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  1. Damn Josh, looks like you have a reasonable chance of winning 500k. Of the three hg's left he's the least objectionable.
  2. Raven had the opposite effect on me. I damn near puked every time she open her mouth. My AF vote goes to the same person for the same reason as yours!
  3. Hey Josh, can you hear me now? Wanna win this game? Win the final HoH and evict Paul. Oh, I see. You'd rather have 50K and Paul's autograph. DUMBASS!
  4. I vote for Cody to win AFP every day. The only sensible person in the house.
  5. I was hoping they would show more of the jury house last night. Oh well.
  6. I find myself saying that every year, yet I come back for more.
  7. The expression on Jason's face when he found out Alex was on his side all along was priceless! I'm going to assume he had a large plate of crow for dinner that night. With humble pie for desert!
  8. I must admit Kevin's departure last night was classy to say the least. He knew he was the "old man in the house" and didn't do anything to garner any votes if he made it to F2. Usually the oldest houseguest never gets very far in this game so he should be happy he made it this far. I liked his answers to Julie's questions and he took it well. Sad to say he took it much better than anyone else who got blind sided, especially Jason.
  9. The BB comic creators missed a great opportunity when they made Matt's comic. He should have been called the "CEREAL KILLER".
  10. By sending Nick home she will more than likely set on the sideline and hope and pray either Paul or Josh bring her to F2. Here's to hoping they don't.
  11. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she watches her season.
  12. Dumb broad should have evicted Josh. She would have a better chance at winning final HoH against Nick.
  13. I'll go you one better. Should have depicted him as a puppet master. Don't worry, no one would have figured it out. In other news Raven thinks she was a big player in the game. BARF!!
  14. Yep, just gave Cody 20 votes. The only real person on the show.
  15. I've come to the conclusion that my distain for Paul and the way CBS manipulates this show is Morty's TV fault. (sorry morty). You see, if I would have just watched the show 3 times a week I would swear that Paul is the second coming of Dr. Will. I mean, what a great job this man did getting everyone else booted out of the house. Brilliant I tells ya. brilliant. But nooooo, I chose to read between the lines and needed to know what REALLY is going on in the house, so I turned to Morty's for the truth. Yeppers, I got the truth. As Jack Nicholson once said: YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Boy, was he right. Damn you Morty!
  16. Unfortunately Kevin's game reminds me of Michael "Cowboy" Ellis's game. All he did was do what he was told to do and BOOM, second place and 50K. With 25k already in the bank I guess I can't blame him. Nick made zero moves and won nothing this year. I'm really disappointed in him as I like the guy.

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