this season seems to have made history in that the pawn actually was a pawn this year!

IN THE END THOUGH, I HATE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!! Like I said, none of them deserve to be recognized as a winner of this game. They'll never go down in the books with the likes of Dr. Will, Evel Dick, Janelle, Rachel, Ian, Dan, etc. All of those were either great competitors, great masterminds, or both. Sadly, I think Amanda would've been a great mastermind of this game, but I just hated her too much to enjoy watching her control the game. haha

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Even though I don't really care who wins at this point, I still stand by my philosophy that no matter who makes it to the final two and wins, that person deserves to win.

Partly, but only because the rules of BB encourages only losers in the finale. The first half of the game people get out the biggest threats. By the second half of the game, there aren't enough good players left, so the losers control the votes. Eventually, the losers get out all the good players, and there's nobody left but unworthy players.

That's the way the game is set up. It's very hard for a good player to win, because they have to be really, really good to survive to the end (along with help from the producers, of course).

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I believe this BB season, crassness was carried way way too far. Now at the end coming, seems it's mostly trash talking.

I actually feel that "WE THE People" should petition for the right to Choose a Winner that WE have remained true to the feeds to continue watching!! Heck, it was our feed $$$$$$ that kept things going.

Lots of us have lost interrest since all we have to choose fron are Nasty, inconsiderate Floaters. I pray for a last minute spin where WE count from ALL BB15 Players.

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