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  1. JMac was my favorite and my guess was, getting ripped, Look at me! I didn't think he would say "nasty teeth", and thought maybe once off camera, he had some time to admire the fruit of his workout labors over the summer Afterwards, i figured he used those words to throw off one or both of them off, and that's exactly what he will tell his patients and local media, I assume.
  2. Too funny. Frankie's reveal was ridiculous. The kidnapped by a bird HG's reaction was hilarious though. However, I did enjoy Victoria. She was unusual. Actually, the non-reaction of the others was probably more hysterical. The difference though is that Frankie drove that reveal. In Vanessa's case it was forced upon her. It was very undignified. I cringed for her.
  3. Totally agree! Until just a few minutes ago, I believed Vanessa would take Liz. Now I think, that she thinks she needs Liz in jury for those 3 votes she wouldn't have if sitting next to Liz. Then again, her chances are better against Liz even without those 3 votes... right? Oh man. So confused. LOL Now I want Vanessa to win part 3 just to see what she would do! Not really not really!! I still want Steve to win the comp simply because I think him evicting Vanessa would be delicious TV.
  4. Oh! Something just occurred to me.... Perhaps Vanessa will throw to Steve. She wants those 3 Austwin votes and as such, needs Steve to be the one to cut Liz. If she won and took liz, that would be 3 votes she doesn't get. If she cut Liz, she may lose them too. However, the chances are good that the Austwins will vote for her over Steve regardless of how it goes down. She actually does want to be in F2 w/ Steve (maybe??) and she wants Steve to be the one to evict Liz. It's quite a gamble, all in, so to speak, but she just might actually throw it to Steve!!!
  5. I wouldn't want to assume myself smarter or dumber than the F3. They're there, I'm not. All that matters is that they're there, not how they managed to do it... (to me, of course) I don't care for any of them much personality wise, but if in the jury, i might very well vote for who i disliked the least. That would be Steve. Maybe Liz against Vanessa... He may be some or all of those things mentioned, but Vanessa and Liz have their own list of adjectives. People are people. All different. These 3 would never be friends if they didn't meet on BB, But they all had a goal, and by working together, they achieved it. Well almost for 2 of them... *shouldn't have to say this, but this is just my opinion, of course...
  6. Hopefully Steve's response to that will be, "Of course Vanessa, I've never lied to you either. Thank you for being such a wonderful mentor (cough!) to me. I'm number 2 to your number 1. Since the beginning!" Then win the comp handily and evict her. (because of course, Vanessa certainly would not throw it, and if she won, would take Liz) I actually think Steve is too excited to vote her out to change his mind at the last minute. And he sure as hell wouldn't buy that line of crap. He's also convinced that he would lose to her and probably beat Liz. I really can't figure out how the jury will vote. I think of the F5, if Austin (barf) had made it to F2, he may be the only one to be a shoe in, because he would surely take Liz. Don't have to wonder and speculate much longer!
  7. Busy could just be an excuse (hers and/or theirs) Some people don't want to be on TV, or in raucous crowds, or be pummeled with questions from strangers. Thank goodness no one close to me wants to be on BB. I'd hate to disappoint them, but none would be surprised.
  8. Think they are playing fast and loose with what qualifies as "interesting". Shelli is far from interesting! Clay as well. I can't remember who else was a recruit. Except for Basic Becky, who was actually mildly interesting.
  9. Isn't she planning to do exactly that? I think Steve just might get her vote if that's the way it pans out..
  10. That had to be the worst BB episode ever aired! They couldn't have at least squeezed in the end of the 1st challenge??? They should have included part 2 as well!!! Was there a single thing original besides their stupid memory lane?? They could have at least shown diary rooms we haven't seen yet! Barf Ugh Bah!!!
  11. Now that it's down to just 3. I want Steve to win the challenges and be the one to evict Vanessa, taking Liz to F2.
  12. I don't think he's already written the end of the story. in his own words, "Fight! Win! Live!" I think he is a Be Here Now kinda guy
  13. Haha finally we agree and now I kinda want him to vote out Steve. LOL My pipe-dream scenario is somehow Vanessa convinces Liz to vote Austin & then Johnny votes Steve and Vanessa still has to make that decision that she's trying so desperately to avoid. Why not? Everything else Vanessa is involved in gets convoluted beyond recognition. However, Vanessa may convince Liz to vote Austin simply because she doesn't trust that Jmac will, realizing there's a very good chance she'll have to tie-break anyway which is what I want the very most of all.
  14. I think Austin beats anyone in the F2 Vanessa likely beats Liz or John but maybe not Steve Liz might squeeze out a win over JMac but loses to the rest Steve beats Liz & John; it's a toss up with Vanessa Jmac beats Liz if the stars align just right anyone agree with these scenarios?



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