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  1. James is the deciding vote...I love Victor and Paul but James is being smart and evicting Victor that that is best for his game I just cannot believe that Mich won the care package last week I voted for Paul and Vic
  2. Frank BB14 vs Frank BB18...did he have a personality lobotomy? geesh...rooted for his perserverance against all odds in 14...am I just imagining that he had a sense of humility back then? Not liking this 18 incarnation of him at all IMHO
  3. I agree....Frank should have kept it to himself ..I thought at first he was playing great game coming back...this was mistake on his part...8 person alliance...hello BB history....Frank #fail
  4. Nope..agree Marty.. but at least we had a range of age
  5. loved seeing this Marty...all the evicts and wins....also reminded how Danielle BB3 was ROBBED losing to Lisa because jurors could see the DR's back then..("Roddy is the Devil")....wish we could still have casts including "mature" ppl such as Danielle BB3, Jack, Marvin, Rennie, Jerry, Marcellas, etc..
  6. I like that this season the POV has been used multiple times...but am tired of "not wanting blood on my hands"...be RUTHLESS PLAY THE GAME geesh
  7. Well he is from my state Massachusetts...he is less than 40 miles from my hometown here on Cape Cod..so I want to kind of root for him but am watching and may temper this if he just becomes annoying
  8. Out of the first pack entered in the house she is my fave...but also wonder what will happen whe the pro poker player enters...but schoolteacher? Think as smart as she is will be found-out on this...why not something unquestionable such as "stay-at-home mom" or "server"...(been both so no judgement lol)
  9. I think the lack of enthusiasm may have to do with no hg over the age of 33... Also not happy with the "twin twist" ..that is a repeat twist which I think Grodner is banking on new viewers not having recollection...I can't remember what season it was but recall it kind of deflated..been fan since Season 1 but have to agree with others this season seems kind of flat to me...
  10. Excited for the season but there is no hg over the age of 33...kind of disappointed with that but love that it's all new hg that we can come to know and "love to hate" or just love to root for!
  11. I wish that Julie would have asked the jurors if it were Victoria vs Cody F2 how the votes would have fallen as Probst always does when he thinks the person who brought the other with him/her to F2 made a "dumb move", hello Woo?!!! Anyway...very happy with outcome !
  12. k...see that most recent posts were "Frankie" centered....but since gen discuss...question...been watching since S1..referencing now Coup D'Etat...think first season it was in play was the All Stars and Boogie won it....and then in subsequent season Jeff won it...some time ago...have not seen it in recent years....wonder why? Any thoughts?

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