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  1. No way are they doing that comp again, and I'm pretty sure Vic would have protested to hell and back if she thought for a moment there was a discrepancy of any kind. BB will let that one slide for sure. I didn't hear it, but since you guys did, I'm sure it happened.
  2. Yeah, but then Derrick also told Caleb that if Cody takes Vic he would give her the money, because taking her would be a weak move, and Caleb agreed. So Derrick full of crap.
  3. And I just "loved" it when he assured the f3 that his 1mil + fans would have a part in them not winning. Lol Wth was he talking about? .....AFH because it sure wasn't Bigbrother since they're not members of the jury.
  4. Frankie lost this by not rolling on Derrick before Donny, Nicole and Hayden left. After their evictions he would have had to win every comp in order to stay, and he couldn't do it.
  5. I've never liked her because I think she's spoiled, mean and conceited....but if she manages to get herself into the f2 and win, I'll applaud her for making a fool out of all of them.
  6. All I can say about Derrick is, he's lucky he got on during a season in which his roomies bent over backwards to give him the money. Any other season, and he wouldn't have made it this far.
  7. Poor value system, because Caleb's speech should have made him evict Victoria. I hope he loses this, for that. He did Donny wrong, and Caleb last night. Derrick too, so although she hasn't done much I'm pulling for Victoria to wake up and take this.
  8. He gave a great plea for keeping him, and if I were there waiting to evict him, that speech would have changed my vote. He played a good game considering they wanted him gone the week after Devin.
  9. I did notice the hoopla-ha for him, but I have to also commend BB for yelling at Christine when she gave Caleb the bone too. Speaking of Caleb, how stupid was Frankie for using the Veto on him after Caleb called him out and refused to help him win the BotB? I guess Zach looked at that and became doubly offended.
  10. Him putting up Zach was like taking a weapon and shooting himself in the foot. Zach and Donny are all he has in the house, without them Derrick, Christine, Vic and Cody will back-door him for certain. It was a hateful, stupid move.
  11. Game over....If he tells one person about his convo with Donny.
  12. She will be Derrick's f2 partner just as GM was Andy's and for the same reason....Unless someone on that side breaks it up next week.
  13. Stupid, stupid, stupid for ever trusting his "alliance" again. As soon as the Skittles came out and he wasn't going up, he should have known he would be back-doored. Hopefully he'll win the challenge tomorrow, come back in and form an alliance with Donny, but if not, he can blame himself for being in the jury.
  14. I wanted to slap her for throwing that BotB challenge, and letting Donny do all of that alone. She is just a horrible woman imo.
  15. He is a sheep. The boy has no idea that he's just following an alliance and not in one.
  16. She's only a mega star with teens. So if you don't have one, she never made your radar. Frankie has always been full of himself, but his comeback this week as the sole person in power has made him almost unbearable to watch. Look for him to be on the block next week, and possibly out if his luck turns. I think the hgs are just as sick of him as we are, and awaiting for the next opportunity to get rid of him.
  17. I enjoyed his talk with Cody yesterday, and I'm crossing my fingers that Cody will continue to keep his mouth shut and take heed to a wiser man. I'm still mad at Donny for not forgiving Devin and giving him the Veto, but I have to give him props for knowing what is happening in there.
  18. How he blew up Nicole and Hayden's game this week, and not be on the block now is beyond me. At any rate he should be patting himself on the back for having one alliance member as HoH, and the other so afraid of his alliance she was too afraid to do anything about him.
  19. No one should sit this long in the BB house without having the fear of God put in them at least once. Someone needs to get him on the block without a PoV very soon, or he's going to ride this thing out to the end, and win.
  20. If she were back-doored this week, I would be happy, because I really hate women who turn on other women this hard. She needs to go.
  21. She knows Cody and Derrick threw her game under a bus, so why nominate Caleb and Frankie? Dumbest move I've seen her make yet.
  22. Normally, I'm against BB tossing in "helps", but Alison needs to give Donny the Coup d'état this season. I haven't seen it since Jeff won it years ago, so it's time we see it again. Otherwise, the end of this season will be the most boring ever as The Detonators will just pick off the other side week after week.
  23. If he has one ounce of sense, he would stifle his huge ego, pull Donny, Zach and Nicole into a new alliance and make a run for it....proving Donny or Zach wins the PoV tonight.
  24. So he used the pop star sister card afterall..... Shame on him when there are ppl playing who can use that money a lot more.

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