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  1. (Edited because I can't read) I noticed the same thing too, babyal.
  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one who has issues with her face. Thanks y'all!
  3. I don't like being superficial, but when a houseguest annoys me, I can't help but only see the things that I dislike about that person.... like how Shelli's forehead has a mind of its own. Does anyone else only stare at her forehead when she talks?
  4. So many favorites. I'll try to list at least one from each season I've watched BB3 - Danielle and Jason BB4 - Erika and Jack. Who doesn't love the Buzzard Crotch comment? BB5 - Nakomis BB6 - Janelle BB7 - Will and Janelle BB8 - Jen Johnson BB9 - Sharon BB10 - Dan, Renny, Keesha BB11 - Jordan and Jeff (not in season 13 though), Michele BB12 - Britney BB13 - Shelly (I actually liked her) BB14 - Ian, Britney, Dan BB15 - Elissa, Candice, Jessie BB16 - Nicole, Donny
  5. Misha, I'll agree with you on that. I have seen some comments on some boards that mention the age difference and take it a little too far. Unfortunately, these houseguests put themselves in the position of being in the line of fire with agreeing to be watched 24/7 (or is it more like 20/7 with fish and the occasional blackout day during the final 3 hoh?). I remember back in big brother 10 seeing comments about Libra leaving her five month old (or somewhere close to that) behind for the summer and how she wasn't a good mother. I didn't agree with those attacks at all. Sometimes, I just tell myself to walk away from a comment on the boards because it's so easy to get sucked into a debate or argument. And Marty, I feel like my favorites have been changing every week. There hasn't been one person I've consistently rooted for either. Right now I'm drinking the Meg/Jackie/James Kool-aid.
  6. I don't hate Clay and Shelli. I just simply want to see them evicted. The annoying part of the both of them is how they react to when they are in power versus when they are not in power. They've gotten so used to the HOH room and calling the shots that they never prepared to be in the position they are in now, and I believe a nice huge size of humble pie is serving them well. We all have our favorites that we root for, and underdogs tend to garner more fans than the top dogs in most cases.
  7. It seemed like that musical was a scene from earlier in the season. Everyone was wearing different clothes compared to what they wore at the HOH competition which is unusual considering Sunday's show should only consist of events from Thursday evening to Friday evening.
  8. She's the one who cried wolf. Or in this case, the houseguest that cried alliance.
  9. So Audrey tells James that Vanessa, Clay, Shelli, and Austin are in an alliance... this week may be the week that shih tzu hits the fan on the alliance that has been in charge for three weeks. I'm ready to see some arguments (like back from season 10).
  10. Yea, the obsession is getting tiring very quickly. It's amazing what a little power can do to one's head.
  11. Not sure what was up with the Liz vote. Pretty sure they said in their goodbye message that they voted against Jeff. Seems like Liz had second thoughts. I don't dislike the new Hoh's, but I really wanted to see Jackie/Meg/Jason/James win just to shake things up. I don't want another season 16 where one alliance dominates the house. That's no fun to watch.
  12. (I'm a slow responder) That is Meg from Family Guy. She is the least popular among her family. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meg_Griffin
  13. I figured out who she reminds me of. (Hope this comparison hasn't been posted already)
  14. Glad I'm not the only one who didn't want to see BotB return. This is the same out-of-touch network that says Frankie Grande was a fan favorite.
  15. I appreciate what sophb has to say. I don't know anyone who is trans, so it is interesting to read what would be considered offensive or appropriate. One of the things I don't like is when people try to claim a word that is meant to be derogatory towards a group of people, such as black people using the n-word or gay people using the f-word. If it was originally meant to be offensive, I believe it would be better to not claim the word but try to eliminate it. I don't think any community does itself a service holding onto a word with hateful origins. All this talk about what is considered respectful and disrespectful to people who identify as transgender reminds me of season 6 on this board. Anyone else remember Shock-a-lot always calling Janelle, Jantran?
  16. I immediately thought Vanessa looked like Maggie from season 6.
  17. In Louisiana, drinking beer is more than just a hobby. It's a way of life.
  18. One of my friends posted something about Ariana Grande on FaceBook. I normally wouldn't read it because I don't care about her, but since her brother is on Big Brother, I decided to see what it was about. Sounds like she is just as kind and compassionate as her brother. http://primalscreaming.wordpress.com/2014/08/26/meeting-ariana-grande-then-and-now/
  19. I want to thank the LFU too! Y'all do a great job with the updates, and we all appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to catch us up on what is going on in the house! I honestly don't know what I would do during BB without the updates here at morty's.
  20. 10:25 PM BBT Game talk has ceased in the HOH. Caleb/Victoria still up there. Caleb is listening to music. Talk is of PETA. Derrick says he likes PETA and the undercover work they do (hint hint, houseguests). It has quieted down a lot with just random chit chat. They are talking about survivor and the Woo/Spencer situation where Woo found the clue in Spencer's pants. Derrick knows the prize is $1 million, but Cody was skeptical, then accepts it. They then talk about how the winner doesn't find out they won for months. Caleb then brings the conversation back to him saying that they were going to throw him on survivor first before this. Nicole says "that's cool" then Derrick quickly takes the conversation back from Caleb. Cody says he didn't like Hayden Moss on survivor because of his attitude. Caleb brings the conversation back to himself saying, "I think I would jump right on survivor. I made it through all the interviews for it. The same woman, Robyn, she's over both. She has a big hand in both." They then talk about Allison Grodner and feeds switch to the kitchen where the other houseguests are chatting. the topic is tattoos. Zach, Christine, Jocasta, and Hayden are there with Donny walking by. BB then says "You are not allowed to talk about production." Zach says his mom has his and his brother's name on her arm. We can now hear Donny off screen brushing his teeth vigorously as the kitchen crew continues talking. 10:40 PM BBT (Victoria, Cody, Caleb, Derrick in HOH) Caleb believes the first person leaving this week is the first member of the jury. Cody is now listening to the headphones. Caleb says he thinks most people would vote to send Zach home this week. Caleb believes he may be called to the DR soon to talk about his haircut since he hasn't been called in since he had his shaved. Downstairs, the topic still seems to be tattoos. Frankie has made his way to the HOH room. The topic is last year's HOH competition that Elissa won with the baseballs being thrown at the wall. They also talk about Candice, Judd, Jessie, and Helen coming back into the house. Derrick really seems to know his knowledge of this comp even talking about Elissa falling off but catching herself and never touching the ground. They then speculate if someone comes back and participates in a challenge like that. Derrick also mentions how Amanda tried to say Elissa couldn't do that, but Elissa ended up winning anyway. 10:53 PM BBT Frankie leaves the HOH. Victoria seems to have fallen asleep. Not a moment later, Victoria says she has to pee. Everyone else seems to have left HOH. Victoria and Caleb now try to figure out how to comfortably let Victoria use the bathroom. Derrick makes his way down the stairs to the kitchen where the majority of houseguests are still laughing. Cody is running his fingers through Christine's hair. Caleb and Victoria now head down to the kitchen. Victoria says she heard everyone from upstairs while laughing a little. In the living room, Hayden and Frankie are doing ab workouts while Cody and Nicole sit on the couches. More houseguests now join the LR. Derrick and Cody whisper in the bathroom. Don't know what they are talking about. Derrick and Cody know frankie would not use veto on Zach, but they had to act stupid for Nicole. (That's it for BBAD. Time for bed)
  21. 9:59 PM BBT Nicole: "I'm getting too cocky." "I'm excited." Cody and Derrick are now trying to poke fun at Nicole with alliance names such as "The Dictators." They are all now thinking about what to call this alliance. Cody suggests "Wolf pack" such as the four people in the hangover. Nicole doesn't seem too fond of it. They want it to be fun like "Quack Pack" or "Goof Troop." In season 14, they couldn't use the name "Goof Troop" because it was copyrighted. Derrick suggests "The Funyuns." Cody: "I love funyuns." They want Hayden up there to help come up with a name, but he is downstairs socializing. Derrick says, "The Quad Squad." Cody loves it, "That's so sick." Nicole likes it too. Nicole says, "What is up with the word 'squad' this year?" 10:10 PM BBT The talk is now about Christine. Nicole is talking about how she feels uncomfortable about Christine because of three things that have happened. She doesn't say what, but she does say she would never tell Christine she is nominating Frankie. Cody, "I love quad squad." Conversation has switched back to the alliance name. Nicole says we need a signal in case we need to talk to each other. Derrick is suggesting some code words like "red" or "nails." He refers to when he played baseball and how signals changed. Derrick is now talking about how Victoria will come up to him in a group and say, "Derrick, I need to talk to you now." He says he feels bad for her because she is someone's daughter and feels lost in her, but he isn't talking game with her. Feeds switch to Victoria checking herself in the mirror in the kitchen. You can see nearly the entire house in the kitchen. Feeds then switch back to the HOH crew. Nicole, Cody, and Derrick quickly switch topic has Caleb and Victoria walk into the HOH. Caleb says they have to sleep in those outfits. Nicole, "I'm going to have two naked people in my bed?!" Caleb is getting frustrated with Victoria and getting snippy in his voice as they try to get comfy in the bed. She wasn't listening to him about how they should sleep/lay down with the chain attached to their wrists. Derrick, Cody, and Nicole laugh with one of them saying they are like a married couple.
  22. 9:45 PM BBT Nicole is in the HOH. Nicole is telling Derrick and Cody that Frankie wants Jocasta to go home this week. She is basically spilling what Frankie was telling her earlier. Nicole is saying that Frankie said that he thinks Nicole doesn't have the votes to get Zach out.. Nicole says she doesn't want Jocasta to go home. Cody and Derrick both say they are scared of Donny. Nicole is telling Cody that Donny probably would've nominated Christine instead of him is Caleb/Victoria lost BotB and veto was used. Cody doesn't seem so sure and believes Donny would've nominated him. Derrick is asking what happens if Frankie wins veto and Zach gets taken off. Nicole doesn't know. Nicole tells Cody and Derrick that Frankie said that he is ready to get blood on his hands and it is going to be a bloodbath. Nicole, "He's trying to scare me. He through my name out there last week and didn't care. He tries to make an alliance with me then throws my name out there like he doesn't give a crap." She says he is close with Caleb, Zach, and Christine. Derrick says he has won three HOH's too. Cody says he has heard that Frankie will eventually target Cody. Nicole: "I don't give him any information." Nicole says Frankie tries to make an alliance with everyone. She then says she wants to stay true to Derrick, Cody, and Hayden. Nicole: "[Frankie] is ready to backstab. I don't know who, but he will go crazy." "He makes stuff up all the time." Cody: "He goes and says a bunch of shit. He literally just bullshits." Cody says that Frankie even told him that everyone shows Frankie their cards. That scares Cody. Nicole says that Zach and Frankie are using production as a strategy and weren't called out for it. Nicole: "That's scary." Nicole is a lot more talkative with Cody and Derrick than she was with Frankie. Nicole: "Do you think you guys can protect me from Zach if it is a double eviction?" Cody and Derrick assure her they will. Derrick says that you can't control Jocasta's vote, but you can control Zach's vote. Nicole does not want to sit Jocasta next to Frankie. She wants Frankie and Zach on the block together. They all say this would be the perfect week for Donny to be pulled for POV and save Jocasta.
  23. 9:30 BBT Nicole/Frankie are still in bed in the HOH talking about New York City. Frankie loves it. Nicole says she doesn't think she could survive there, but she could possibly survive in Chicago. Frankie says New York is his favorite place on earth followed by, "Why are the back of my ears so scaly?" Nicole points out that they are dry and may be peeling. They then go on a search for neosporin. Frankie/Nicole hug and he leaves the HOH room. In the kitchen, Christine, Zach, Jocasta, and Cody are laughing. In the living room, Derrick, Donny, and Caleb are talking saying this is BB right here. Caleb is sitting down next to the DR door where Victoria is. The topic of conversation is Caleb's shaved head. Derrick talks about him shaving Caleb's head. It's riveting conversation. Derrick yawns. Caleb has been wearing his crown this entire time too. Feeds switch back to the kitchen where Nicole and Frankie have joined the crew. Kitchen crew still laughing. Frankie says he has been cage diving before. Zach is very intrigued by this. Nicole walks to the living room and rubs Caleb's head. Nicole asks "Is Hayden sleeping?" Caleb says "I don't know." Nicole then walks into the bedroom saying, "Hayden?" Donny laughs because she just asked if Hayden was sleeping then starts calling his name not knowing if he is sleeping or not. 9:38 PM BBT Derrick and Cody in HOH now talking game. Cody says, "I am so beyond sketched out by Frankie. He literally went to Hayden and Nicole to try and link up..." Derrick interrupts with non-game talk. Cody, "Let's say Donny wins POV, takes down Jocasta, it's down to me, you, Christine, and Frankie that are the only ones to replace. Also Hayden, but Hayden ain't going up." Derrick says they have to solidify an alliance tomorrow. Seems like Derrick and Cody want to solidify something with Nicole and Hayden. Cody talks a bit about Frankie as BBAD heads to commercial.
  24. Big Brother After Dark (ed: Wish I could be doing more BBAD's this summer, but I can't. I have read every summary every day on the front page, and I appreciate all the live feed updaters volunteering their time to contribute to the updates!) 9:03 PM BBT Caleb and Victoria are chained it seems like. Caleb tells Victoria he will try not to go number 2 and Victoria says the same. Caleb then goes on to mention he only goes number two once a week and others in the living room seem shocked 9:05 PM BBT Nicole and Frankie are talking game in the HOH. It has to do with the veto and possible scenarios. Frankie says he will respect Nicole's wishes as HOH and wouldn't change nominations. They also talk about BotB and Caleb saying he would look terrible with his haircut and some offensive tattoo on Caleb's head. As frankie tries to get Nicole to talk strategy, she says "I don't know" and "mm-hmm" a lot. Frankie leaves to go check on his cookies. 9:09 PM BBT Caleb/Donny/Victoria in the living room. Caleb is talking about men vs women shaving their heads. He's talking about how women would get more TV time for shaving their head on national TV. 9:15 PM BBT Frankie is back in the HOH bed with Nicole talking about being a have-not and how miserable it is when people are loud downstairs while trying to sleep. They then move onto Amber and how they think she'll react to the other houseguests when she watches what happened. Nicole says she was not cool with Amber ever since she nominated her. She then mentions it's amazing how one competition can change this game. Frankie thinks Caleb will lose his mind being on slop for two weeks. Nicole says being a have-not is what you make it. She wasn't deprived of food and went to bed at a decent time. Seems like Frankie may be volunteering to go up as a have-not if Nicole has to choose. Frankie is also talking about issues he would have if he becomes a have-not (I'm zoning in and out listening to it). As Frankie asks Nicole about when she will start being a nurse, BBAD cuts to commercial.

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