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  1. But they know that "teams" wont last all summer long. Eventually Julie will tell them it's individual. He is playing long term. Securing bonds now. Also, they were thrown together on teams, no choice. You can pick and choose who you want to align with, outside of the teams. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Her crying was so over the top. You know Frenchie was the target. Sit down and shut up. And stop with the rapping. I'm a 49 year old white woman who loves gansta rap. I only sing it in my car though. I would NEVER do that on national TV.
  3. So I'm watching him with his hair (corn-row) and got the feeling that I had seen him somewhere before. So last night I wake up at 3am and realize......it's Riff Raff. The rapper.
  4. I want to like him. But something is just under the surface that I feel will go seriously wrong quickly.
  5. I think she is another one who likes to toot her own horn too much.
  6. I think she is going to be a short timer.
  7. I really it's only been 1 episode but she seem way too energetic by far.
  8. I would like to buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth.
  9. Really on the fence about him. Small slim yet physical will really help him in comps.
  10. Okay, I admit, I judged his book by his cover. Shouldn't have done that. Just the little bit I got from Episode 1 impressed me. Also, really happy to see his truck with the #BLM during the coverage from the farm.
  11. This dude is my pick for the winner. Although S19, I did pick Cody Nickson. That was my biggest oops.
  12. Her gameplay is to float? GTFO! Not a long timer.
  13. Don't think her age will hurt her. She seems cool.
  14. It seems his plan is to play stupid/ surf boy. Perhaps like a Tyler. I will reserve on him for now.
  15. First in a showmance. She looks REALLY familiar. Hmmm.
  16. IMO, he is going to be a bit of a butt kisser.
  17. I feel like she might be a contender.
  18. So happy to see POC, just wish the ages were more diverse as well.
  19. I select Kyland as my HG Token for the Morty's TV Big Brother Season 23 Monopoly Game. (done)
  20. Before tonight's eviction, can I switch my token from Janelle to Christmas? Thanks. (Not before, but I will do it after. Sorry--Dade)
  21. I didn't care for her on S10. I wondered why she was put up so soon this season. Seeing as how she has no comment on her thread says so much.
  22. I select Janelle as my HG Token for Morty's Big Brother USA Season 22 All-Stars Monopoly Game. Good luck everyone!
  23. My guesses so far are: Lion-Rumor Willis Peacock-Donny Osmond Unicorn-Tori Spelling Monster-Jamie Foxx No guesses yet on the next bunch. Need more clues.

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