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  1. Well everyone got through Season 8 and the language was just as foul...oh wait, Dick never said anything about black or Asians and reserved all his nasty comments for women and homosexuals. So, if HGs are as lucky as ED and Jeff, they will get themselves a BB show...Oh wait, they said things about blacks and Asians, so no free passes for them. Some of the crap I read on this board will have a longer lasting effect than what the HG said. lmao
  2. Oh, most people don't remember. Well, he talked smut in bed with Candiland (this would mimic what Amanda said he said) and I found the dog fighting talk offensive. But that's me, and I don't expect any one else to feel the way I do. He got off easy too!
  3. Amanda ...Ewww! It won't let post the pic, but you can view it here: http://bigbrotherlivefeedupdates.blogspot.com/2013/07/mccranda-frolics-in-backyard-bb15.html note the tattoo on side of body.
  4. Amanda's DRs and GM's "Get Steppin, Amanda."
  5. Did he ban Andy from his backyard, because no Harry Potter characters were allowed?
  6. Maybe they should take him out to the public square and flog him. Bring Aaryn, Amanda and GM too. Oh, and bring Elissa too, just for being a snobby, fake asshole.
  7. I know right! I was hoping to read that Howard got called out for the vile nasty things he said in Amanda's ear. Totally unfair that they went after Aaryn only, when most of them were guilty of the same. Better to go after the blonde hair, light eyed, heterosexual female to make a point than any others I guess. If people are going to go on reality shows and worry that they will lose their jobs and get threats over something said, I am sure there will be less and less reality shows to watch in the future.
  8. Isn't is always boring at time when only 3 are left no matter if they are fan favorites or not? Time to cancel those feeds.
  9. According to McC's exit speech, there won't be any children, or at least he hopes there won't be. lol
  10. I guess her lies will be told as many times as that story, her health problems and Nick will be told here.
  11. They failed to show a lot of things, however they would need more than an hour to do so.
  12. It is, and St. Jude Children's Hospital is my charity of choice. I also donate to the church in Baltimore.
  13. Here is a better article on the so-called professor. He's not a professor and more of an instructor. His head is big outside the house as well as inside. http://www.celebdirtylaundry.com/2013/andy-herren-fired-college-of-dupage-facebook-professor-big-brother-15-f0915/
  14. Great season and even better when the ones I dislike have left the house. I wish Jeremy and Aaryn were there, it would have been a perfect BB season for me.
  15. I'm curious, if anyone has actually viewed or heard her vomiting on the feeds? Any mention of it by other houseguests, other than the ones that hated her?
  16. Wow, they're both morons. They have to rely on game shows and tv shows to make money.
  17. People sure do have short memories. They want GM removed because they don't like her, but basically she is an Evil Dick and Evil Spawn Dani in one person and they were both loved. lol She looks like she gained some weight, how is that bulemic? Or is there more crap being made up?
  18. I hope it's normal or as normal as normal could be for HGs. I hate all-stars, new people are always fun! They should put all the housewives from the franchises into a house. That would be something.

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