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  1. I also wasn't able to watch it when they went live and I'm having the same issue. I hope they fix it soon.
  2. It starts this Thursday night right UVP? And the feeds are $5.99 per month? I thought we could pay for the entire season upfront? We can't do that anymore? I guess I need to start watching the new houseguest videos though right?
  3. I saw the same thing as you and took away from it what you did. But I don't know if the other HG knew what was happening. I mean they couldn't see Derrick could they to see him switching? So they might not know. IF they did they are crazy not to protest. I know I would have. I think Derrick is playing a great game but I don't feel right about what happened. But I guess nobody will protest since I think most people want him to win. Had that been Victoria that it happened to I think there would be a HUGE protest right now!
  4. So these guys weren't already in the house for a week this year?
  5. Let's get this party STARTED Marty!!
  6. I'm here!! Does anyone remember me??
  7. Oh no! I didn't know this new season started already! Is there a way to watch any missed eposides?
  8. Interesting info! So did you get a piece of cake??
  9. I know and the worse part I think she's like that in real life too. Poor hubby. She would drive me nuts the way she talks. She is an odd bird.
  10. I think IF Andy came back for All-Stars he would get the BOOT ASAP!

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