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  1. It's already confirmed that Ashlea and Beau are a pair from friendster. Plus on night 1, Beau was sitting between ashley's legs. Who does that when just meeting? Ashley = Ashlea
  2. It wasn't bad here in Baton Rouge at all. The storm came to the border of East Baton Rouge Parish then took a turn to the east. Dennis is going to be more trouble since it is already a hurricane (confirmed about an hour ago) and weather forecasters are predicting it will follow Cindy's path. Let's also pray Dennis goes somewheres else.
  3. lol... thought I made a typo for a moment
  4. I agree. Team Morty works hard to bring us the info. I spent most of the summer last year reading morty's website (I decided to register this year). Anyway, another typo that I think should be corrected so no one gets confused. The tour is on Tuesday, July 5th, but people can go to the website provided. Sorry about giving Team Morty a hard time. :wink:
  5. Well, if you look at it like that, then "it's just yellow fish" "it's just 14 people living in a house and voting each other off"
  6. lol. I know we're human. I laugh at my mistakes all the time.
  7. On morty's big brother page, it says June 39th....
  8. I meant Maggie has a masculine face... nevermind
  9. Howie and Sarah (Both live in Chicago Illinois) Beau and Ashlea (proven since they both have each other on friendster) April and Jennifer (The only two from Texas) Ivette and Janelle (Both are from Miami Beach, Fl) Kaysar and Michael (Both live in California and I think Irvine and Orange County are close to each other) Eric and Maggie (even though they live far away, they are both Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots fans) James and Rachel (These were the last two left... and the both like water...... ) Well, these pairings make logical sense, but watch me be completely wrong.

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