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  1. What a douchebag. He had to make the finale all about him, rather than the winner. The guy must have an in with the producers, because everyone else hates him.
  2. Yeah, I'd really hate to see the creep win after watching all season. Any of the others winning I'm okay with.
  3. I don't think she'll vote him out. She doesn't have to. She can easily win most of the jury against him.
  4. She'll beat anyone else quite easily. Just add up the jury votes she'll get, even against Tyler. Tyler will have Sam, Angela, and maybe Brett. KC gets everyone else. She didn't play a better strategic game, but she played better at social and comps. And, she has the female vote and gay vote. Tyler won't stand a chance.
  5. I hope Julie gets fired from BB, too. She could easily be replaced by a robot, given how she hosts.
  6. At least with BB, they can't lie and misrepresent everything. Survivor is a show I have absolutely zero trust in, because the producers can show us anything and we have no way of knowing anything else.
  7. Interesting. I wonder if that explains why Julie has such a hate-on for Angela. Perhaps she sees an attractive Angela, and takes out all her hatred of her husband's mistresses on her? A total disaster. Any of the remaining players deserve to win, with the exception of Sam. She is utterly pathetic and completely undeserving.
  8. I like her. Duh. But I don't think she's any more entitled than most of the rest of the house (and jury). I think women don't like her because of jealousy. So she's introverted and doesn't make an ass of herself like everyone else. So what?
  9. I was done with her when she won HoH and went crazy with her nomination speech, all while doing the exact behavior herself. She's stupid, dull, and deserves no pity.
  10. Wow, yeah. Julie Chen sounds bitter and jealous, and obviously must not realize she is only the host because of her husband. She should take her own psycho-analyzing advice.
  11. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. If he's hoping to be the 7th person in a 7-person alliance, I'm not sure that's better than being #1 or 2 in a 3-person. At least if he stuck with his alliance, he might have a chance, small as it is. Try to suck in a couple of the low-hanging fruits from the other alliance into theirs, and he'd have a real chance.
  12. Sure, they both secretly like guys? Long-term, probably not a good romantic match.
  13. I think he butters his toast on the other side of the bread. He just doesn't realize it yet.
  14. Angela has every guy's jury vote. Well, except for JC of course. And, probably Scottie, because, come on! When is he going to come out of the closet???
  15. I think it's pretty clear that the only reason Cody won is because America hated all the houseguests. This was a f-you to the bully club. This wasn't a vote for Cody, this was a vote against the BB season. Even Cody knows he didn't deserve it.
  16. Because he's stupid, just like everyone else that blindly follows Paul's dictates.
  17. Didn't Russel Hantz, or one of the Hantz scumbags, once disclose some stuff about Survivor? I think there was some threats of lawsuits. IIRC, the end result was CBS had him back on as a player in a later season. So, I guess the non-discloser is okay as long as you made CBS money.
  18. And an ex-player that is screwed-over can get a pretty good contingency lawyer on their side, and set a precedent that throws out ridiculous contracts like that. CBS doesn't want that. They'll throw a few thousand dollars at a player to keep him happy. Good PR, good legal sense. CBS pays some actors a million dollars per episode! What's a few thousand dollars? The contact can say whatever it wants. Doesn't mean it's legal, and doesn't mean CBS will follow-through with it. The $5M non-discloser penalty probably is serious, though CBS would probably never collect it from some of the deadbeats.
  19. Probably because BB secrets really aren't that important. After the season is over, a week later nobody cares what happened on the show, or what any of the players are doing. They're simply not at all important after the show is finished. Add a non-discloser agreement, and the players don't want to risk getting sued if they blab that production told them to do this, etc., etc. Finally, CBS production is likely only giving advice or bonuses to benefit players. Nobody is going to blab about a benefit they got, and how it wrecked the game for everyone else. You think Paul is going to complain after the show is over?
  20. Isn't that exactly what is was? You don't actually believe Jason has any intention or desire to do it, do you?
  21. In Matt's case, he knew he was getting voted out, and he wanted to get voted out. Why would he care if some other jury member took his place and got back in the game? It's not affecting his circumstance at all. And, him eating food is not really affecting the game in any way, so I don't understand why some of you are so hung up on it. Who cares! Also, I'm not happy about the "get back in the game" twists that CBS likes to throw into their reality shows. I think people should be far more upset about that unbalancing the game, than eating food.
  22. I disagree. Every season needs a ridiculous idiot in the house, just to laugh at how pathetic they are. The real problem is that there's way too many of them this year!
  23. lol, okay. First of all, try looking up civil court rulings when it comes to employment law. It's pretty easy to convince a judge a contract is invalid, especially in cases where the employment conditions subjected employees to mental health issues. There's no way that someone like Megan wouldn't get full pay up until the time she left. I'm betting she got a lot more than that. On BB, it would be pretty easy to make a case for harassment, even if you couldn't go for mental illness. The real world isn't as black & white as you seem to believe. Second, you think not paying your employees is good PR? Okay, I'm not even going to bother arguing that... good luck.
  24. I think casting just totally f*cked up this season. They wanted Paul, and everyone else didn't really matter. I went from being a Christmas fan the 1st week, to now hoping somebody breaks her other leg. Huge disappointment! She's not only a horrible competitor, but she's incredibly stupid and naive.

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