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  1. SueZ.... don't go ! !

    If I can hang in here til the bitter end... I know YOU can. !


    I'm a widow too... and 79.

    If nothing else... it keeps our blood pumping and gives us a chance to see our old buddies here at Mortys.

    (I'm a little PO'd that Wicked doesn't pop her pointy nose in here much... she kept everyone on their toes)

    I'm hooked on internt Scrabble, Mahjong, Text Twist...  lol, still have time for them too.


    ok... done begging... later kiddo :P 

    1. SueZqueZ


      Promise I won't go and will check in with you.  I'm on FB (if your on look for me under Sue Andrews House) and I too have taken up the old internet games.  Son got me hooked on apple iPad games, so I'm crushin' a lot LOL ... miss the good ole days of the banter here, but when hubby took ill after his mom passed, life just wasn't the same for me.  I cared for him for 3 years till he passed in 3/15.  Hugs and kisses my long time friend :) 

    2. Slowpoke


      Oh.... I'll write down your name and check you out on FB.

      You'll find me... Lenny Kramer (Western High School... Maryland)

       I too am a widow.  3 daughters, 2 grandaughters.

      Only 2 other folks from Morty's that I see on there are Dade.... and do you remember Old Guy from way back ?

      My girls finally talked me into doing FB about 3 yrs.ago, and.... lol, really enjoy it ^_^

      Hope to see you from time to time after BB.

    3. SueZqueZ


      Just getting ready to head to FB but stopped here first.  YES sure do remember Old guy and Dade.  I'm glad you enjoy FB, because of Marty, Snancy, Dougie, to name a few are also on FB I ended up on FarmVille and Frontierville and made some life long friends there too...if you don't see me here you'll see me on FB!!  I turn 67 this month and I have 4 kids 1 daughter, 2 step sons, and my son.  Between them I have 13 grandchildren and 7 great grandkids...LOL   

  2. Slowpoke


    Think I'll wait for the DVD to get in the stores. Heard it'll be released in five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes ........
  3. Slowpoke


    Trailer site http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/rent/
  4. Straight as an arrow here... but wasn't keeping count. Don't think CBS has shown a very good mix of the average person.... but maybe we wouldn't watch if they did (loved watching Kaysar too)
  5. Suds and King... I think the American Idol Thread was kinda set up like that .... and it worked pretty well. Guess nobody thought of it when BB6 started. Too late now - but maybe we could try something similar for BB7 and see if it works (sure is worth a try)
  6. King's right.... The BB Forum was active with every little bit of gossip we could come up with... right until BB 6 started. lol.... we got a lot of mileage out of Drew and Diane (Cowboy, Scott, Jase and Holly too )
  7. You JUST DID IT DaisyGirl Just type Bump into your new reply and click. (you don't need to type anything else if you don't want to) Posters will know you just want to bring it back to their attention. ..... can anybody else explain it better ?
  8. Bump ? It usually means a poster wants to bring the thread back up to the top.... so people will be aware of it. - - Like this thread reminding people to try and check to see if there isn't a similar thread that's been posted already. (not to be confused with 'bump and grind')
  9. MODS... thanks for moving ^^^^^ my post from 'On Topic' to here (actually forgot about this Internationl thread)
  10. Just read a Post by Morty. Yep.... we only have space for 50... SO... guess it's time to clean house... Where did I put that bucket and mop ???
  11. Hey Ranster You know I'm slow.... were the amount of PM's cut back ? I've been deleting like crazy... cuz it says we're only allowed 50. And I'm loaded.... hic
  12. While Morty's was getting re-vamped today I found live-feed cameras on aldav.com for the Dutch version of BB http://www.talpa.tv/web/show/id=76951/dbid...ypeofpage=51230 They're 6 hours ahead of East Coast time. example... 3:30 pm here in Md. 9:30 pm there Looks like they may have just started. Counted 12 people while I watched for a bit. Fun seeing how there house is set up. (they are allowed to sing..... shesssh)
  13. I think I missed not being able to pop into Morty's more (while he was getting a face lift)..... than being able to watch BB tonite ! Absence make the heart grow fonder .....
  14. elitucker In Maryland we had an Oriole game on - and went to another CBS channel I can get. I had really bad static for 1/2 of the show and couldn't hear what they were saying ... and then it cleared up. Hope yours cleared up too !
  15. Sara Said.... And why would she think that Kaysar wants to be one of 'that' group ?
  16. Deb06 I confess :otay OK :!: I DO complain about CBS from time to time. To mention a few.... I was upset about them bringing in people that knew each other.... and hadn't gone thru the the application process like thousands of others that were hoping to get on the show. I was REALLY upset about the Nak and Cowboy set-up.
  17. I think the reason the show, messege board sites and chat are sooo popular is that you can get rid of a lot of ANGST :!: You can complain, debate and let off steam. (which is hard to do at work, school and sometimes at home when you need to hold your tongue for different reasons) AND IT'S ADDICTING and FUN
  18. Jadeyn2003.... if you're still out there. It's true that the live feed coverage is different than when Morty is doing it. Morty has a unique sense of humor and style of reporting. (and we know he's the BEST) We all MISS him. ........ but, Morty wasn't able to do it this time around - - and was kind enough to let his posters fill in so the day to day coverage would still continue. I don't know if you know about all the scheduleing, planning, etc. that went into this feat...... just so BB fans can have updates when they get home from work, shopping, etc (or don't have live feeds). I'm sorr
  19. hmmm..... I can't imagine that CBS would build that kind of an elaborite set-up for 1 season of BB. I can't see them being able to use it for the next show. Or maybe it IS cheaper to do it this way for one season - and not have to pay for them going to a $$$$'s type hide-away :? Sure is juicy - - - if it's true :wink:
  20. Babyvfan.... Come on in ! I know of a few more teens that just joined. Vampiregoose - teen Dylesia - teen Agiordano - 18 There's probably more teen Newbies - but here are the ones that come to mind.
  21. I tried to catch up on some of the stuff here at Morty's ...... and I was going to catch a re-run. Guess what ? Just checked - - - NO RERUNS at this time. Oh well :roll:
  22. She probably didn't have any plastic surgery..... that's just her driver's license photo :rofl
  23. Thanks Nawlins Just checked my TV guide... on at 10:30 EST here - and it's a 1/2 hour show. ( if it's any good, I'm glad it dosen't interfere with BB6 :!: )
  24. Maybe they put more fish than HG's in ahead of time.... in case some of them didn't make the change of environment :?: (or maybe they got voted out :wink: )

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