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  1. Any guessss which 2 old HGs could be returning as coaches for girls vs guys theme (if rumor is true)? It'd be nice if it were Britney and Donny or 2 very likable HGs. Please BB.
  2. There's only 14 HGs with rumored to be 2 returning HGs (one male & one female) as coaches of each team by gender for a battle of the sexes theme. This is all heresay but I kinda believe it, although I don't care for it really. And yeah, a much younger group this year. I wonder if any are parents or married, or will it be another season of casual hook-ups?
  3. In case you haven't seen the HGs yet on CBS, here's a link to ET with an overview of them: http://m.etonline.com/tv/166244_big_brother_17_houseguests/ So far, I'm excited by the Rafi looking guy (if you watch The League, you'll know who I'm talking about! Lol) there's also a new Hayden 2.0 from last year, long-hair surfer looking guy. I am confused if they did recruiting at casinos this year with 2 poker dealers. I also looked up 2 of the prettier girls (Liz and Meg) and immediately found their modeling/aspiring actress head shots online. Kinda disappointed that most of the HGs are wannabe ac
  4. Agreed. I've decided to pick up watching Breaking Bad and Hannibal. To fill the BB void. Have a great year too... I have a feeling these HGs may unfortunately get more than their fair share of 15 minutes of fame due to the controversy.
  5. If you check out Dr. Andy Field's statistics textbook he actually uses BB at times as sample experiments to discuss statistics. Seems like he is a fan of the UK version, but I strongly doubt this season will be anything for anyone to write about.
  6. Let's not personally attack each other please.... I think we have some good discussion here and I appreciate everyone's comments, both those who like Elissa and those who do not. I feel like Morty, the only reason I somewhat like her was because I felt she was disrespected. But compared to any other season (besides #9 with that nastiness), I wouldn't like her at all. This season has been a wash. But I can also appreciate the social experiment of it all. My husband always wonders why the heck I still watch this show each year and I try to relate it to my job and that it helps us to understand p
  7. This hit the nail on the head for me. One of the most well-said and well-written things I've read in a long time, atleast regarding BB. I have tuned out this season totally and decided I'd actually prefer working on my dissertation than watching this non-sense. I am disappointed in Andy who has so much intellectual potential. Disappointed in them all really. I hated, despised, disliked, could-not-stand Brenchal... but for some reason I (along with others) are drawn to Elissa because of her being treated like an under-dog, disrespected, and so forth. I have to agree 100% with you that it must b
  8. Exactly, I was so upset when she left. Until I realized its not because I like her but because these other people are all that's left for a winner. UGH #fail
  9. Forgive me if this is already posted elsewhere, I haven't kept up with the feeds/threads lately as this season is a wash. I probably won't even remember 2/3rd of these folks next year. Anyways, I prefer when they recap us on old BB stars and do all stars personally, when they can pick from the best. Julie mentioned next week a former BB winner would be entering the house/hosting a comp/something like that - any ideas or confirmations? I'm guessing maybe Rachel to torment the HGs in a Pandora's box but I have no idea. Anyone have any guesses or know anything I've missed?
  10. Yuk, Yuk, Yuk, Yuk, & Yuk - worst season besides season 9 1. Judd 2. Andy 3. GinaMarie 4. McCrae 5. Spencer Based on gameplay and personality but it's a tough choice. Here's to hoping next year is all stars.
  11. Forgive me if this has already been posted before but I hadn't seen this clip before and randomly found it on youtube. Candice finds her birth mom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSV4DMoYJpo
  12. Just curious.... don't think there is already a thread like this (sorry if there is). 1. Candice 2. Elissa (which is odd because I really, really didn't like Rachel) 3. Helen I guess I sort of root for the underdogs (with the exception of Elissa being an underdog) to some extent like many of us tend to do. I think Candice has the best attitude in the game. But then again, I don't have feeds and can only follow so much of the daily updates. Interested in your picks.
  13. Just logged on and was shocked to see Elissa nominated by America. But then... thought about the math and stats (i'm a "scientist of sorts") and realized it's because of the stupid twist and game change not being reliable/accurate. For instance, if (just guestimating) 40% of us voted for Aaryn and 40% voted for Kaitlyn, and they were already put up by Judd .... that leaves 3rd place which could have barely any votes % at all. And if GM was put up as 4th vote by America, that means she was barely even nominated as well. I wonder if BB will show the exact percentages and change the 3rd vote thin
  14. @Stitch I think it is oddandstupid.com that has those.
  15. Why does BB suck me in?! I had decided not to watch this season due to my busy schedule.... but now that I checked Morty's, found out the cast, realized it airs tonight, that's it. I'm in for my 14th season. Does it annoy anyone else that they are forgetting past HGs and winners and stats? With each new season I think my brain forgets another. When I heard Daniele and Dominic got married, I thought, WHO?! Took me awhile, and I'm not that old. Anyways -- I'm super excited it'll be 3 HGs nominated each week, gets rid of the backdoor plan to some extent and the all HGs voting out the same person

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