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  1. You haven't missed too much yet Marty. Mostly the two sides of the house split into their separate groups and trash talk each other but not much direct confrontation yet. The only reason drama started up last night was because Bronte pulled an Audrey and stupidly made up a lie to Victor that James was telling Natalie that Victor asked Nicole out. I'm thankful Bronte stirred up a little drama but what a dumb thing to do! If anyone mentions it to James then Bronte gets completely exposed. And I don't even see how Victor hating James is such an advantage for her...
  2. I think it was last Friday. The shower cam was showing her boob as she talked to Natalie from the shower. I guess if they are talking to someone while they shower, CBS can show their boobs or something?
  3. I feel bad for her that they showed her on the feeds topless, not because she accidentally slipped up but because they literally have a camera pointing over the shower door! The women can't even take a shower this season without their boobs ending up all over the internet.
  4. I'm one of the few Frank supporters here and always thought he was kind of an antihero in BB 14. He's sometimes crude and arrogant but it became kind of endearing to me after a while cause he kept surviving against the whole house week after week. I'm impressed with him so far this season. I think he has really smoothed out his game since last time. He's not trying to be the center of attention all the time now and is playing a strong social game and building relationships. He could go all the way.
  5. I agree Myss, I can't wait for him to be out of there. He's just a waste of space and does nothing but brag about himself while being completely oblivious to what is going on around him. He's not even the least bit entertaining on the feeds. The only thing he is good for is hopefully a good blindside Thursday.
  6. Meh. I'm an animal lover but I didn't get too up in arms about the goat. He was telling a story about something his stupid friend did while drunk and chuckling about it a bit. It would be different if the goat had actually been set on fire and he was laughing about that. He didn't say he participated or condoned the actions or anything. He is definitely not as clean cut as they portray him on the show though. He has a shady side for sure. And he loves Trump... but lets not get into politics here.
  7. I'm glad he's keeping his promise to be entertaining on the feeds because few people are this season. Hope he sticks around a while just for that.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I strongly dislike Amanda as a person. But I love good television and Amanda's super confrontational personality stirred up the drama like few I've ever seen. The season would have been much worse in her absence. I feel similarly about Shelly. Her incredible web of lies and manipulation that almost brought her to the end of the game was what made that season for me, far more than anything Rachel did.
  9. So the "confirmed" rumored list of returning players has been proven false; Vanessa is currently playing in the World Series of Poker, Derrick is making public appearances and Ian admitted he misled people to believe he was on this season. So we still have no idea who is returning. Put together your dream list of who you'd like to see again from the last few seasons? Not including the returnees proven false, mine would be: Nicole (Season 16) Amanda (Season 15) Frank (Season 14) Shelly (Season 13)
  10. The backyard in particular is beautiful. I like the rustic theme with the log furniture and the Yosemite backdrop. It's very different than anything they've ever done before and actually seems kind of out of place for BB but I really like it and the combo pool/hot tub is also cool! I'd be hanging out in that backyard all summer!
  11. Looks like Derrick and Ian have both claimed on Twitter that they are not returning this season so this rumor is kind of falling apart. The other major rumor out there is that Jordan Parhar from BB Canada claims he has sources confirming that Frank (BB14), Nicole (BB16), Da'Vonne (BB17) and James (BB17) are the returnees. I could live with those although I think D'Vonne is kind of a weak choice. Frank was a very polarizing bigger than life character that has been begging for a return though and Nicole was my favorite HG in BB16. And although James was no brilliant strategist, he gained my respect with some ballsy moves last season and also provided some good comic relief so I wouldn't mind seeing him again. I feel like Vanessa and Cody are possibilities too though with their siblings already being in the house and all... who knows at this point but the anticipation is killing me!
  12. Haha, her starting the interview saying her dream is to be a mathematician and that she is pursuing her PhD in math and then incorrectly answering Jeff's joke question of what is 9x9 was the biggest BB interview fail I've ever seen!
  13. Tiffany seems like the only strong player to me just from the interviews and half of that is because she is Vanessa's sister. The guys especially seem like a bunch of bores. I guess I expect Paulie to do okay though I'm no fan of his brother. Corey's looks and charm will probably take him deep in the game and Glenn will probably be good TV. Paul is a complete mystery. Some of these women seem a little nuts... especially Bronte and Michelle. Natalie is the standard popular prom queen type that often does well. Zakiyah has some potential I think but I need to see more from her before forming an opinion. If they bring back really skilled returning players, I see them running over the rest of this cast pretty easily, especially because not many of them seem to be very familiar with BB.
  14. She is really adorable and all but seems like a total non-entity as a player. She'll probably just be another Meg... probably even more of a floater than that...

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